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Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 review


A refined, well-built all-rounder that packs in a better feature set and higher performance than its affordable price suggests

Review Date: 8 Aug 2011

Reviewed By: Sasha Muller

Price when reviewed: £542 (£650 inc VAT)

Overall Rating
5 stars out of 6

Features & Design
4 stars out of 6

Value for Money
6 stars out of 6

4 stars out of 6

PCPRO Recommended

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z570 hides its budget heritage well. Instead of the usual glossy plastics, Lenovo has employed brushed aluminium across the lid and wristrest to create a laptop that feels more luxurious than its £650 inc VAT price suggests.

The base is stout, and the lid does a great job of protecting the display. We had to prod firmly and deliberately on it before there was any sign of show-through on the panel itself. We’ve no doubt it will last on a commute.

Nor does that sturdy build come at the expense of hardware. Intel’s 2.3GHz Core i5-2410M processor and 6GB of RAM keep the system feeling spritely, and Lenovo has managed to shoehorn a Blu-ray reader and dedicated Nvidia graphics into the budget. Whether it’s playing an HD movie or firing through the latest game, the Lenovo punches well above its weight - as testified by an overall benchmark score of 0.66.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z570

Interestingly, though, Lenovo hasn’t opted for Nvidia’s Optimus technology, choosing instead to utilise a physical switch on the laptop's front edge. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: where Optimus automatically switches between the Intel and Nvidia chipsets as it sees fit, the Z570 has you swapping chipsets at the flick of a switch, which you could argue gives you more control. Sticking with Intel’s integrated HD Graphics 3000, the Z570 lasted a healthy 5hrs 27mins in our light-use battery test.

The Lenovo also boasts a range of sensible, user-friendly features. The hardware wireless switch is a welcome addition, as is the row of touch-sensitive buttons along the keyboard’s top edge; a tiny shortcut key that sits alongside the backlit power button launches CyberLink’s backup and recovery suite.

It all makes for a laptop that’s a pleasure to use. A swift dab of a finger adjusts the volume, mutes the speakers or cycles through the Lenovo’s display modes and fan-speed settings. These features are useful: toggling the display’s movie mode slightly darkens the image - which we actually preferred to the default setting - and the fan control makes it possible to drop the speed right down in silent mode, or crank it up to full for gaming.

We could churlishly moan that squeezing in a numeric keypad leaves the Enter and right-Shift keys on the narrow side, but the keyboard’s scooped keys have such a crisp, precise feel that it’s a minor compromise. The touchpad, too, is superb: its wide, smooth surface delivers accurate cursor control.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z570

In fact, there’s only one thing that the Lenovo lacks, and it’s USB 3. One of the four USB 2 ports doubles as an eSATA connection, and the handy card reader and 2-megapixel webcam come as some recompense, but those hankering after the latest external drives will have to look elsewhere.

That minor omission aside, Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z570 is tough to criticise for the money. Even now we don’t think USB 3 has penetrated the market enough to make it a must-have, and when you consider that you’re getting a superb all-rounder with Blu-ray and switchable graphics for only £650, it’s hard to be anything other than impressed.

(Please note that, while our review model had the part code of M555BUK, Lenovo has changed the part code of the newer batch to M555GUK. The only difference is the colour: the new model is finished in a darker gun-metal grey, rather than silver.)

Author: Sasha Muller

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User comments

very nice machine for the money. just a shame about the USB3 and lack of an express card slot to do anything about it but for the price it is expected. however, USB2 and eSATA devices are fast enough for my needs.
I'm assuming it has the usual glossy finish rather than matt screen. also what are the viewing angles like? do you have to find the narrow sweet spot?

By mr_chips on 9 Aug 2011

Not sure if I'm misunderstanding...

...the the article, but you say 6GB of RAM supplied, but the specs say 4GB capacity.

By JGray on 9 Aug 2011

RAM and viewing angles

Hi both,

It is indeed a glossy screen, and viewing angles are fairly average. Vertical viewing angles are quite narrow, and horizontal viewing angles are ok. It's clearly a budget TN panel at this price, though, so nothing to write home about.

As for the second question, it does come with 6GB RAM. There was a simple mistake in our Database entry which has now been amended.

Kind regards,
Sasha Muller

By SashaMuller on 9 Aug 2011

Yet another laptop crippled by the screen

How can a 15" laptop with a screen fit for a phone or netbook make the A-List?

To get such an accolade a laptop should be suitable for such tasks as word processing, spreadsheet use, playing HD video etc. Dell only charge an extra £40 for the upgrade so cost is not an issue.

By tirons1 on 9 Aug 2011

Thanks for the reply Sasha, much appreciated.

By mr_chips on 9 Aug 2011

Found this for £488!!

Very good value, especially if the screen was not bad enough to mention! An average screen with that spec for under £500 incl Blueray - delivery is tomorrow!

By Geddy3001 on 10 Aug 2011


@Geddy3001 . Great find on finding it for £488! Thats amazing, could you please post a link to the website where it was at this price? I will definitely buy this laptop at that price. Excellent value. Many thanks.

