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TeamViewer 6 review


An impressive array of capabilities, good performance and extremely easy to use. It's our new favourite remote control software

Review Date: 17 Dec 2010

Reviewed By: Jonathan Bray

Price when reviewed: Free

Overall Rating
6 stars out of 6

Features & Design
5 stars out of 6

Value for Money
6 stars out of 6

Ease of Use
6 stars out of 6

PCPRO Recommended

There's a lot of competition in the remote control software market, and for personal use our money has been on the free, browser-based LogMeIn for quite some time now. But with the new version of TeamViewer, that's set to change.

Fundamentally, TeamViewer's appeal is much the same as that of LogMeIn: it's completely free for personal use, and you can remote control as many PCs as you like. With tweaks to speed in the new version, performance is comparable between the two, and both are pretty much platform agnostic, allowing you to control Linux, Windows and Mac computers.

TeamViewer 6

The key advantage TeamViewer holds over LogMeIn, however, is its flexibility. First off, you don't have to set up an account at all to get going with TeamViewer - just install the software on each machine, give them passwords, and all you need do to connect is type in the generated unique identifying number at the other end. Alternatively, for one-shot support jobs, a non-installing executable can be downloaded.

Creating an account and registering PCs to it, however, makes managing multiple machines easier, and also opens up the ability to use the browser-based interface for machines on which you don't want to install the software permanently.

Once you're in, it looks even more impressive. The toolbar along the top of the remote control window offers not only the usual scaling and image quality options, but also a quick file transfer window, video, VoIP and instant messaging tools, the ability to set up conferencing calls between multiple machines, and even establish a VPN connection for transferring files via Windows Explorer.

TeamViewer 6

New to this version is a presentation mode, which allows you to broadcast your screen to many other PCs simultaneously. And smartphone owners will be pleased to discover there are free apps for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android handsets available too - a feature for which LogMeIn users have to pay upwards of £18.

There are a few niggles - we don't like not being able to stretch-to-fit in full-screen mode, and the software launches a nag box every time you finish a session - but these are small complaints in the overall scheme of things. TeamViewer's nippy performance, simple operation and sheer flexibility make it our new favourite remote control tool.

Author: Jonathan Bray

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User comments

How does it compare...

to Goto Assist Express for support, or Goto Meeting for meetings?

That would be very interesting, as we use both at the moment, but they are coming up for renewal.

In presentation mode, can you give control to the other machines, so they can try things out? Does it support VOIP for all attendees to the meeting? How many attendees does it support?

In Support mode, does it list relevant information, such as patch level of the machine, what AV is in use and whether it is up to date etc.?

By big_D on 17 Dec 2010

How does it compare...

Many thanks Jonathan for this superb verdict!

-> You can pass the remote control to your attendess in presentation mode. Furthermore TeamViewer also supports VoIP and video streams for all attendees of the meeting. Up to 15 participants are supported in one presentation.

-> During the session you can display system information of the remote computer like OS, memory, processor, network card, devices, etc. The patch level of the AV isn't displayed automatically but you can of course check it manually while you are connected.

We would love to welcome you at TeamViewer! I do not have a direct comparison with other tools but there are generally speaking many advantages if you go with TeamViewer like unlimited hosts (even unattended ones), all in one solution, cross-compatible for Win, Mac and Linux, plenty of features e.g. remote reboot, screen recording, VPN, file transfer, chat, conference calls, customizable customer module, and many more. The pricing is very affordable and fair:

Just give it a try and get in touch with us if there is anything else you would like to know!

All the best,
Constantin Falcoianu
TeamViewer Germany

By TeamViewer on 18 Dec 2010

Family tool

I've used teamviewer 5 for over a year with my kids. They know it's installed & I can view their screens, even laptops, at any time or I just leave a recording session running. If I can't connect their MAC gets removed from the WLAN and they soon explain to me the reason. the frequency of computer miss-use has dropped massively, to the point where the kids are self policing now. No idea on business use but for family it's liberating.

By ardow on 19 Dec 2010


Thanks, I'll take a look.

By big_D on 20 Dec 2010

I used it at home for a while to help my Dad out (I still don't know why when Outlook wouldn't open he decided to open Thunderbird thinking his email would be there) and it's a great tool. Began using it at work - under a very good value licence - wouldn't be without it now.

By bubbles16 on 20 Dec 2010

comparison with ISL light

I think that Teamviewer 5/6 are fine as long as it’s just one user using it for personal use. The moment you start using it more frequently and for business use, Teamviewer can bleed your wallet.

That's why our company went for ISL light. They have an active connection licensing where you are charged for the number of simultaneous sessions you run. There are no “Per user/Per Seat or Per workstation” costs. And you get 3 other products as well! I think that’s a good deal. Within the organisation, you can run the software from any computer. In effect, all employees can use the same license when contacting tech support for help.
The ISL light software is also cross-compatible and can be used on any OS. It supports remote boot up, file transfer, high-quality video, whiteboard tools and chat, and it uses high encryption with SSL.
A post on their company blog shows how ISL ligth works in detail along with snapshots, I guess that should help. Here’s the link

By dhama on 22 Dec 2010

Ammyy Admin - free analogue to TeamViewer

TeamViewer faces almost no good competitors from the point of usability and ease of use. For sure it's good, but not perfect, especially from the security point and connection speed.

Anyway one can hardly find a better software except
free Ammyy Admin which is almost a precise analogue of TeamViewer but easier and quicker, which is too essential for our help desk service.

Anyway my colleagues claim this is a matter of preferences. One likes Ammyy Admin another likes TeamViewer . It's interesting what people value much while choosing software for remote desktop sharing.

By Lucas199 on 15 Jun 2011

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