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Microsoft Surface RT review


A superbly designed tablet that’s ideal for mobile professionals, but it comes with too many compromises to make it a must-have

Review Date: 15 Jul 2013

Reviewed By: Barry Collins

Price when reviewed: £279, 32GB; £359, 32GB with Touch Cover; £359, 64GB; £439, 64GB with Touch Cover (all prices inc VAT)

Buy it now for: £280
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Overall Rating
4 stars out of 6

Features & Design
5 stars out of 6

Value for Money
4 stars out of 6

4 stars out of 6

When Microsoft dropped the bombshell that it was launching its own tablet, the company not only risked alienating its PC partners, but detonating its credibility if it failed to show them how to do it properly.

Surface RT gets £120 price cut

A price cut of £120, such as Microsoft has just made to the price of the Surface RT tablet, would normally be see a bump for the Value for Money score and the potential addition of a Recommended award. We’re not going to do that for the Surface RT, though.

As a piece of hardware, the Surface RT was, and remains, top quality. Its 10.6in 1,366 x 768 display is excellent, and its magnesium casing is luxurious and beautifully crafted. There is no £280 tablet that even comes close to its physical appeal; add either of the keyboard covers and you have a sophisticated mobile workhorse, with decent battery life, starting from £359. It looks even better value when you consider the price also includes copies of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

The problem (aside from persistent sluggishness in performance), is the growing competition. With manufacturers now shunning RT pretty much completely, most rivals aren’t as hobbled as the Surface RT is, with its reliance on the faltering Windows Store. With prices falling all the time, it surely won’t be long before you can buy a keyboard-equipped Atom tablet with Windows 8 for less, and one that’s capable of so much more.

If all you need is Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a web browser, plus the ability to play the occasional casual game, the Surface RT is worthy of consideration. Yet, for only a little more money, you can buy a full Windows 8 device with much greater flexibility.

There’s no doubt that the Microsoft Surface RT is a serious tablet, but is it good enough to tempt people away from their iPads, their Android tablets, or even their laptops? Or is it a mere stopgap until the fully fledged Windows 8 versions of the Surface tablet arrive to complement this ARM-based version?

The Surface hardware

Microsoft made clear right from the outset that the Surface was intended to set an example to the PC manufacturers, and it’s immediately apparent that this isn’t a piece of boilerplate hardware. Two things make the Surface stand out from the uniform slabs of glass we’ve witnessed over the past couple of years: the kickstand and the detachable keyboards (which you can read about here).

The mechanics of the kickstand are beautifully simple. The bottom half of the back of the tablet casing flicks out to create a stand, turning the device into a pseudo-laptop when used with one of the keyboards. When you’re finished with the stand, it flips back into place, perfectly flush with the back of the tablet, and with the satisfying clunk of an expensive car door.

However, the stand is set at a fixed position, leaving no means of adjusting the angle of the screen as you would on a conventional laptop. That left the taller members of the PC Pro team awkwardly hunched over the Surface as they attempted to work with the device at a desk, although our more modestly sized colleagues had no complaint.

That slightly too upright angle would be a much bigger problem if the 10.6in screen wasn’t so sparkling. Viewing angles are excellent – perhaps a little too good for snoopers in an adjacent train seat.

Microsoft Surface RT

A maximum screen brightness of 400cd/m2 is comparable to that of the iPad, and while the Surface has an impressive measured contrast ratio of 3,333:1, it's due to the presence of dynamic contrast.

Flick between dark and bright pages, and it's possible to detect the backlight raising and lowering brightness to compensate. Still, the IPS panel guarantees that the palette of bright colours that make up the Windows 8 Start screen zing off the display, and photos and video deliver sumptuous levels of saturation.

The 1,366 x 768 resolution isn’t going to give Apple’s engineering department cause to shamefacedly return to the drawing board, but when you’re sitting a foot or so away from the Surface screen it doesn’t feel as though it lacks detail or sharpness.

