Storage appliances

  • Synology RackStation RS2414RP+ - front

    Synology RackStation RS2414RP+

    Dave Mitchell
    25 Nov 2014

    A reasonably priced 2U rack NAS with room to grow, good performance and veritable feast of storage features

  • Qnap TS-EC880 Pro

    Qnap TS-EC880 Pro

    Dave Mitchell
    25 Nov 2014

    Heaps of storage features, plenty of expansion potential and top speed make this the NAS host with the most

  • Netgear ReadyNAS 316

    Dave Mitchell
    24 Nov 2014

    A NAS drive with a good combination of speed, capacity and storage features, all bolstered by Netgear's unlimited block-level snapahsots

  • D-Link ShareCenter+ DNS-345

    D-Link ShareCenter+ DNS-345 review

    Dave Mitchell
    3 Nov 2014

    A compact appliance at a tempting price, but make sure you’re not missing out on features and performance.

  • Areca ARC-8050T2

    Areca ARC-8050T2 review

    Dave Mitchell
    23 Sep 2014

    This compact Thunderbolt 2 desktop delivers good performance and support for SAS and SATA drives

  • Synology Rackstation

    Synology Rackstation RS3614xs+ review

    Dave Mitchell
    17 Sep 2014

    A high-class NAS appliance with top performance and heaps of features

  • HP MSA 1040 Storage

    HP MSA 1040 Storage review

    Dave Mitchell
    14 Aug 2014

    A classy, capable IP SAN storage array with dual-controller redundancy at a price SMBs can afford

  • Netgear ReadyNAS 716

    Netgear ReadyNAS 716 review

    Dave Mitchell
    31 Jul 2014

    A screamingly fast NAS appliance that's 10GbE-ready out of the box and supports unlimited snapshots

  • Qsan AegisSAN Q500-P20-D316

    Qsan AegisSAN Q500-P20-D316 review

    Dave Mitchell
    30 Jul 2014

    A great-value 10GbE IP SAN appliance offering fine performance, all-round redundancy and plenty of expansion potential

  • Lenovo EMC px4-300d NVR

    Lenovo EMC px4-300d NVR review

    Dave Mitchell
    15 Jul 2014

    Easily deployed, but IP SAN and NAS features add significantly to the cost

  • Netgear ReadyDATA 516

    Netgear ReadyDATA 516 review

    Dave Mitchell
    2 Jun 2014

    The 516 packs business-friendly storage features and disaster-recovery capabilities into a desktop chassis

  • Synology RackStation RS814

    Synology RackStation RS814 review

    Dave Mitchell
    23 Apr 2014

    A quick 1U rack NAS appliance with a heap of storage features at a low price

  • Asustor AS-609RD

    Asustor AS-609RD review

    Dave Mitchell
    14 Apr 2014

    A good-value nine-bay rack NAS appliance with decent performance and plenty of features

  • Qnap TS-470

    Qnap TS-470 review

    Dave Mitchell
    27 Mar 2014

    It's expensive, but this fast 4-bay NAS appliance is brimming with features and expansion potential

  • Broadberry CyberStore XE3-P10 WSE2012

    Broadberry CyberStore XE3-P10 WSE2012 review

    Dave Mitchell
    12 Mar 2014

    The CyberStore delivers server-grade hardware in a desktop chassis, making it much more flexible than a standard NAS appliance

  • Seagate Business Storage 8-Bay Rackmount NAS

    Seagate Business Storage 8-Bay Rackmount NAS review

    Dave Mitchell
    17 Feb 2014

    Seagate's first rack NAS appliance fills its compact 1U chassis with eight drive bays and serves up good performance

  • Buffalo TeraStation 3400D

    Buffalo TeraStation 3400D review

    Dave Mitchell
    7 Feb 2014

    A low-cost NAS appliance with NovaBackup, but it wants for features and backup performance

  • Tandberg Data BizNAS D400

    Tandberg Data BizNAS D400 review

    Dave Mitchell
    5 Feb 2014

    A business NAS appliance with good data backup and recovery tools that won’t be beaten for Dropbox support

  • Western Digital My Cloud 2TB

    Western Digital My Cloud 2TB review

    Stuart Andrews
    4 Feb 2014

    A sound entry-level NAS that draws very little power, but its cloud functions are limited

  • Synology DiskStation DS214play

    Synology DiskStation DS214play review

    Stuart Andrews
    28 Jan 2014

    A superb NAS with superfast performance and a huge raft of features, made even better by top-notch cloud capabilities and a reasonable price