Security appliances

  • Cyberoam CR10iNG review

    Dave Mitchell
    5 Feb 2015

    Cyberoam's UTM appliance delivers a wide range of features for an appealing price

  • Panda GateDefender eSeries eSB review - thumbnail

    Panda GateDefender Integra eSeries eSB review

    Dave Mitchell
    29 Jan 2015

    Panda's small business UTM packs in the features at an impressively low price

  • WatchGuard FireBox T10-W review - front view

    WatchGuard Firebox T10-W

    Dave Mitchell
    28 Jan 2015

    The T10-W delivers joined-up security for wired and wireless networks at a price small businesses will love

  • WatchGuard Firebox T10

    WatchGuard Firebox T10 review

    Dave Mitchell
    24 Aug 2014

    The Firebox T10 may be small, but it's bursting with security features at a surprisingly low price

  • Cyberoam CR200iNG-XP

    Cyberoam CR200iNG-XP review

    Dave Mitchell
    1 Apr 2014

    The CR200iNG-XP combines affordable enterprise-grade security with integral reporting and a good range of upgrade options

  • Check Point 600 Appliance

    Check Point 600 Appliance review

    Dave Mitchell
    23 Jan 2014

    The 600 Appliance combines ease of use with enterprise-grade security at a price small businesses will like

  • TP-Link SafeStream TL-ER6120

    TP-Link SafeStream TL-ER6120 review

    Dave Mitchell
    22 Jul 2013

    Good VPN support, plus WAN load-balancing and failover, but performance is below par

  • Netgear ProSecure UTM25S

    Netgear ProSecure UTM25S review

    Dave Mitchell
    12 Mar 2013

    Top value, performance and security features make the ProSecure UTM25S an excellent choice for small businesses on a tight budget

  • Cyberoam CR35iNG

    Cyberoam CR35iNG review

    Dave Mitchell
    20 Feb 2013

    Delivers an excellent range of security measures at a tempting price – and raises the bar for performance

  • WatchGuard XTM 515

    WatchGuard XTM 515 review

    Dave Mitchell
    4 Feb 2013

    Combines a heady blend of gateway security measures with excellent performance and a reasonable price

  • eSoft InstaGate 404s

    eSoft InstaGate 404s review

    Dave Mitchell
    5 Dec 2012

    Strong web content security measures, but it's pricey and easily overtaxed

  • ExactTrak Security Guardian

    ExactTrak Security Guardian review

    Dave Mitchell
    12 Jul 2012

    Packed with geolocation technology, this secure USB stick even has a self-destruct mechanism

  • WatchGuard XTM 330

    WatchGuard XTM 330 review

    Dave Mitchell
    11 Jun 2012

    Delivers a host of sophisticated security measures at a very reasonable price

  • DrayTek Vigor 2850Vn

    DrayTek Vigor 2850Vn review

    Dave Mitchell
    18 May 2012

    A low-cost router that offers WAN redundancy features with support for both VDSL and ADSL2+

  • TP-Link SafeStream TL-R600VPN

    TP-Link SafeStream TL-R600VPN review

    Dave Mitchell
    11 May 2012

    A budget router with a good range of features, but it’s only suited to very light VPN duties

  • Cyberoam NetGenie SOHO

    Cyberoam NetGenie SOHO review

    Dave Mitchell
    28 Mar 2012

    A cheap web content security appliance crammed with valuable features; wireless performance is slow, though

  • Check Point 2205 Appliance

    Check Point 2205 Appliance review

    Dave Mitchell
    7 Feb 2012

    Tough security measures and plenty of optional upgrades, but can be complex to install and configure

  • Netgear ProSecure UTM9S

    Netgear ProSecure UTM9S review

    Dave Mitchell
    26 Jan 2012

    A UTM appliance with good anti-spam, handy WAN and wireless options and neat ReadyNAS integration

  • Fortinet FortiGate 111C

    Fortinet FortiGate-111C review

    Dave Mitchell
    23 Jan 2012

    The most security features we’ve seen in an SMB appliance, it’s easy to deploy and manage, and the price is right too

  • Barracuda Networks Spam & Virus Firewall 300

    Barracuda Networks Spam & Virus Firewall 300 review

    Dave Mitchell
    30 Nov 2011

    An appliance that’s good value, well featured, easy to deploy and munches spam at an impressive rate