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Microsoft doubles Windows Phone 8 lifecycle

Windows Phone 8

By Shona Ghosh

Posted on 11 Jul 2013 at 15:24

Microsoft has extended support for Windows Phone 8, doubling its lifespan from 18 months to three years.

That means Windows Phone 8 users will continue to receive software updates to their devices until January 2016 - provided they've downloaded all previous updates and their carrier supports them.

Microsoft updated its support site to move the original expiration date from 8 July 2014 to 12 January 2016. The original date had led to some fears that Microsoft would again yank support from users of its mobile OS, as it had with Windows Phone 7.

Had the company stuck to the July expiration date, support for Windows Phone 8 would have ended before Windows 7.8.

Microsoft is also trying to boost the system's appeal to enterprise users.

The firm will included an "enterprise feature pack" as an update in the first half of next year, in what it said marked its "commitment" to the OS.

The pack will include support for signing in and encrypting emails with S/MIME, the ability for apps to automatically trigger VPN, support for Wi-Fi with EAP-TLS authentication, better control over app installation and certificate management.

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User comments

why is this still being misreported?

The CRUCIAL difference between WP8's life cycle and that of 7x is rarely included.
wP8 is built on a new and different kernel to 7.
WP7 hardware will not run WP8. There was no upgrade path for WP7x users. Hence MS do their best and extended the support life cycle.
WP8 hardware however, will (we are promised) be upgradeable to version 9 and beyond.
The support for WP8 may end but the Hardware on which it runs should, by then, be on the next OS version.

Failure to include this, in this story, can only be seen as either sloppy journalism or scare mongering

By nickallison on 11 Jul 2013

I died of boredom at paragraph 3

Less than 1% of the worlds population have a windows 8 phone, few of them are corporates, so who cares?!

By milliganp on 11 Jul 2013


it's because the percentages are so low that they are taking these measures.

By martindaler on 11 Jul 2013


Less than 50% of the worlds population have access to a PC, so lets all pack up and go home, eh?

who cares? Not you obviously but the closing in on 5% (and rising) of smartphone users that use WP maybe do.

By nickallison on 12 Jul 2013

It's hardly scaremongering...

...when MS has twice shat over its existing mobile customer base, leaving them high and dry, with no upgrade path. (Windows 7.8 hardly counts.) And that's twice within the space of two years or so.

Fool me once, shame on you...

By BrownieBoy6 on 13 Jul 2013


Given that WP8 seems to be the only version of the OS that is even vaguely successful; and that if you stick it on a tablet, you'll have something better than Surface at a fraction of the cost; I can see why Microsoft might think it was going to be worth their while supporting this one for a tad longer.

By pike_by_nature on 31 Jul 2013

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