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ViewSonic VP2365wb review

Viewsonic VP2365wb


The ViewSonic VP2365wb delivers useful features and stunning image quality for sensible money

Review Date: 17 Dec 2010

Reviewed By: Sasha Muller

Price when reviewed: £164 (£193 inc VAT)

Overall Rating
6 stars out of 6

Features & Design
6 stars out of 6

Value for Money
6 stars out of 6

Image Quality
5 stars out of 6

PCPRO Recommended

Viewsonic advertises its VP2365wb as a professional display, so were absolutely gobsmacked when we saw the price. At only £164, it's the cheapest 1,920 x 1,080 23in IPS-based monitor we've seen.

Next to some of its pricier competitors, though, the VP2365wb looks entirely utilitarian. The all-black, matte plastic finish is hardly luxurious and the buttons below the screen look distinctly old hat.

However, Viewsonic has crammed in a respectable array of features for the money. The stand swivels and rotates into portrait mode, rises up and down by 150mm and, although a little wobbly at full extension, it works well enough. In fact, the only thing missing from the features list is a DisplayPort input. Instead, there's D-SUB, DVI and a four-port USB hub.

Once the VP2365wb fires into life, you're unlikely to be worrying about the build quality. Images burst forth with natural colours and lots of detail, while the E-IPS panel delivers wide viewing angles, deep blacks and impressive contrast. The backlight is even, too, and there's precious little backlight bleed.

Viewsonic VP2365wb

When we tested it with our X-Rite colorimeter, the VP2365wb put in an equally impressive display. At its default settings, an average Delta E (colour accuracy - the lower the better) of 2.6 and a maximum of 6.3 is a great result. Only the gamma, at 2.0, and the colour temperature of 6,998k are a little outside the ideal.

Switching to the User Color mode and leaving the Red, Green and Blue controls set to 100 made a measurable difference. The slight blue tinge all but disappeared, and further measurements proved as much, with the gamma rising to 2.1, colour temperature dropping to 6,900k and the average Delta E improving to an excellent 1.9.

This is a stunning performance, with only one notable issue: a tendency for the Viewsonic's greyscale tracking to almost crush the darkest greys into black. In the darkest scenes of The Thing on Blu-ray, the VP2365wb seemed to lose a little detail compared to its pricier competitors.

Otherwise, the Viewsonic VP2365wb is a great choice. Not only does it partner a fully adjustable stand with superb image quality, it's also one of the vanishingly few monitors on the market which ships with a zero pixel-defect warranty. At this price, that makes it a stunning deal.

Author: Sasha Muller

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User comments

What size?

How do you manage to get through an entire review without telling is what size or resolution the screen is?

By jmiii on 21 Dec 2010

"us" not "is"


By jmiii on 21 Dec 2010

Thanks for the update

Now I know what you're talking about.

By jmiii on 21 Dec 2010

Read the spec

Not really necessary when it's in the spec tab :-)

By JohnHo1 on 21 Dec 2010


Size now added - it's in the Labs with about ten other 23in TFTs right now, so I guess Sasha developed a bit of a mental block!

Specs also added. You can tell it's nearly Christmas...

By DavidBayon on 21 Dec 2010

Wot no HDMI!

Shame no HDMI socket.

No HDMI,No Sale.

By SKINHEAD1967 on 21 Dec 2010

Fast-Motion Performance

So how does this E-IPS panel fare with regards to ghosting/motion blurring in an action film for example or gaming?

By monch1985 on 21 Dec 2010

I gotta have this!

Have been looking around all week to find an IPS panel at a decent price, came across this previously while browsing other reviews, couldn't believe the price and overall quality! HDMI is not an issue for me so it's a definite sale, thanks for the review!

By eliot94 on 21 Dec 2010

RE: Fast motion performance

No problems with films or games. Its response time isn't as quick as TN panels, granted, but unless you're a pro gamer, I very much doubt you'll be bothered by the slight difference.

By SashaMuller on 21 Dec 2010

Only 1080?

