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Raspberry Pi delayed by "manufacturing hiccup"

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By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 8 Mar 2012 at 13:16

The creators of the Raspberry Pi have admitted a manufacturing flaw has delayed shipments of the sold-out, pocket-money computer.

Raspberry Pi is a small, low-cost computer designed to inspire children to take up programming. The first run of 11,000 devices sold out soon after going on sale.

The group behind the low-cost computer said it has known about the flaw in the first batch of devices for four days, but wanted to fully understand the problem before going public.

"It's inevitable, isn't it - you're freewheeling along perfectly happily and then you get a puncture," wrote spokeswoman Liz Upton in a blog post.

The delay is the result of the factory using non-magnetic jacks instead of parts with integrated magnetics. "No magnets means no network connection," she said. The two pieces look so alike they need to be dismantled or have an x-ray taken to tell them apart.


The problem is minor, and the factory has almost finished replacing the jacks. "This means that the first tranche of boards should still go out to customers as we were expecting," she said. However, subsequent shipments may be slightly delayed as the team now has to source more magnetic jacks.

"We are very, very sorry," Upton added. "We'll keep you updated with how manfacture is moving; this is, in the scheme of things, a minor problem, but it's still a bump in the road and we know that we rely on your goodwill to keep things moving forward."

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User comments

Oh dear

I'm still waiting for word from RS as to my place in the queue - managed to sign up at 06:26 after half an hour of "I knew this would happen" server errors, but not expecting to be in first batch.
Not the smoothest of product releases - original launch date was Nov '11.

By dubiou on 8 Mar 2012

Now I think about it...

I'm still waiting for the email, promised when I signed up to the mailing list, that will tell me when the Pi is going on sale. Heh.

By dubiou on 8 Mar 2012

How very 'British'

Brilliant idea, wonderful design, great engineering, but the rest is just so 'British Leyland'
David (I was on the email list since the early days, the only email I ever got was apologising for not emailing me when it was launched)

By dvholmes on 8 Mar 2012

Alternative hardware

Has anyone else spotted the cStick Cotton Candy ICS/Ubuntu unit? Due out soon for $200. Could demote my RasPi to HTPC assuming I find a hybrid HDTV stick (or card - if one can be connected).

By dubiou on 8 Mar 2012

Mark E. Smith said once...

"Made with the highest British attention... to the wrong detail." The Fall "The Classical"

By jammiedodger on 8 Mar 2012

On order but...

... I agree with @dubiou. I too signed up for the newsletter as they promised to let us know when it went on sale. Imagine my annoyance on the morning to find no email and stocks sold out everywhere. Very, very disappointed at this.

None-the-less I have a (current) due date of mid-April and will look forward to it!


By artiss on 8 Mar 2012


I don't think many people would consider a device 8 times the price to be an "alternative".

By cbamber85 on 8 Mar 2012

If the mixup has taken place in the manufacturing facility by is this another a british problem? As far as I am aware the hardware is being produced in China.

By Shuflie on 8 Mar 2012

by = why. Can we have an edit or delete at some stage?

By Shuflie on 8 Mar 2012

ZX81 to Raspberry!

I'm building my own Alzheimer's research Linux cluster after playing with ZX81s 30 years ago! The raspberry is an important devices for future generations of computer geeks! Go RASPBERRY!

By ashane on 9 Mar 2012

Apple vs. The RPi foundation?

I'm wondering quite why Apple can deliver me my new iPad 3 for next friday, whilst I have to wait till the end of April for my Raspberry Pi (my pre-order estimated delivery). Then this happens!
I love the whole idea of the RPi and everything, but their execution sucks, Farnell and RS have NEVER needed to meet huge product demands so they're distinctly inexperienced.
I mean RS have only just sent me an email confirming my registered interest! At least Farnell took my preorder!
A fail, not only on order fulfilment, but in anticipating demand in the first place.

By Heliosphan on 9 Mar 2012

Am I missing something?

Why is the Raspberry Pi going to "inspire children to take up programming?". Most of the kids that will have access to this device will probably have access to some form of PC. If they aren't programming on the PC they aren't going to be bothered to program this (in the same way that people didn't ultimately end up writing loads of programs back in the 8 bit days - i'm guilty because I spent many an hour typing in programs on an Acorn Electron but I didn't take it any further forward).

By russell_g on 13 Mar 2012

I hope so

I really hope you are missing something and that is the wealth of simple, get you started programming advice that will flood schools, specialist magazines ( PC Pro take note) and of course the Internet.
These will encourage experimenting and playing until it breaks which is most definitely not recommended on your parents 'production' environment.
Without this support the Pi will only ever be a niche product appealing to a small number of techies.
Having said that, mine is on order for delivery early May. I'm planning HTPC and server duties for it.

By Hamster on 14 Mar 2012


Anyone know why you need a magnet in an RJ45 to make it work?

By Hamster on 14 Mar 2012

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