The tablet feels delightful in the hand, too. There’s much marketing waffle around the so-called VaporMg material that forms the casing, but it feels robust and smooth to the touch. The charcoal black design is commendably understated, with only a subtle Windows logo adorning the rear.

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User comments


The Microsoft Surface RT is the Engadget tablet of the year!

Imagine that.

By rhythm on 20 Feb 2013

I've had the Surface RT for a week and its...

..rubbish (or disappointing if you want to be PC). The hardware is really nice but the software is incredibly limited (lack of apps) and Office 2013 is rubbish when using with a touch screen.

The performance is also iffy and the fact that you now can't use Google Calendars/Contacts is, for me, a real limitation


By Chatan on 21 Feb 2013

Beautiful Piece of Kit

No complaints here.

The big advantage over the iPad is a USB port.

A very positive start to usher in the new generation of Windows.

By 5735guy on 18 May 2013

Disappointed, lack of apps and no swipe type keyboard.

By Moonbeam on 3 Jun 2013

It's even better with 8.1

Overall a reasonably fair review, though the sidebar on P1 isn't THAT clearly meant to be part of it.

8.1 with additional firmware updates, plus Outlook makes this a pretty, compelling piece of kit.
Mine positively zings along, and I find it more useful than the missus' Nexus 7 wot I got 'er for XMAS.

The received wisdom in the punditocracy (notably Mr Thurrot) is to wait for Surface#2 RT8.1 with souped-up hardware, including LTE, quad-core CPU , faster graffix etc etc. If you're not in a hurry, this is good advice, but at £279 Surface#1 is a very nice piece of kit, at a give-away price.

By wittgenfrog on 17 Jul 2013

It's a companion device..

Remember, it's a companion device, not a PC replacement.

I don't have one, but have used one for a few days.

I was astonished at how good it was to be honest. Certainly wasn't super fast, but neither sluggish.

But the usability of the device with the USB port, keyboard and kickstand plus the full office and beautiful OS.

I thought it was a very useful bit of kit.

Other OS tablets just seem like toys. I could do proper work on an RT tablet.

By Grunthos on 19 Jul 2013

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By ibuycheappc on 22 Jul 2013

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don't have one, but have used one for a few days.

I was astonished at how good it was to be honest. Certainly wasn't super fast, but neither sluggish.

But the usability of the device with the USB port, keyboard and kickstand plus the full office and beautiful OS.

I thought it was a very useful bit of kit.

Other OS tablets just seem like toys. I could do proper work on an RT tablet.

By ibuycheappc on 22 Jul 2013

RT for powerpoint presentations

Been wondering how viable RT would be used purely to deliver PPT's to VGA projectors?

Any comment? Seems like a really cheap way to do this.

By snoog on 21 Aug 2013

This is a great review.
You can also check out my review of Microsoft Surface with Windows RT at

By Tecworkz on 2 Sep 2013

Is it really just us?

Through a special offer a number of us have recently - in the last few weeks - acquired surface RTs. This seemed to me a good add-on to my ipad as the alternative was to buy the 128g (as I was constantly running out of space....). Oh dear, BAD idea. After around 30 mins up-time my screen does not respond - so can only use keyboard. I have tried resetting to no avail. I then find others have had a range of problems from nothing at all - no power, no response no nothing - through to zaps on touching. Not good. Microsoft has been giving us the run-around - contact after contact (provided by the initial company contact) either denying any role in dealing with what are clearly defective units through to insisting that "someone else" - anywhere - needs to deal with it. Even people working for Microsoft who are trying to do the right thing do not seem to get anywhere. This is just not good enough, Microsoft!!! We would expect better from an leading international company in the computer industry.

By nongeek on 10 Oct 2013


Now there's a firesale of surface RTs it looks more tempting but can you uninstall office to free up some valueable space and then use office web apps instead?
Also get rid of the desktop version iof IE - it's pointless having two versions of IE.

By bikeman01 on 9 Dec 2013

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