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Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H review

Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H


If raw speed and range is important, and you don’t need 5GHz, this beast is the cable router for you

Review Date: 28 Dec 2011

Reviewed By: Jonathan Bray

Price when reviewed: £72 (£86 inc VAT)

Overall Rating
5 stars out of 6

Features & Design
4 stars out of 6

Value for Money
5 stars out of 6

6 stars out of 6

If there were any routers you wouldn’t want to bump into on a dark night, Buffalo’s 450Mbits/sec beast would have to be one. Its three huge, sculpted 5dBi antennae quickly gained it the nickname “Kruger”.

Surprisingly, it's only a single-band router, but it makes up for that by being the only model to support three streams, and a theoretical maximum throughput of 450Mbits/sec in the 2.4GHz frequency band. All the other 450Mbits/sec routers on test can reach their maximum speeds only in the 5GHz frequency band.

The fast looks and specs are backed up with some brutal benchmark results. At close range, we registered average speeds of 19.5MB/sec – no other router over 2.4GHz is quicker.

And at distance, its three, claw-like antennae really paid dividends, with an average of 5.6MB/sec, outstripping every other router. NAS speed was less impressive, at an average 3.6MB/sec.

Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H

The Buffalo’s other notable feature is that it comes with the open-source DD-WRT firmware installed, which boasts all sorts of unusual features, from OpenVPN client/server support to hotel-style hotspot services.

Oddly, though, the DD-WRT firmware doesn’t support channel bonding, so the only way to achieve the top speed is to download and install Buffalo’s alternative firmware (we used this to achieve our speed results). It’s a bizarre way of going about things, but at least it’s easy to do.

In all, that makes it an odd package, with no dual-band, but rip-roaring speeds over 2.4GHz, and a default firmware installation that doesn’t allow you to make full benefit of advertised speeds.

Nevertheless, if you’re prepared to tinker, and you value range over the avoidance of 2.4GHz congestion, it’s a very good option.

Author: Jonathan Bray

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User comments

It looks too big & cumbersome.

It's plain ugly, but then again so are the outstanding Draytek's.

By SKINHEAD1967 on 28 Dec 2011

Forgot to add, NO DoS protection, No content filtering either....

No Sale!

By SKINHEAD1967 on 28 Dec 2011


Skinhead please go to a Mac site, you will be better off there. I am glad that this router has external antennae so they can be adjusted or replaced. I've found that internal antennae often result in poor coverage.

By windywoo on 28 Dec 2011


OK, I'll bite - why has it quickly gained the nickname 'Kruger'? It doesn't look like a national park OR a rand...

By JohnGray7581 on 28 Dec 2011

windywoo, why don't you?

I've been on this site on & off for years. I'm allowed my opinion as much as you're allowed yours.

By SKINHEAD1967 on 29 Dec 2011

Replacment for DSL modem

Does this wirelss router has ADSL modem built in?
I want to replace my current adsl access point, or I have to add it on top of existing setup? Thanks!

By V_FPolo on 5 Jan 2012


After reading rave reivews about this I dipped into my pocket and spent £85.

Unfortunately after many hours messing with different firmware so I could get everything connected wirelessly - mobiles / pc's and xbox I've come to the opinion that this router isn't worth the 5 star for performance.

I live in a 2 bedroom terrace house and this thing cannot stream videos upstairs to my bedroom at an acceptable throughput, whereas my old 3 year dLink DSL-2740R does it fine.

Same room speed is much quicker, but that's no good without range.

Anyone wanting to buy this don't expect an easy ride, and probably there are better out there

By ditman on 15 Jan 2012

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