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Canon Pixma MG6150 review


The touch interface isn’t perfect, but it adds appeal to a high-quality, fast and fully featured home all-in-one

Review Date: 18 Aug 2010

Reviewed By: David Bayon

Price when reviewed: £169 (£199 inc VAT)

Buy it now for: £369
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Overall Rating
6 stars out of 6

Features & Design
6 stars out of 6

Value for Money
5 stars out of 6

6 stars out of 6

PCPRO Recommended

This is more like it. In stark contrast to Canon’s minor update to its inkjet printers, the revamping of its all-in-one range is extensive to say the least. Six new models have been launched, along with a new naming convention, and it’s the Pixma MG6150 that stands out as the one to see. Positioned just below the existing MP990, it takes the best bits of that superb device and drags them into 2010.

The finish is now a glossy black that’s more suitable for a living room or stylish flat, and once you’ve dinked the spring-loaded screen upright, you’ll realise there are no buttons. We were hoping that meant an iPhone-style touchscreen to match that of the Lexmark Interact S605, but instead it’s the next best thing. Similar to some high-end Epsons, the 3in non-touch LCD hosts the key information and menus, but a large area of the lid in front of it doubles up as a touch panel.

Canon Pixma MG6150 touch panel

You’ll see the back, home and option-select buttons glow into life, while within menus it adapts: when you’re in the copy menu, for example, the panel has plus and minus icons to adjust the number of copies, and the mono and colour Start symbols loom large. All the while, a four-way directional button rests in the centre for navigation. Menu navigation isn’t really any more intuitive than with the physical buttons it replaced, but the sheer responsiveness and all-round design makes it a pleasure to use.

Inside, there’s more good news. The MG6150 uses the print engine from the MP990, so it’s quicker than the long-A-Listed MP640 and has an extra grey ink to help smooth tonal shifts and for better monochrome quality. It hasn’t really been tweaked: speeds are almost identical to the MP990, with 11.8ppm and 6.1ppm rates in mono and colour respectively, and a time of 44 seconds for a top-quality 6 x 4in photo. It didn’t really need any work, though, as that engine proved fastest in our recent all-in-one group test, and the quality it produces is simply second to none. Its sharp, detailed photos pack oodles of colour, and its text is as bold and thick as it is clean.

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User comments

Running Costs

You've A-listed this device, but there is no information at all on printing costs. How much are the cartridges? How many photos can you print before replacing? How much ink is wasted during print head cleaning cycles, etc.

Not really much of a review...

By grimerking on 19 Aug 2010

Re: Running costs

The engine is the same as that of the MP990, which cost around 8p per colour page. That's around 1.5p dearer than recent HPs we've tested, but the quality justifies it in our view.
We'll update the review when the new cartridges are available to buy, but once resellers get their hands on them they shouldn't be significantly dearer.
As for cleaning cycles, that's something we're hoping to look into soon across all manufacturers.

By DavidBayon on 19 Aug 2010

New ink cartridges?

I take it then it it doesn't use cartidges already available for other models? Bleeding typical.

By mviracca on 19 Aug 2010

The cartridges on the revamped IP4580 are now chipped. I presume this will be the case here. If so the running costs will be far too high - around 19% higher than others and will add over 150% to my current running costs.

By Manuel on 20 Aug 2010


Agree with the other comments - running costs are important. It would be great to get (regularly in printer reviews) p/page for colour document, monochrome document and photo. Would also like to know if it has an ADF. Photocopying large documents without an ADF is a real bind.
Looking forward to the more detailed review as I need a new all-in-one soon

By julianhermele22 on 23 Aug 2010

Running cost information is vital

I agree that with these printers comparing the retail price is meaningless and misleading. The critical information is the "cost staircase" i.e. accrued cost plotted against number of sheets printed.

Another recent factor that must be taken into account is the cartridges included in the retail price - some manufacturers ship special low capacity cartridges and for some reason the law lets them get away with being very secretive about this. Since a full set of cartridges can often cost as much as the retail price of the printer, this practice completely swamps any difference in retail price.
This is a real value add magazines can make, but doing it right must be expensive, so I would completely understand if this information appeared only in the printed magazine.

By JohnAHind on 24 Aug 2010

How does this compare to the 8150

Why do you think the 6150 the pick of the new models announced?

