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Microsoft to announce Windows 9 on 30 September

Windows 8.2 Start Menu

By Jane McCallion

Posted on 22 Aug 2014 at 12:01

Microsoft is tipped to unveil its latest desktop OS, Windows 9 "Threshold", on 30 September.

The Verge claims a press event showing off the new OS is tentatively set for 30 September although it warns "this date may change".

Microsoft has released two tiny teasers for Windows 9, codenamed "Threshold". The first showed a reimagined Start Menu combining the familiar design of the menu that had been in place from Windows 95 to Windows 7 with the "Modern UI" layout from Windows 8. The second showed Windows Modern apps running in a window on the desktop, rather than full screen.

Other than that, the company has kept schtum on any official news, but that hasn't stopped a steady trickle of leaks coming out.

On 11 August, Microsoft-watcher Mary Jo Foley reported Threshold will feature virtual desktops. The same day, Neowin reported Cortana, Microsoft's virtual PA, will be integrated into the Windows 9 Desktop.

The 30 September release date claimed by The Verge fits in with earlier rumours of a late September or early October launch.

However, this autumn's release will only be a preview, with the full version expected in spring 2015.

Read our Windows 9 rumour roundup here for more details of what we can expect from the updated OS.

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User comments

Only just started pondering going to W8.1

WIll be interesting to see whether it'll mean I'll have to get used to a third different design or whether it'll be seamless.
30 september is also the date I'm supposed to get FTTC!

By PC746 on 22 Aug 2014


Not bothered about the start menu. But why those stupid looking Fisher Price tiles. What on earth was wrong with the desktop icons?

By jontym123 on 22 Aug 2014

I just hope they do a dirt cheap upgrade program like with W8 as I'll have several systems that I might want to upgrade if it's any good.


Unless you need W8.1 or you're really tempted by other features, I'd just wait now if Spring 2015 is the release date.

W8.1 has given me compatibility issues with some software e.g. PowerDVD 10/11 and should also be treated like any other OS upgrade (i.e. clean install preferred although you'll have to use a generic key to install).

Honestly were it not for the one/two reasons I upgraded I would have stuck with w8.

By tech3475 on 22 Aug 2014

Yosemite is free and

coming soon. Why bother with this?

I know there are lots of reasons for using Windows. I just don't understand how any of them compensate for the eternal drama of updating or even maintaining the OS.

By kaneclem on 23 Aug 2014

Very bored now

Windows a complete debacle. Win 8.1 too little, too late and both were ignored by all my corporate clients, who (wisely) stayed with Win 7, and may (if 9 is any good), consider rolling out then. All our support machines? Either old boxes (with proper serial ports and maxed with RAM), running Win 7, or Macbook Pro's on OS X with large HDD's and 16GB RAM. They all make Windows 8.x look pretty silly really. Very bored playing Microsoft's OS games.

By PaulDGodden on 28 Aug 2014

Who cares

Just another big yawn all round I think. Nothing wrong with Win 7 home or Pro. All my software works no "upgrade" needed.

By tyronet2000 on 28 Aug 2014

Sick of MS

Been a fan on Windows since v3.1, but if Win 9 contains any elements at all from 8.x then they can keep it (I have 8.1 on a Surface RT - it sucks and I do NOT want a touch-screen monitor at all). I'll stick with Win 7.x until either it or I expire.

By rongraves on 28 Aug 2014

W8 A good reason to go to mac

I have recently tried to help a less experienced friend in on his new W8 Laptop. I have used every Windows OS Since 3.1 and Macs. I was totally confused and frustrated being unable to perform even some basic funtions.
Windows 8 is by far the worst interface I have ever experenced and a good reason to go to Macs with a Consistant UI and free upgrades.
I liked Windows 7; so do not understand why Microsoft ruined the Experience for laptop users,
I do hope that W9 is going to be at no cost to the users who had no choice on this PC system.

By daveperkes1 on 28 Aug 2014

So long as it's not build on Windows 8

When they built 7 the rumour was that they threw Vista away and built on XP. It worked.

