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RoboForm 7 Pro review

RoboForm 7 Pro


A fast and simple way of tracking a multitude of logins and passwords

Review Date: 31 Jan 2011

Reviewed By: Jonathan Bray

Price when reviewed: £17 (£20 inc VAT)

Overall Rating
5 stars out of 6

Features & Design
5 stars out of 6

Value for Money
5 stars out of 6

Ease of Use
6 stars out of 6

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Managing logins and passwords these days is a problem of almost insurmountable proportions; we have so many accounts to remember that it’s near-impossible to keep track of them all. The answer for many people is to write them all down, or to use the same password (or selection of passwords) for every account, neither of which is particularly safe or secure.

In the absence of a photographic memory (ours is more like Swiss cheese), we prefer to use a password manager coupled with a sensible password strategy, and the simple RoboForm is just the ticket. After installing a toolbar in your browser and adding an icon to your system tray, it offers to remember and save usernames and passwords, which you can then access with a single click.

They’re protected with a master password and stored using AES, Blowfish and RC6 algorithms; for extra security you can also ask the software to generate pseudo-random passwords instead of trying to come up with your own. If you don’t know what your passwords are, there’s little chance anyone else has of guessing them.

RoboForm 7 Pro

The new version has been given a visual overhaul, and has broader browser support than before (Chrome and Safari have been added). It introduces mobile device support, including those running on Android, iOS and Nokia’s version of Symbian, and lets you set up one-click shortcuts for multiple logins.

There’s more too, with form filling for personal and address details and credit card numbers, plus secure contact and note storage. These are all nice features, but trusting all your personal information to one piece of software such as this isn’t best practice, no matter how secure it is.

That’s especially true if you opt for the Everywhere version (£8 inc VAT per year), which allows you to install the software on as many devices as you like, and synchronises that data across all of them.

We wouldn’t advise storing absolutely everything in RoboForm’s database – after all, its master password still represents a single point of failure – but if used sensibly it can be a fantastic timesaver. We wouldn’t be without it.

Author: Jonathan Bray

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User comments


Might be worth comparing to the hugely popular LastPass, which does virtually all of this for free.

By The_Scrote on 1 Feb 2011

Passwords on the cloud?

Whatever you think of the cloud generally, storing your passwords on it is surely almost criminally irresponsible? I believe LastPass does this always. Only the Everywhere version of RoboForm does.

I use the "RoboForm2Go" version on a USB stick, so I have two factor ('know something' and 'have something') security. But I also encrypt the drive as a whole with TrueCrypt. Roboform does not encrypt passcard names and only obfusticates rather than encrypts URLs. This means for example that an attacker will know who you bank with, if not the password.

I do strongly urge everybody to "just say no" to cloud password managers, whether free or paid for. They are a disaster waiting to happen!

By JohnAHind on 1 Feb 2011

RoboForm is the best!

Roboform is definitely the original password manager and clearly continues to stay #1. I find it really impressive that Roboform is constantly being updated to stay on top (works with all these new browsers: chrome, opera, etc.). I love the new license options - even if you aren't great with cloud storage, you can store your stuff locally on your machine (unlike the other password managers). Roboform = the best.

By LisaMartin on 1 Feb 2011

Great product

Been using RoboForm for years. Highly recommended.

By Stelios on 1 Feb 2011

I like RoboForm too, but it is worth noting that only the Everywhere (cloud) version works with mobile phones - no local storage option there. Also it claims to work with Chrome, but I have been unable to get RoboForm2Go to work with Chrome on my system - I have to switch to Firefox or IE to use RoboForm.

I think RoboForm Everywhere is particularly insecure. If an attacker got hold of the passcard files they would yield quite easily to dictionary attack particularly as cribs can be easily and automatically had by following the unencrypted URL. Also can you imagine what a magnet a site known to contain hundreds of thousands of login credentials linked to sites must be to criminals?

By JohnAHind on 1 Feb 2011

I Recommend RoboForm

As a long time user of RoboForm I can't say enough good things about it. It makes my life so much easier.

I've tried some of these other password managers, but RoboForm is definitely the best. I think it's because they've been around for about 10 years (I've been using them for 7) and these other guys come and go. In this latest version they added the ability to log into multiple websites at once. Cool feature!

I'm not as worried about cloud storage as John H, but when it's your only option (like Lastpass), then I'd definitely be worried. What's to keep them from changing to a paid service and holding your data hostage. At least with RoboForm I have a copy of all my passwords and I can take them wherever I want.

Use RoboForm. I highly recommend it.

By jdcohen on 1 Feb 2011

I agree with @The_Scrote, it'd be interesting to see how you'd compare this to Lass Past. To those that fear cloud syncing, Lass Pass encrypts your passwords locally. Also, you have the option for multifactor authentication.

By jcraxton on 1 Feb 2011

Doesn't support SeaMonkey browser

I was a long time user of Roboform, and am also a long time user of the Mozilla browser suite, now known as SeaMonkey. Unfortunately, Roboform has not supported SeaMonkey since it was upgraded over a year ago, and my various requests to Roboform Support have been met with rather dismissive responses. I am therefore, disappointed that Roboform7 still does not appear to support the SeaMonkey browser, despite supporting virtually everything else!

By Si6776 on 1 Feb 2011

I have never tried Roboform but I used Lastpass & couldn't get on with it (felt & looked cumbersome) so I am still using Polygons EasyPasswordManager which I have been using for years & will continue to until someone releases a password manager that integrates seamlessly with Chrome.

By m_walsh on 2 Feb 2011


Surely keepass ( ) does the same as this, cross platform, for free?

Perhaps roboform etc offer something additional I have missed here.

I use the same DB on my mac, my linux box and my windows box which is a tremendous advantage for me.

By aitch2000 on 2 Feb 2011


I've been using this for a number of years works on iphone so I always have what i need and a PC version both of which sink with each other.

By GeorgeRobb on 3 Feb 2011

Roboform - last freeware version

Yes, Roboform is great but you don't need the latest version. The last (uncrippled) freeware version (v4.6.8) still works fine on my Vista and Win7 PCs. Get it from
#AI RoboForm

By Victor_Delta on 3 Feb 2011


Roboform offer the convenience of auto-filling in form fields – something that KeePass don't have.

By Homard on 7 May 2011

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