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Apple quietly pulls support for OS X Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

By Shona Ghosh

Posted on 28 Feb 2014 at 09:20

Apple appears to have pulled the plug on support for OS X Snow Leopard, leaving a fifth of Macs vulnerable to attack.

Apple hasn't released a security update for the OS since September, suggesting the company may have finally ended support, as noted by ComputerWorld.

Snow Leopard was missing from the latest round of OS X security updates this month, which included fixes for Mavericks as well as older versions Lion and Mountain Lion.

It was also left out of a December round of updates that only patched versions of Safari compatible with newer releases of OS X.

Snow Leopard was released more than four years ago and remains a popular OS with Mac users, installed on 19% of Macs, according to NetMarketShare stats cited by ComputerWorld.

Mavericks is the most popular version of OS X, installed on 42% of Macs. It's also the last version of OS X capable of running applications for PowerPC, the CPU Apple ditched for Intel in 2006.

Apple hasn't responded to a request for comment and, unlike Microsoft, doesn't issue guidance on when it might end support.

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User comments

and, unlike Microsoft, doesn't issue guidance on when it might end support

Guidance? Surely something as "insanely great" as Snow Leopard "just works".

Except when it doesn't any more.

By Alfresco on 28 Feb 2014

Niaive Question?

Is this another slant on built in obsolesance? - leaving "a fifth of Macs vulnerable". That's quite a sizeable user base.

By jontym123 on 28 Feb 2014


Yes, but its much for fun to give MS grief for ending support for and unlimited number of configurations after 13 years rather than Apple for a handful after 4 years.

By PhilGQ on 28 Feb 2014

From what I read this is still a rumour, the recent vulnerabilities apparently weren't present in Snow Leopard. With no word from Apple, I think the wise option is to move on, nothing to see here.

By c6ten on 28 Feb 2014


So MS's software lasts 13 years but Apples can only last 4.
I know which one I'd choose.

By curiousclive on 28 Feb 2014

By c6ten on 28 Feb 2014

You're missing something here!

Every Snow Leopard user can upgrade to the latest Mavericks for FREE.

So Apple are continuing to support users who have that OS by giving them a free upgrade to the very latest version of the OS.

By Christianoliff on 28 Feb 2014

I thought Leopard 10.5 was the last version of OS X to support PowerPC.

Anything else barring 32-bit Intel Macs which were dropped when Lion came out should be able to run Mavericks, as Christianoliff says.

By John_Greythorne on 28 Feb 2014


You're right re PowerPC and hardware - story updated.

Shona Ghosh
Staff writer

By shonaghosh on 28 Feb 2014


No, anybody whose Mac can run Mountain Lion can upgrade to Mavericks for free.

All pre-2008 Macs and a few later ones are stuck with either Snow Leopard or Lion, Mavericks might be free, but it isn't a lot of use if Apple have abandoned your hardware.

My only options to keep my iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro secure are to install Linux or Windows on them, has stopped supporting them.

By big_D on 28 Feb 2014


Not just 32-bit Macs, Apple crippled a lot of 64-bit Macs by only giving them a 32-bit EFI to go with their 64-bit processor...

By big_D on 28 Feb 2014


This article is not about snow leaopard... not mountain lion!!

I have some apps that don't work well in mountain lion and certainly not supported in mavericks. This os was released less that 5 years ago. A very small time in the professional world.

Apple again proving they are company based on consumer greed and not more pro market. Not even the new mac pros will convince me otherwise of their overall strategy.

By mcmpro1 on 3 Mar 2014

Still on sale at the Apple Store


By c6ten on 5 Mar 2014

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