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Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 review


Ludicrous power draw wipes out the small advantage gained in gaming tests, and the price needs to drop

Review Date: 26 Mar 2010

Reviewed By: David Bayon

Price when reviewed: £255 (£299 inc VAT)

Overall Rating
4 stars out of 6

Features & Design
4 stars out of 6

Value for Money
3 stars out of 6

6 stars out of 6

Part Code GeForce GTX 470
Review Date 26 Mar 2010
Price ex VAT £255
Price inc VAT £299
Performance 6 stars out of 6
Features & Design 4 stars out of 6
Value for Money 3 stars out of 6
Overall rating 4 stars out of 6
Core Specifications
Graphics card interface PCI Express
Cooling type Active
Graphics chipset Nvidia GeForce GTX 470
Core GPU frequency 607MHz
RAM capacity 1,280MB
Memory type GDDR5
Standards and compatibility
DirectX version support 11.0
DVI-I outputs 2
HDMI outputs 1
Graphics card power connectors 2 x 6-pin
3D performance (crysis) high settings 61fps
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User comments

On the Back Foot

I was hoping that the Fermi cards would make a better fist of competing on Price per /watt /processing power than this with ATI.Not that i'm a fanboy as such.It's just that i would like some pressure put on ATI to bring it's 57xx /58xx prices down a bit.No chance of that now looking at these cards.If anything they may raise them !!!

By Jaberwocky on 27 Mar 2010

I think this is good. They've had a good run of domination and now ATI has had a good 6 - 12 months up the top. A dud from Nvidia at this point may now make them go away and create something special.

By TimoGunt on 28 Mar 2010

Slack reporting!

I quote...

" In Crysis at 1,920 x 1,200 and Very High settings, the GTX 470 averaged 33fps to the HD 5850's 32fps; higher settings saw similar margins. World in Conflict had the Nvidia card consistently ahead by just under 20%, and in Stalker: Call of Pripyat that margin was around 5%"

Since when did a 1 fps, of 33 advantage over 32, equate to a 20% (twenty percent) advantage as a whole, in MOST scenarios?

In your World in Conflict graph the 470 has an approx. 8fps advantage. That equals 13.5% but bears no relation to the Crysis figure. In Stalker it appears to be 55 v 60 or 8%. Neither are 20% or even support a blanket 10% claim of faster 'cos none of your figures even peak at plus 10%, if a one frame advantage in Crysis equals +/- 3%!

***kin' poor.

As is plastered all over the net, Nvidia's latest creatures run hot, suck up electricity like it was the 1950's, do a vasty good impression of a jet engine, cost the Earth (and yes that is also a reference to their TDP) and offer only a 5-10% performance improvement, at SOME but NOT ALL resolutions, to their Ati equivalents.

Your summarization is way too lite, in accurate and undeserving of a publication of such a previously held, high reputation!

Again, ***kin' poor!

By fingerbob69 on 31 Mar 2010


I appreciate your point, but the graphs on this review are simply a single comparison sample from each game, not our entire set of results.

We actually ran each game test at between five and seven different resolutions, and the most useful figures - i.e. not including the triple-figure scores at low resolutions - averaged out to the figures stated in the review. Some of our tests had Nvidia ahead by up to 20%, others had no lead at all.

With regards to your final points, I'm not sure what you're getting at. We agreed with most of the net in saying 5-10% on the whole.

By DavidBayon on 31 Mar 2010

its all about info

give us more info and allow us the buyers to make our informed minds up . what about adding aa 4x does this impact on the performace of these cards the gtx 470 is faster in most games with aa on than the 5870 and if your paying 300 quid or more you should be applying aa at every resolution

By j7dunwiddie on 3 Jul 2010

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