Microsoft rebuffs PC Pro call for new Money

22 Apr 2008

Scores of readers join PC Pro's campaign for a new version of Money, but Microsoft isn't listening

Microsoft has rejected PC Pro's calls for an updated version of Money in the UK, despite huge reader backing for our campaign.

Microsoft has failed to release an update for the UK version of Money since 2005, despite the US receiving a new version only last year.

And the company has now restated its assertion that the four-year old software is perfectly suitable for customers' needs, even though all technical support for the product is set to end on 30 June.

In issue 164, PC Pro editor Tim Danton wrote an open letter to the software giant asking Microsoft to rectify this situation, and calling for readers who want to see a new version of the program to email in.

Read our open letter to Microsoft here.

The call clearly struck a nerve with our readers, who have deluged our inboxes with more than 300 messages of support.

"I can't help thinking that since Quicken was withdrawn from the UK then Microsoft has taken the easy option of putting their resources elsewhere and treated Money as a cash cow," says PC Pro reader Steve Male.

"They should be aware that breaking that long term bond of trust has repercussions and they may be more than Microsoft thinks. Credibility and good faith are everything in customer service so Microsoft can't just pick and choose."

"I emailed Microsoft directly about this a couple of months ago, only to be told there were 'no current plans to produce further versions of Money in Europe'," says Aidan Gill.

"It seems bizarre - there's clearly a solid amount of demand and I really liked the interface and useability of Money 2005. But there's no point in me buying it for my new PC with no support and no online features. I find it particularly strange since I have seen the new US products such as Money Plus, which look like a real step forward. Is it really so hard to localise to other markets?"

Despite this, Microsoft seems determined not to bow to public pressure, telling PC Pro this morning: "At this time Microsoft does not plan to release an updated version of Microsoft Money in the UK. That said, we value our customer feedback and will take PC Pro's request into consideration. We are pleased to hear that Microsoft Money is such a valued resource in the UK."


We are going to continue to push Microsoft for a new version. If you'd like to join our campaign just send us an email here, with the subject line "I want Money" and - optionally - why you want it.

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