Why the current fascination with 'Widescreen-LowRes' displays? Maybe ok for films, but personally I do a lot of reading and surfing, both very much Vertical activities that are frustrated by these 'Widescreen' displays. Sorry, but for me I'd prefer the extra res of 1200 Vertical - preferably in a 16x10 format. Look at how many displays are 'Big+Widescreen' with a Vertical res of 768!! Utter rubbish! And this is only slightly better.

By Wilbert3 on 23 Dec 2010

Is this the same device that came out at least a year ago?

And was described in one review (
2365wb/) as "first seen on 30 September 2009"? (yes, 2009, not 2010...)

No real objection to that, but surely the PC Pro review is a mite tardy?

By JohnGray7581 on 26 Dec 2010

Improvement ?

VP (professional range) used to have PVA panels, but when mine died under warranty, the replacement was very disappointing ..turned out the newer models had TN panels - thus negating the 'professional' status, as TN is no good for graphic and photography work.
I ended up buying a LaCie instead, but still bemoaned the loss of those first Viewsonic VP monitors with PVA at such excellent prices.
Can't comment as to whether this panel will be as good as those, as I thought IPS were better for video & gaming.

By trishahardwick on 26 Dec 2010


You're quite right, it's not new.

It's the Labs Winner from from the grouptest of fifteen 23in and 24in monitors in the forthcoming issue. :)

By SashaMuller on 7 Jan 2011


I'm currently running an elderly Dell 23" off a Sony laptop via a HDMI (on the sony ) to DVI ( on the Dell ). This combination seems to work fine but I am looking for a new monitor for photography working. Am I loosing quality using a HDMI - DVI lead ?

By MnewRWC on 13 Jan 2011


No, no loss in quality. :)

By SashaMuller on 13 Jan 2011

VESA Mount?

Should VESA mount size be stated in the Ergonomics section? It'd be good for those of us that are looking to swap out our pokey 17" & 19" monitors.


By urbanaught on 13 Jan 2011


Good idea.

It's a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount.

By SashaMuller on 13 Jan 2011

Great but unobtainable!

This looks like a great monitor but it appears to be unobtainable in the UK. The only site I could find with it in stock is in the US at $350.

By Flongworth on 29 Jan 2011


It looks like it's out of stock in most retailers, but Laptops Direct are quoting a restock date of the 14th Feb.

Rest assured, I'll keep a close eye on the situation.

Kind regards,
Sasha Muller
Laptops Editor
PC Pro

By SashaMuller on 31 Jan 2011

A Good Monitor With A Glossy Screen

Dear Editor

I hope you are well and please pass on my regards to everyone at pcpro.

I have been looking for a new monitor for my desktop machine for sometime, but I am really struggling to find something that suits my needs. Therefore, any help you maybe able to give me would be appreciated.

I am currently using a CRT seventeen inch monitor and I feel that upgrading to a twenty-two inch wide screen monitor would be ideal. I am willing to go up to twenty-three inches, if needed.

I need the monitor to help me work with multimedia based packages such as Photoshop, where colour accuracy is important. I have given myself a budget of around £400.00.

I would like the monitor to have a glossy screen and not a matte finish. I have found that a glossy screen works better for me, because the on-screen colours look more saturated and alive. Also I have Cerebral Palsy, which affects my eyesight and glossy screen makes life easier for me.

I have found that the screens manufactured by Apple to feel quite comfortable on my eyes. If I could find a PC monitor that was similar I would be pleased. The following are specification for the Apple LED Cinema Display, which I found on-line. I hope this helps to give you a rough idea of what I am looking for. I apologise if I have got some of the technical information slightly wrong.

Screen Type: TFT active-matrix liquid crystal display with in-plane switching (IPS)
Supported Resolutions: 2560 x 1440, 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720
Colours: 16.7 million
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 375 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 5ms

With regard to connectivity I would like to have the standard connections and if it is possible an HDMI input. Also a reasonable amount of swivel and tilt.

Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to reading through your suggestions.

Kind regards


By Surinder1970 on 14 Feb 2011

Product Availability

Great mag and excellent reviews. Unfortunately, in my experience, the review products seem to be the only ones in existence.

I previously attempted to purchase a Sony laptop on A List recommendation. This could not be sourced anywhere and i ended up buying another model from Sony.

