Online backup

  • IASO Online Backup - Backup manager

    IASO Online Backup

    Dave Mitchell
    5 Dec 2014

    A cheaper solution with tons of data-protection features, but its backup performance is less impressive

  • KeepItSafe Online Backup - supports Exchange item-level restores

    KeepItSafe Online Backup review

    Dave Mitchell
    1 Dec 2014

    KeepItSafe's online backup solution offers the best platform and app support around, plus storage costs are low

  • MozyPro review - admin console

    MozyPro review

    Dave Mitchell
    28 Nov 2014

    An affordable desktop and server cloud backup that sets the standard for deployment and management

  • Cloud document file transfer

    Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Google Drive: what's the best cloud storage service of 2014?

    Jane McCallion
    28 Jul 2014

    We strip down three of the most popular consumer cloud storage services, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to answer the question "what's the best cloud storage service of 2014?"

  • Backup your life

    Backup your life: how to keep your data safe

    Darien Graham-Smith Nicole Kobie Sasha Muller
    12 Dec 2013

    We reveal the best ways to keep your data safe, no matter where you store it

  • SkyDrive

    Microsoft adds 200GB SkyDrive option

    Shona Ghosh
    24 Sep 2013

    An additional 200GB of SkyDrive storage will cost £64 a year

  • Piracy

    Movie studios want Kim Dotcom’s Mega off Google

    Shona Ghosh
    30 May 2013

    Warner and NBC appeal to Google to remove Mega from search results on grounds of copyright infringement

  • Securstore Cloud Backup

    Securstore Cloud Backup review

    Dave Mitchell
    20 Feb 2013

    A top choice for SMBs requiring off-site backup for critical systems; it’s packed with features

  • Backup Genie

    Backup Genie review

    6 Jul 2012

    A sound product at a good price, undermined by a handful of missing features

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox review

    Stuart Andrews
    30 Mar 2012

    One of the original synchronisation services, it's still the most effective and easy to use

  • Mozy

    Mozy review

    Stuart Andrews
    14 Mar 2012

    The most powerful backup service, and its new interface is also one of the easiest to use

  • Livedrive

    Livedrive review

    Stuart Andrews
    14 Mar 2012

    Easy to use and packed with features, Livedrive is the best all-in cloud storage service

  • Redstor Backup for Schools

    Redstor Backup for Schools review

    Jamie Stephens
    18 Feb 2012

    A speedy, simple way of backing up your data, particularly good for staff who are less confident with IT

  • Trend Micro SafeSync

    Trend Micro SafeSync review

    Jamie Stephens
    18 Feb 2012

    An easy-to-use, multi-user sync and storage service that could see a lot of use in schools

  • Fasthosts Online Backup

    Fasthosts Online Backup review

    Jamie Stephens
    18 Feb 2012

    A superb backup service, with all the features you’d expect – but it’s slightly pricey

  • Memset Memstore Fixed 50

    Memset Memstore Fixed 50 review

    Jamie Stephens
    18 Feb 2012

    Quick and cheap storage with minimal commitment, but not the easiest to use

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox review

    Jamie Stephens
    18 Feb 2012

    A free, simple storage option – particularly useful if you need to synchronise files between computers and users

  • Windows Live SkyDrive

    Windows Live SkyDrive review

    Jamie Stephens
    18 Feb 2012

    25GB of free storage, with an easy-to-use interface, but it’s let down by a lack of built-in syncing

  • Dropbox

    My Dropbox wishlist

    Jon Honeyball
    16 Mar 2011

    Jon Honeyball pinpoints the features he'd like to see in his favourite cloud service

  • SecurStore Online Backup

    SecurStore Online Backup review

    Dave Mitchell
    14 Feb 2011

    Offers an easily deployed hosted backup solution with excellent client support and a pricing structure based only on compressed storage