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Canon Pixma MG6250 review


Not the cheapest device to run, but it’s lightning fast, intuitive and produces photos no other consumer inkjet can match for quality

Review Date: 17 Jan 2012

Reviewed By: David Bayon

Price when reviewed: £114 (£137 inc VAT)

Buy it now for: £418
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Overall Rating
5 stars out of 6

Features & Design
5 stars out of 6

Value for Money
5 stars out of 6

6 stars out of 6

PCPRO Recommended

We’ve grown accustomed to a Pixma topping our A-List, and while for one that honour is currently held by HP, it depends on your needs. For features, efficiency and work documents, the HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus is an unparalleled choice – but there’s still nothing that can touch Canon when it comes to consumer printing.

Take its photo output, for example. The MG6250 produces photos of unequalled quality and sharpness, with the extra dye-based photo black and grey inks contributing to rich colours, deep blacks and beautifully neutral monochrome prints. And it does all this remarkably quickly: a 6 x 4in best quality photo took only 44 seconds in our tests, with an A4 photo taking a minute longer.

Canon Pixma MG6250

Text is thicker than that produced by the HP, but its edges are just as defined and readable. Images and diagrams are bold, clear and with solid colour, making the MG6250 one of the best-quality printers we've tested. And its document speeds of 11.5ppm in mono and 6.1ppm in colour are well above average. In fact, when you include the excellent copy speeds and scan times, the MG6250 is an incredibly quick all-round device.

Where it falls down slightly is the quality of the scanner, which is good but not stellar. Colours are captured accurately, but scans are gloomy and fail to come close to the sharpness of those produced by the HP. That’s also why the MG6250’s copies aren’t as good as its prints: text was fine, but it produced a test photo entirely lacking the punch of the original.

It also isn’t a particularly cheap printer to run, but that’s the price you pay for that photo quality. With six inks to replace, costs work out at 2.9p for an A4 mono page and 8.7p for colour – although a 6 x 4in photo cost of 14.5p isn’t bad at all considering the quality.

Canon Pixma MG6250

The MG6250 can print directly to CDs via a supplied adapter, and up to 300gsm specialist media in its rear tray, while the main tray holds a healthy 150 sheets. And it can do all of this over wireless or a standard USB connection. The interface is a mix of a 3in screen and separate touch buttons that glow into life as required. They don’t give any tactile feedback, so navigating menus can feel odd, but menus are comprehensive and it’s very easy to get used to.

All of which makes the Canon Pixma MG6250 a fine all-round consumer all-in-one. Documents and photos arrive quickly and at top quality, and the whole package is a pleasure to use. Photo enthusiasts should look nowhere else.

Author: David Bayon

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User comments

where can I buy it?

how did you arrive at the price of £137 inc VAT, and where can I buy one?

By SLord2 on 17 Jan 2012

Stock issues

Unfortunately it looks like there are supply issues right now, as Amazon have removed it (that's where the £137 price was from, live a few days ago.)

It's still up on Printerland (
117140.aspx) for £138.


By davidb_pro on 17 Jan 2012

Popular because of special offer?

I bought this printer two weeks ago from Amazon, love it!

I checked the page I bought it from on Amazon ( and it doesn't even list as available from Amazon anymore (sometimes they say it's out of stock).

One reason it may be in short supply is that Canon are offering some cashback offers until 25th January and this printer qualifies for £30 cashback from Canon. The link is below if anyone wants some cashback.

By ICT_Tower on 17 Jan 2012

But who prints photos these days?

It certainly looks like a nice printer but twice the purchase cost and more than double the running cost of my Kodak printer makes me think do people really need one? I never print photos any longer as I can upload them to Tesco's who'll print them at 5p a go...

By KurtCobain on 18 Jan 2012

I've got the previous model MG6150

which was available for around £100 before Christmas and I haven't stopped smiling since. I do print pictures despite the cost becasue (a) I don't print many and (b) the timescales can be challenging (usually "I need it now"). The print to CD is very handy. I'd agree that the scans are a little dark but compared to my previous 8 year old scanner it is faster and clearer so to me it's definately an upgrade. The wireless capabilties are a godsend in a house with Windows 7, XP and Vista systems that steadfastly refuse to share things properly!