Needing a monitor the A List recommendation, confirmed by internet searches, of the Viewsonic as a good IPS monitor for the price swayed me. Unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere (including Viewsonic). I waited until Feb 14, as this was the suggested in stock date at Laptops and Servers Direct, and telephoned to be informed delivery would be in a few weeks; their web sites had been changed to reflect a March in stock date.

Eventually I looked at other products and decided to purchase the Dell. I have a small photography business and was directed to the Business section ot Dells site where I was offered a discount which made the U2311H less than £10 more than the unobtainable Viewsonic.

The Dell was ordered at 23.30hrs on Tues 15 Feb and recieved on 17 Feb. Thank you Dell.

It would be helpful if you could check product availability before recommending an item.

Otherwise keep up the good work.

best wishes


By joe99 on 18 Feb 2011

Re: Product Availability


You may find that a glowing review, from the likes of PC Pro, is the reason why some products become hard to source. ;)

By Spreadie on 21 Feb 2011

@joe99 - Availability...

Hi Joe

We always ensure that products are available before the magazine goes to press.

We also check for availability before publishing an online review, but in this case it seems you were just a little too slow to catch one.

As Spreadie suggests, a glowing review of a bargain-priced product can be enough to clear stocks fairly rapidly.

Anyway, my contact at Viewsonic has confirmed that more stock is due in the UK this week, so they should be available again shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards,
Sasha Muller
Laptops Editor
PC Pro

By SashaMuller on 21 Feb 2011


Hi Spreadie and Sasha,

With regards to Viewsonic product availability the B & h website (why do the Americans always know more than us?) stated that the monitor was out of stock indefinately and possibly out of production.

Good reviews did not stop the Dell monitor arriving in a couple of days.

We all have various axes to grind but i need to work and just need a suitable product. Dell supplied that product in incredible time with no hassle at about the SAME price as the Viewsonic would have been.

This is my last on the matter but thanks for pointing me in the Dell direction.

Joe 99

By joe99 on 24 Feb 2011


There are rumors on various websites that this monitor has been discontinued. Is this true? Is it worth waiting until 8th when some say a shipment is due?

If it is discontinued i imagine the Dell U2311 is the closest comparison however its about £220 at the moment. Alternatively VA panel monitors are available for £160ish but are they worth it?!

By Hubert on 1 Mar 2011

After waiting for this since mid January I have been informed by one supplier that it has been discontinued. Maybe PCpro should remove a monitor that has not been available for months

By aryehsc on 16 Mar 2011

Viewsonic VP2365wb: availability

I've confirmed with Viewsonic that stock will be available towards the tail end of April.

Production issues have held up supply for the last couple of months, but as these are now sorted there shouldn't be any further problems.

If you're absolutely desperate to purchase an IPS monitor now, then by all means consider the Dell U2311H. It's a fine alternative.

Kind regards,

By SashaMuller on 16 Mar 2011

Really IPS?

I have to ask whether anybody at PC Pro have seen any of these monitors more recently?
I just bought one, and I have to say that the quality is not really any better than my Samsung 22" normal LCD display sat right next to it. It doesn't get very bright (not a biggy), the colours only seem a bit oversaturated, not richer, and the viewing angles aren't fantastic, and the tweakable options dont go towards improving things at all, and are quite sparse.
EBuyer sold this to me specifically as an IPS monitor and in comparison to my iPad IPS display its nowhere near alike.
In fact when I look at the included packaging and manuals, there are NO mentions whatsoever of it being an IPS display!
I feel I have been cheated out of £200 here. Perhaps PC Pro should take another look, lest EBuyer, at least, get away with false claims/advertising, thereby violating consumer law.
I find trishahardwicks comments above particularly poignant in combination with my own experiences.
Please take another look!

By Heliosphan on 18 May 2011


Have you got the VP2365wb set to User Colour mode, with RGB set to 100? If not, do that and set the brightness to taste.

Also, don't use the sRGB mode; it dims the brightness far too low.

If that still doesn't fix the problems, email me at sasha(at)

By SashaMuller on 18 May 2011

Still no UK stock

I'm not sure that a product should qualify for the A List unless it's actually available! This item has been out of stock for so long, it is in effect unobtainable. I'm sure the intentions were honest, but I'd prefer to see a product I could actually buy in the A List.