By jrp773 on 10 Aug 2011

which one

Evening Sasha & Guys, would this z570 be better than the Acer’s Aspire TimelineX 5820T i5 version.


By encona on 12 Aug 2011

pc world BUT....

shows 4gb ram, 500gb HDD (not end of world loosing 140gb) & shocking blue

By encona on 12 Aug 2011

£499 of Amazon

By encona on 13 Aug 2011

unless you search with M555GUK you aren't going to get the same notebook. there are cheaper versions of the Z570 as linked to above but the exact model is still about £648 including VAT

By mr_chips on 16 Aug 2011

question to Sasha

Evening Sasha & Guys, would this z570 be better than the Acer’s Aspire TimelineX 5820T i5 version.


By encona on 18 Aug 2011


Hi there does anyone know where you can get z570 with the nvidia GeForce GT 520M graphics card for a decent price? Ive found PC world are currently doing a deal on it for £479.99 but that is only with the Intel HD3000. I really want to be able to play games without spending a fortune on alienware or the like to make sure it doesn't stutter!

By Szuszy on 29 Aug 2011

Very bad Lenovo UK support website

I bought a Z570 on the strength of this review and sure it's a very nice laptop. Unfortunately, I forgot to check out Lenovo's support properly in the UK before purchase. Frankly, the UK part of Lenovo is a shambles. It was an omen that things were bad even when trying to register the warranty. After navigating from the US to UK website I was required to select my country from a drop down list. UK is not on the list so I couldn't register. Also they are asking for zip and state input which is always a bad sign when a US firm tries to go global. The website is also littered with broken links and very frustrating to navigate. On the plus side technical telephone support is a free o8o8 code. I am now in the process of trying to register via the agent but this may take several weeks I'm told. He was not surprised when I told him about the website problems. I gather people are working to resolve matters but frankly I would not have bought this laptop had I realised how disorganised Lenovo are in the UK.

By wizwot on 31 Aug 2011


If you find one can you drop a link here for us here please mate.

brought the i3 version for my mom (G570) shes very happy with it, looks a great bit of kit for the price.


By encona on 9 Sep 2011

Awful laptop

Lenovo's Ideapad Z57 hasn't been fully tested it, the BIOS and wireless are broken when installed with a clean installation of Windows 7 and the problems don't seem to be any closer to getting fixed.

Anyone considering buying a Lenovo product should look at this forum post
series/many-Z570-problems/td-p/481043/page/9 it shows slow and badly Lenovo are treating it's customers.

Plus Lenovo engineers couldn't advise me how to get a refund.

PCPro please use this information, write an article highlighting where Lenovo have failed.

By davidclawson on 9 Sep 2011

Awful laptop - seconded

I really like the build quality of this machine, but I have to agree with davidclawson. If you install a clean copy of Windows 7 on this machine, you will find that the wifi adapter doesn't work unless you change the boot order in the bios. Worse - the boot order has to be reset everytime you restart!

Lenovo are aware of this but there is no fix yet. I'm currently in the process of getting a refund on mine.

By gse_j on 13 Sep 2011

Lenovo Ideapad Z570

Lenovo Ideapad Z570 is available in mild range and is good for the gamers. It is powered by Core i3 2.13Ghz processor and 3 GB RAM. Along with this it also comprises of laptop that is Nvidia Geforce GT 520 1GB that is dedicated with GPU that is also for better graphics and gaming.

By carolinebrown on 7 Oct 2011

Concerned about support

@Wizwot your post, and the previous experience of a co-worker here in the US (also a Brit) concern me.

I'd really like to buy this laptop, but I'm worried about support.

Lenovo is actually a Chinese company, of course. They were making the laptops for IBM before they split.

By sac32829 on 8 Nov 2011

UK site & support

There is a uk site now and its been around since 2003 and it works fine.

Lenovo bought IBM's PC unit (in '04) which IBM still holds a 18.9% stake so no split up.

By heungbo on 23 Nov 2011

Lenovo UK support is still rubbish!!

Further to my previous post regarding Lenovo UK support. Three months on from buying this laptop and a string of emails to their so called help forums I still found myself going around in circles trying to deal with Lenovo reps. They are a rubbish company compared with other computer venders I have had dealings with and far from working fine as "heungbo" states its customer support is frankly a shambles.

By wizwot on 1 Dec 2011

very good

Good of a notebook , there is the battery

By pcpone on 22 May 2012

very good

Good of a notebook , there is the battery

By pcpone on 22 May 2012

No problems with mine

Been using mine for a few years now with no problems at all. Copes with everything as long as you run routine maintenance. Very good PC

By seanhiggins on 3 Sep 2012

Lenovo z570

Helloo, When I bought this laptop they told me that it has eye scanner for security!
how can I activate it?
How can I use this feature?
I would be grateful if anybody can help,

By MANDANA on 18 Feb 2013

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