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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date, specs and UK price: confirmed details of the next Surface tablet

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date
  • Surfaces

By Nicole Kobie and Jane McCallion

Posted on 20 May 2014 at 17:31

Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 today at a dedicated event in New York.

In this article we take a look at the confirmed specs and features of the third generation of Surface tablets. See also Microsoft Surface Pro 3 event as it happened.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s release date has been confirmed as the 20th June, with people in the US and Canada being able to pre-order the device from 21st May 2014.

As usual, the UK market has to wait a little longer to be able to get its hands on the Surface Pro 3, with the rough timeframe “end of August” being stated.

This confirms last year’s reports from Windows watcher Mary Jo Foley, who said her sources suggested the Surface Mini would arrive no sooner than Spring 2014, in order to feature Windows 8.1 Update, which has now arrived

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 UK Price

64GB / Intel i3: £639 inc VAT

128GB / Intel i5: £849 inc VAT

256GB / Intel i5: £1,109 inc VAT

256GB / Intel i5: £1,339 inc VAT

512GB / Intel i7: £1,649 inc VAT

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 specs and features

It has been confirmed that the Surface Pro 3 will be both larger and thinner than its predecessor, with a new 12in screen and thickness of just 9mm, while weighing in at a pretty acceptable 800g.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date

The 12in screen is very impressive, boasting 2160 x 1400 pixels at a ratio of 3:2. Microsoft also announced that there will be new docking station available for the Surface Pro 3 that will enable 4k output.

Another impressive specification advancement for the Surface 3 Pro is the fruit of the new "tireless" working partnership between Microsoft and Intel. The result is the Surface Pro 3 being available with either a Core i7, i5 or i3 on board. The two companies have also managed to make the Pro 3 a completely "fanless" device too.

A lot was made of the Surface Pro 3's "lapability". Although it isn't a word you will be overly familiar with, it is meant to relate to the new kick stand that has been developed that lets you adjust your stand to any point in its 180° hinge.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date

Work has been done on the keyboard case, with the touchpad being 68% larger while apparently producing 78% less friction.

The Surface Pro 3 comes with either 4GB or 8GB RAM and comes with storage options ranging 64GB to 512GB. Needless to say, it will come out of the box with Windows 8.1 Pro.

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User comments


I'd think about one of these so long as it weighs about 400g or less and has reasonable battery life and USB charging

By MiniEggs on 14 Apr 2014

Desktop mode is the challenge

my encore is just over 400g so the "latest thing" should be able to come in at under 400g. the screen is the big issue. Windows desktop mode on small screens is a bit fraught. If you set 125%, text is workable but many apps are optimised for 100dpi on a large screen. Apple (screams in background) fixed this by having Retina be 2x their standard of 1024x768. Windows "needs" 768 vertical pixels to work which means a Double resolution 16:10 would be 2450x1536! Microsoft should have outlawed fixed resolutions 10 years ago.

By milliganp on 14 Apr 2014

Screen Resolution - Should read whole of article!

I have windows 8.1 pro running on an Ativ-Pro (1920x1080, 11.6") and Toshiba Encore. Both are far from perfect with standard windows apps (unless you use a mouse). Using a Wacom pen on the larger screen is non-intuitive, you can't easily double click and highlighting for cut and paste is far from reliable. On the 8" screen I use a "bubble-pen", OK for menus but cut and paste is still a bit unreliable.
However both units, on a desktop with USB keyboard / mouse and HDMI monitor are perfectly usable desktops.
both units have Micro-SD set to store Dropbox, so all my files are always with me and reviewable or available for simple edits. More useful than an iPad.

By milliganp on 14 Apr 2014

A step in the right direction

Actually watched the launch presentation and thought it was slick and impressive. I recently bought a new Surface Pro 1 for a good price and have been blown away by how good it actually is. Both the hardware (except for the battery life)and Windows 8.1 are excellent. The Surface Pro/RT is a great concept. The Surface Pro 3 looks like it has addressed and improved upon virtually all the deficiencies on previous versions e.g. not being able to use it on your lap.

The Pro 3 takes care of the power user, so I am interested in if/how Microsoft are going to devise a Surface proposition to meet the needs and pockets of the lighter user. The Surface RT has struggled from the start. But at the right price something like it could offer so much more flexibility than your average tablet and fly off the shelves.

Finally, Microsoft looks like it is starting to get its act together. Interesting times ahead.

By angry_bee on 20 May 2014

Rip Off Britain

I've just run the numbers through XE.COM and added 20% for UK VAT. Microsoft's UK uplift ranges from 13% to 22% or from £71 to £264 per unit.

By milliganp on 21 May 2014

WTF, what happened to Pro

I commented on a speculative article about a "potential" 8" surface a month ago, and the comments are included on an article about the Surface Pro 3 (a real device) launch. What is PcPro(sic) doing? Are you too lazy to write a new article?

By milliganp on 21 May 2014

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