The only way 9 stands a chance is if they threw 8 / 8,1 away and built on 7.

By alexbowden2 on 28 Aug 2014

Threshold to what?

That code name does rather beg the question!

And @kaneclem: You are clearly a good little Apple customer who buys an over-priced new machine every two years or so. Here is MY experience: I buy a perfectly functional MacBook Pro second hand. To get the OS up to date involves (a) a visit to an Apple Store to get a DVD for one intermediate version; (b) obtaining another intermediate version DVD by post; (c) downloading the latest version from the Apple Store. When the version after that came out it would not install at all on the grounds that my five-year-old hardware was "too old". Since then this perfectly functional hardware has become progressively more useless as more and more software will not run on the outdated OS!

At least I can be reasonably confident that Windows 9 will install in one hit on any machine from XP onwards!

By JohnAHind on 28 Aug 2014


I agree with you precisely - I would be very happy to pay a cheap upgrade price and move up to the latest version of the operating system.

At the current RRP prices, there is NO way I would upgrade as the cost would be prohibitive.

I currently have a Mac mini, MacBook and HP Notebook all running various combinations of OS/X Mavericks & Lion as well as Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 (under Parallels as well as BootCamp).

I simply couldn't afford to upgrade all of them at the cost that Microsoft is stipulating, so I simply won't bother.

I don't know who is in charge of pricing and licensing at Microsoft but having worked with their products for the past 24 years, frankly they've not been very clever about it.

I made the switch to Mac about 2 years ago and despite the fact the hardware is expensive (yes, ouch!), but have had 2 operating system upgrades for free, which are completely legal and licensed to me.

Why didn't they keep the cheap upgrade option open for existing users (particularly as Windows 8.1 is now finally useable and works well!)? I'm always happy to pay for software and have a legal license, but also I totally resent being ripped off!

By mrmmm on 28 Aug 2014


Not sure that argument stands up anymore... First of all, define "perfectly functional"? How old is your MacBook Pro?

I was fortunate enough to be given a MacBook a little earlier this year (early 2008, so it's 6 years old) earlier this year for completely rebuilding a friend's network.

I took it home and had a good look at it. Despite being old and having a dead battery, it was running fine and running a copy of OS/X Leopard (10.5). It had 2Gb RAM and 160Gb HDD.

The first thing I did was clean it (you should have seen the dust which came out of it!!!). I then bought 4Gb RAM, a 512Gb SSD and a new battery. I installed OS/S Lion (10.7) which is the latest version that I can install on that MacBook. I couldn't put on the latest version of iWork ('13), so made do with '09, but it quite happily took MS Office 2011. I can honestly say, the thing runs pretty darn quickly.

Out of interest, I thought I'd install Windows 7 on there (sadly BootCamp 4 only lets me put on 32-bit, rather than 64-bit (for all the drivers), so I only get access to 3Gb of RAM, rather than 4Gb), but with Office 2010 on there, it goes like lightning!! I will probably try putting on Windows 8.1 on there at some point, but I now have a perfectly good (and quick!) laptop that runs Windows 7 / Office 2010 and which for office-type use (along with Internet and e-mail).

I suppose it's a shame that I couldn't put Mavericks on there, as there seems to be a shift with the newer Mac OSs that any machine that can run Mountain Goat onwards can upgrade to Yosemite.

Going back to Windows, I've got Win 7 on there flying along, fully expect 8.1 to go even faster (as its hardware requirements are lower) and would be interested to see what Windows 8.2/9/etc. will be like.

If nothing else, it's somewhat amusing to see people's reactions when they see this cutesy white consumer/trendy laptop running Windows 7 at top speed! :^D

By mrmmm on 28 Aug 2014

Sorry for typos...

... A request to PC Pro - could we have a larger (standard) font and box for entering our comments, please? I've just read back my posts and they're riddled with errors. Sawry! :^)

By mrmmm on 28 Aug 2014

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