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Microsoft Web Platform: the easy way to install WordPress

Posted on 10 Aug 2010 at 11:11

David Moss finds a way to install WordPress in six simple steps... and it's from Microsoft

Every so often I perform a giant installation session and then write about how difficult or easy it was to do, pointing out all the various pitfalls I encountered.

I’m presently doing a degree with the Open University (OU), and the current module requires us to get stuck into WordPress. The university actually provides an installation for us to use, as we have work to do there, and you can create your own test sites too, but I wanted to do a little bit more and that meant installing my own copy on my server.

So, eyes down for the latest installation saga as I tread where others fear to, and single-handedly tame the monsters that lurk in every installation routine:

1. Go to the Microsoft Web Platform site and click on the Get Web Apps button in the menu bar.

2. Click on the Install button next to WordPress (at the time of writing, it’s in the top five most popular web apps, but it’s easy enough to find by searching under the Blogs category if it’s gone from there when you visit).

3. Download and install the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (it does it for you – just select Run when asked what to do with the download).

4. Check the list of dependent software that will be installed on your behalf by the aforementioned Web Platform Installer, and click on “I Accept”. The full list is:

  • Web Deployment 1.1
  • URL Rewrite 2 (a dead handy tool, and if you don’t need WordPress, get it as a standalone)
  • MySQL Connector/Net 5.2
  • Windows Cache Extension for PHP 5.2
  • PHP 5.2.13
  • Update for IIS 7 FastCGI

5. Watch the Web Platform Installer download and install the components. You need to do this because you have to interact with the installer to restart after installing the FastCGI.

6. Use the newly installed software.

This web installation malarkey makes you far more productive in a shorter time, and reduces the stress of installation too. What on earth could Microsoft have been thinking of? It’s really rather disconcerting to do an install and have nothing to be stressed about.

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User comments


Get a Linux hosting package and it'll usually come with a one(ish) click WordPress install- usually via Fantastico.

Personally, I always install manually as I like to tweak the settings but the more accessible web app installation is the better!

good luck with the OU degree: I did mine (quite) a few years ago when the programming module taught Pascal but overall, the best thing I ever did educationally.

By KevPartner on 10 Aug 2010

I haven't seen this before, and if you want to run a WordPress installation locally on a Windows server it looks an interesting choice. Currently I use WAMP on my Vista PC and creating various WP installs are easy, too — but you do have to go through a learning curve.

Yes, Fantastico is ubiquitous on Linux hosting solutions, but installing it manually only takes 5 mins including creating a MySQL database.

I think I'll run this MS Web Platform solution on a virtual machine to see how it compares. Thanks for the heads-up.

By Bureaunet on 10 Aug 2010

Mid Life Crisis?

Is doing an OU degree in something IT related a way of enhancing (regaining) credibility in an industry full of child-like nerds?
Anyway -thans for the link and head-up, I support an organisation that is irredeemably Microsoft based that wants to run Wordpress -so I can look like a hero for 10 mins!

By milliganp on 10 Aug 2010

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David Moss

David Moss

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