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Dell 4K monitor priced at only $699

Dell 4K screen

By Barry Collins

Posted on 8 Jan 2014 at 15:45

Dell plans to sell its long-awaited 4K monitor for only $699, the company has revealed at CES 2014.

Last year the company announced it would be offering the 28in "Ultra HD" P2815Q screen for less than $1,000. Now it's come in some way below that mark, with a final US price of $699, according to a report by Forbes. UK pricing wasn't available at the time of publication.

The screen has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and will launch globally on 23 January.

Other specifications are currently thin on the ground, with Dell merely confirming that the screen will tilt, pivot and swivel, and that it will have multiple connections for "smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs," without confirming exactly what they are.

Our team on the ground at CES in Las Vegas should be able to bring you more details later this week.

4K has become a theme at this year's CES: Sony yesterday unveiled an Ultra-Short-Throw Projector that can effectively turn walls into 147in 4K displays.

Netflix has also this week announced plans to stream the forthcoming series of its drama House of Cards at 4K resolution, while YouTube announced a less bandwidth-intensive technology for 4K streams.

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User comments

The Answer is Obvious!

US pricing is $699.

UK pricing will therefore be at least £699.

All too often we have seen US$ prices become UK£ prices as soon as the goods cross "the pond".

By jontym123 on 8 Jan 2014

Can't we wait

to see what the UK pricing will actually be before moaning about the price? Remember there is the 20% "donation to the government" to take into account with UK prices.

By russell_g on 8 Jan 2014

Graphics card support?

[I think jontym1223 is getting his/her retaliation in first!]

Out of interest, how recent does a graphics card have to be to support a resolution of 3840x2160?

By JohnGray7581 on 9 Jan 2014


It needs display port at least, or HDMI 1.4. VGA and normal HDMI found on most graphics cards won't do it.

DVI-D is also not up to the task, it can theoretically drive that resolution, but at a maximum of 17hz.

Dual Link DVI can theoretically drive it at 33Hz.

I'd look to it having Display Port and HDMI 1.4, plus maybe Thunderbolt. Most Dell machines and monitors have been Display Port first for a while now.

Intel keep going on about how the BayTrail Atom can playback 4K video, although nobody has produced an Atom based PC that drives anything beyond 1080p, so I don't know how that works...

But I would guess most Core processors will be able to drive it, assuming they have DisplayPort on the motherboard.

By big_D on 9 Jan 2014


VGA should be able to do it - admittedly it won't be as good a picture as the digital-only display systems (like displayport or HDMI) but as an analogue system it should handle it.

WHUXGA can do 7680x4800, which is part of the VGA "family".

By gbjbaanb on 9 Jan 2014

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