By MacAllcock on 19 Jan 2012

So glad I bought one

I got one of these a couple of months ago after doing a load of research. It's satisfying to see my hard work and choice vindicated. I can concur that the photo quality is astounding. In fact it is on a par with commercial prints as far as I'm concerned. The only bugbears are the software, which does not support installation on Windows Server (no SOHO sharing) and the disconcerting churning of gears when asked to switch between CD printing and A4. Other than that it's a great little printer.

By AndyChips on 19 Jan 2012

in stock @

just orders one for £149 inc VAT. Allegedly it's in stock, we shall see...

By SLord2 on 20 Jan 2012

Also ordered from after hours trying many different sites. I also doubted they had it in stock but it was seemingly dispatched yesterday so signs are good.

By Barry72 on 20 Jan 2012

It's true, have them is stock.

Mine arrived yesterday two days after it was dispatched. Well pleased.

By Barry72 on 22 Jan 2012

Cost of consumables

I wonder if the cost of running this printer is greater than it seems. My (hopefully comparable) MG6150 printer spends a lot of time cleaning itself, which presumably uses ink. I notice that, even though there are long periods when I only print in black, the coloured inks seem to gradually run low too. I wonder if intensive lab tests of the ink usage of printers fail to include loss of ink during routine cleaning operations and thus the true cost of consumables?

By richardejlund on 23 Jan 2012

Not friendly when it comes to using

I bought a MG6250 2 weeks ago and am greatly disappointed with the lack of instructions. I still can't work out how to print on cd's. There's nothing to say which way and how far to stick the cd holder in. I keep getting a message to say the door isn't closed when I put one in and the only way to fully shut the inner door is break it.This baby may find it's way to the garbage tip!

By mimia on 12 Mar 2012

Difficult to get

Never have I found a product so difficult to actually buy. Apart from going through Amazon and getting a Euro import, I have not actually found it in stock anywhere apart from at a very inflated price (nearer to £200).

I wonder what on earth is going on for supply to be so bad.

By Tim_D on 12 Mar 2012

Supply issues explained

I have finally got to the bottom of why it's impossible to get these machines. Apparently these inkjet printers are made in only two factories, both of which have been flooded, and all production was lost. As I write this, apparently production is coming back on stream, and UK distributors may get some devices at the end of Mar 2012. Putting two and two together, I am guessing that the factories could be in Thailand - the area that had the appalling floods that cost many lives, and also had a significant effect on other components, such as HDDs.

By Tim_D on 19 Mar 2012


I have not been able to find any of these printers and its now nearly May, some sites say that they are discontinued. No one seems to be able to tell me when they will be in stock again if ever! Does anyone know any thing more about the distribution of this printer?

By sl_rob on 21 Apr 2012


I have the mp560 which in 1.5 years cost me £70 for a new print head and a fortune in ink even though it is only used as a printer/copier for the home pc. It keeps clogging and taking up a huge amount of ink to clean/deepclean. It seems to be clogged again now and several cleans/deep cleans later no joy. Anyone know if this review one is any better?

By Zippy204 on 11 Jul 2012

Great for printing CD's

I have to respond to an earlier comment that it was difficult to print CD's. It is far from difficult! The installation comes with a manual that explains everything and minutes after installation I printed one CD after the other. There is a very clear white triangle mark on the CD tray that needs to line up with one inside the printer and: boom, there it goes! I was impressed with the installation process and how little to none configuring it took to get it hooked up in the network and recognized as network printer.

By Mokum020 on 31 Aug 2012

Wireless Does not work with XP

I bought this printer ..and it connects to my desktop fine via my router. But I can't get my XP netbook to connect via wireless not impressed!

By pchealer on 12 Sep 2012

Best Buy??

I made the mistake of buying a previous best buy - the MG6150.
A few months later, I bought an iPad - the printer is not airprint compatible. Please add this to your tests. The 6250 is, but I just had to check that myself. Anyone want to buy a 6150?

By conwyman on 20 Dec 2012

@conwyman Your logic is just awful, if you knew an iPad purchase was likely why didn't you check for airprint compatability? If you didn't know you where going to purchase an iPad, then it makes no difference if the review mentions airprint or not, you STILL would have made the mistake of buying the 6150. Trying to denigrate a review because of your own lack of forsight is rediculous.

By pinero50 on 2 Jan 2013

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