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iOS 7 problems: the bug reports mount

iOS 7

By Barry Collins

Posted on 20 Sep 2013 at 15:08

The list of problems with iOS 7 is mounting, with reports of multiple bugs in Apple's revamped mobile OS.

Perhaps the most serious is the passcode lock bug, which allows thieves to access the device without entering a security code. The bug is triggered by activating the new Control Centre, selecting the alarm clock and attempting to shut down the device, then cancelling the operation, which gives users access to the device's homescreen.

Apple has acknowledged the bug and says it's working on a fix.

Meanwhile, audio app developers have warned their users off upgrading to iOS 7 because of glitches with the new OS. The makers of Traktor DJ sent out an email to customers yesterday, stating: "iOS 7 is here, but it seems there are serious issues concerning audio. Traktor DJ, along with many other audio apps, is experiencing performance and stability issues on iOS 7."

PC Pro has uncovered audio glitches when switching between the Spotify and Podcast apps, as detailed in our blog on running iOS 7 on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, two of the older devices to still be supported by the new OS.

Battery problems

Ars Technica's tests have shown iOS 7 depletes battery life more quickly on the iPhone 5, with minimal impact on all other iPhone and iPad devices. "Our Verizon iPhone 5 running iOS 7 burns through its battery more than three hours faster than the exact same phone performing the exact same test with the exact same settings under iOS 6," the review claims.

We've noticed no such problem with iOS 7 on an iPhone 5 in the PC Pro office.

Apple has already released iOS 7.0.1 for the iPhone 5c and 5s, which addresses bugs with those particular handsets. The patch fixes glitches with the new fingerprint recognition system on the 5s and with App Store purchases.

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User comments

Problems - really...?

So far so good I can say... (and I'm surprised!) I have an iPhone 5 with about 200-300 apps and I've not really experienced any problems yet. Upgrading was very smooth too (surprisingly). The battery goes a little quicker, but with all the background app updates going on and also the dynamic wallpaper on the home screen, it's not unreasonable.

As for people nit-picking about the bugs, well this is a "x.0" release so there will always be issues. Remember the teething problems Microsoft have every time they release a new version of Windows? Same with Android too.

I fully well expect something to break when OS/X Mavericks is released... If anyone's concerned about updating to iOS 7 now, wait until the "x.0.1" release which should have the worst of the bugs ironed out.

One thing I can't understand is why they're not enabling AirDrop on the 4s - most annoying as I was looking forward to this feature for swapping photos with friends - most of which don't have an iPhone 5. But anyway... So far so good.

By mrmmm on 20 Sep 2013

Bug #1, err, not on my iphone?

Try as I might (and I have!), I cannot replicate the passcode bypass bug

By markcr6 on 20 Sep 2013

I found issues on my iPod Touch with copy & paste, grabbing the selection bars seemed impossible, kept hitting Cut. The Music App isn't so great either, which is important on an iPod.

I've restored from a backup (the image of 6.1.3 was helpfully dumped in the Trash when I upgraded, you don't get a backup if you update over-the-air). iOS 7 is probably in my future, but not now.

By c6ten on 20 Sep 2013

Web site crashing

Both safari and chrome crash when trying to access after upgrade.

By kkenn on 20 Sep 2013

Home screen webapp

If you add a website to your home screen and it is configured to be allowed to run full screen there are a few gotchas. In this full screen mode a website that required a login won't work by default because the popup that asks if you want to save the password is blocked. Also any javascript calls to alert() or confirm() won't work which will affect a fair few sites. The login was the one that was the hardest to diagnose! (I'm a web developer with a number of sites running as web apps for customers and hoped this might all get fixed in the final release...).

By muppeteer on 20 Sep 2013

PC Pro App hangs...

The most annoying bug for me is the updated PC-Pro app hangs "updating database" :(

By Zootle on 21 Sep 2013

PC Pro App hangs...

The most annoying bug for me is the updated PC-Pro app hangs "updating database" :(

By Zootle on 21 Sep 2013

PC Pro App hangs...

The most annoying bug for me is the updated PC-Pro app hangs "updating database" :(

By Zootle on 21 Sep 2013

False Bugs

I have over 3000 apps and my upgraded phone does not have any problems at all. The problem is those users are holding the phone wrong. Apple on makes perfect phones and I have one to prove it. iOS 7 is perfect - those users just want to nit pick problems that don't exist.

By arthur_cabot on 21 Sep 2013

False Bugs?

@arthur_cabot:"those users are holding the phone wrong"
Wasn't that a problem for an earlier generation of iphone?
"iOS 7 is perfect"
So no need for Apple to issue a 7.1, and even less for you to download it when the time comes?
Am I missing something?

By WilliamW on 21 Sep 2013

@WilliamW a sense of irony, obviously.

By c6ten on 21 Sep 2013

Now that's a lot

"I have an iPhone 5 with about 200-300 apps"

Wow... If I add up all the apps/applications/games that I've owned over 26 years it barely gets past 100... probably.

By rhythm on 21 Sep 2013

Isn't everything a bit buggy in the beginning...they'll work it out I'm sure.

By MironAr on 22 Sep 2013

in the beginning?

They've been working on it for over 6 years!

By big_D on 23 Sep 2013

in the beginning?

They've been working on it for over 6 years!

By big_D on 23 Sep 2013

Senior staff not happy....

all the iPhone 5's have depleted full charge batteries in less than 8 hours.......didn't do this with IOS 6.

now i have to explain to the powers that be that they need to turn off a few features to conserve battery power such as Background App Refresh and Airdrop and stop the weather apps accessing the no existent location settings -- basically stop using it as a smartphone.

thanks Apple, as if the support desk wasn't swamped enough.

By IainNIX on 25 Sep 2013


The biggest problems I've have encountered so far are:
1) Battery is gone @ 65% sooner
2) Icons look really cheap
3) Some apps freeze as often as they used to in the older OS.
Bet those who say they have 200-300 apps and all work fine have 1 angry birds and 199 to 299 fart apps. All those work fine thank you.

By arthur_cabot on 27 Sep 2013

Bugs on iOS 7.0.4

The download of Whatsapp has been bypassed on iPod touch/iPads. When you tap cloud icon or tap free, it will download secretly.

By BingoSeasons2002 on 14 Jan 2014

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