By srdbrooks on 30 Aug 2010


I learnt the hard way. ALWAYS before you buy a printer to check out the alternative inks. I have a Pixma5300 and I get 4 x cartridges set for the cost of 1 x Canon original. Now even if the Canon originals offer 10/20% more printing I know which I'll still choose. Not unlike a colleague of mine who bought a colour laser and found 2 x cartridges equated to the price of the printer itself! Original printer ink or toner is a complete rip-off IMHO.

By photomanlondon on 9 Sep 2010

New Cartridges V New Printer

New cartridges for 13 month old Canon iP4700 £46.28. V's Upgrade to new iP4850 £69.00, makes cartridges 67% of the purchase price of new iP4850. Or 57% of the purchase price of iP4700. I could even upgrade to the new MP6150 reviewed for £140 ish making the cartridges 33% of the MP6150 STUPID! Makes a mockery of Canons claims to be GREEN, throwing away a perfectly good printer because of the cost of the cartidges. Just 3 sets of cartridges will pay for an upgrade to the iP6150

By dobbo on 13 Sep 2010

What about the MP8150?

So if the 6150 supercedes the MP640, then I'm guessing the 8150 supercedes the MP990? Current retail pricing seems to suggest that's the case.

By jroconnell on 15 Sep 2010

Running costs !!

C'mon guys, a printer review is not a printer review if it doesn't include running costs.

By philingle on 13 Dec 2010

Go buy a Lada!

People make me laugh these days, they want the best then want it for nothing. I trade online myself and see it every day, buyers want next day delivery for example but don't want to pay for it. I'm convinced half of those above would complain about the running costs if they owned a Rolls Royce.

The fact is this is a fantastic printer, in fact Canon just get better and better. It's always been easy to find compatible carts for just about anything - but you can go one better and buy a continuous ink supply system and save a packet. If you don't want manufacturers to keep fleecing you for ink prices then don't buy it. But you shouldn't expect to have the best if you can't afford to pay for it.

By coolcity on 27 Dec 2010

Warning for Vista Users

I recently bought this printer and it is an excellent device. It works perfectly connected to my home network with both a Windows 7(64bit) desktop and Windows 7(32bit) laptop. I also have 3 Vista 32 bit Dell laptops that the children use and these have terrible trouble connecting with the printer over the network. I suspect it to be a Vista issue rather than Canon but neither party, nor web forums, have shed much light on how to fix the issues.

By Squawkyboy on 23 Jan 2011

Doesn't do what it says on the tin.

Canon advertise this as a 4800dpi scanner. That is not the whole truth.

When using the printer front panel you are limited to 600dpi. When using most supplied applications you are limited to 600dpi too.
If you use MP Navigator and select "Use Scanner driver" you are offered up to 1200dpi.

What Canon don't tell you is that you need to overtype this field to get more than 1200dpi. They also fail to mention that the software limits you to 10001*10001 pixels. So you can scan at 4800dpi, but your image must be 2" square or smaller.

If you want to scan a 6*4" photo, the maximum this scanner can do is 1666dpi. If you want to scan an A4 sheet, you're restricted to 854dpi.

You'd expect that this kind of marketing is contrary to the trade descriptions act. I guess that's why canon state the optical resolution is "up to" 4800dpi.

By Mikers on 1 Mar 2011

Maybe have another category for Budget MFPs

I've been looking for a MFP with wireless capability that is very economical. I don't want frills or even the best print qualities. Maybe reviews sould consider this too.

By PSandhu on 20 Apr 2011

I wouldn't mind paying 2-3 times the initial cost of an all-in-one if the follow on ink costs were reasonable and if the non-printer functions weren't disabled once the ink ran out. It's a total racket and needs investigating.

By willji on 27 Apr 2011

Cost of ink

We all complain about the cost of fuel but the cost of alcohol based ink is ridiculous. Imagine what a gallon/liter of ink would cost.

By jdn38 on 26 May 2011

...and what about laser?

I'm puzzled - there are laser all-in-ones on the market (Dell do several) but I never seem to see these reviewed and there seems no section for them on the A List. Since so many complain (quite rightly) about inkjet costs, it seems a strange omission.

By philsayer on 11 Aug 2011

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