By JonboyW1 on 30 May 2011

Viewsonic VP2365wb: Product Availability

I've checked with Viewsonic UK, and they're expecting a large shipment of the VP2365wb's in June.

If you really can't wait until then, take a look at Dell's U2311H. It uses an almost identical e-IPS panel, and delivers equally fine image quality.

See our review here:

Kind regards,

Sasha Muller
Laptops Editor
PC Pro

By SashaMuller on 31 May 2011

Out of Stock again

Any idea when further shipments will arrive in UK?

By nickdirect on 26 Aug 2011

Out of Stock again

Any idea when further shipments will arrive in UK?

By nickdirect on 26 Aug 2011

Still no stock?

Is there going to be an end to ViewSonic's supply problems with this particular model? I have searched several websites, however this particular monitor seems to be like hen's teeth.

It is a pity as I am currently searching for a new monitor and this ViewSonic ticks all the boxes.

By mystic_dan on 13 Nov 2011

A lot of dealers say this is now discontinued, including Dabs, I've been trying to source one for a few months with no luck, now reviewing the Dell and NEC similar panels. It's about time this was dropped from the A list, it is almost impossible to come by IMO.

By isofa on 23 Nov 2011

Availability issues

It looks like the VP2365wb has finally breathed its last.

I'll be looking at the LED-backlit replacement model in due course, along with Dell's update to its equally excellent UltraSharp U2311H.

For the meantime, I'll make sure to refresh the A-List with some suitable alternatives on Monday morning.

Apologies to all those who've searched in vain.

Kind regards,

By SashaMuller on 26 Nov 2011


Thank you, Sasha. That is good news.

I'm now looking for a new monitor following the demise of my much loved Dell 2407WFP.

I'm amazed how many pc review websites have a regularly updated "ultimate pc system" guides yet completely omit one of the most important elememts, the monitor.

Having a great processor, graphics card, sound card etc is meaningless if you're sat in front of a blurry mess of a monitor.

By storm311 on 27 Nov 2011

I've just purchased a Dell U2312HM and I'm very pleased with it, I've balanced it by eye (via custom colour mode) against a calibrated iMac at the moment, but will calibrate it properly when I get the chance. Backlight seems even, there is no edge bleed. The anti-glare surface is good, the colours aren't as rich as the iMac, but nothing other than professional displays can match the Apple. I've not installed the driver, as I've never been that impressed with Dell colour drivers. Maybe one to consider to replace the VP2365wb?

By isofa on 30 Nov 2011

Upcoming reviews


I'm looking to get hold of the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM, Viewsonic VP2365-LED and the Asus ML239H for a little round-up of the current 23in IPS panels.

And, iSofa, thanks for the report. I'm glad to hear that your U2312HM is looking good.

Incidentally, you may find that it's the iMac's glossy screen which is giving the apparent 'richness' to colours. It's the old Matte vs Glossy finish thing all over again!

Kind regards,

By SashaMuller on 30 Nov 2011

Hi Sasha, I think the anti-glare coating (unique to IPS panels?) is the factor which makes colours look muted in comparison with glossy screens. I don't find it distracting, especially as I'm using this screen near a window. I'm only currently using the U2312HM for office/development work, keeping the Apple displays for colour critical work.

By isofa on 1 Dec 2011

Noise fault with Dell UltraSharp U2312HM

Hi Sasha,

In your review of the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM please mention the known noise fault, acknowledged by Dell here and discussed by users here

I've just bought this monitor and in every other aspect it is very good. It is such a shame that when the monitor brightness is set below 99% there is an audible and annoying buzzing noise emitted from the panel.

I know you aren't Watchdog, but if PC Pro could mention it to Dell, maybe they will release a revised version?

Hopefully future buyers will now be aware of this issue.

By storm311 on 3 Dec 2011

Current A-List Monitor?

This review is from Dec 2010 according to the date here, but 2011 according to the date on the previous page. And the copy of the magazine that dropped through my door this very morning has the current budget A-List monitor as the Asus VS247H. When I search on 'VS247H', (not on the web ID, as the mag A-List shows 'N/A'), I get no results...what's going on?

By hedgehogspen on 3 Dec 2011

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