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iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: specs compared

iPhone 5c

By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 10 Sep 2013 at 20:20

Apple today unveiled the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, adding a budget handset to its iconic smartphone line.

However, since the arrival of the first iPhone, its rivals - notably running Android - have caught up, with the HTC One currently topping our A-List, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 grabbing Recommended awards.

Will Apple's latest releases change that? Here, we round up the key specs from the new handsets, to see how the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c compare to the top smartphones already on the market.

Click here for the chart, or see it below:

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User comments

Does Nokia not exist??

No comparison to the Lumia 925/1020? Shame on you.

By everton2004 on 10 Sep 2013

Or Sony?

The new Xperia Z1 is also a serious piece of kit...

By beardybuck on 10 Sep 2013


It's not the iPhone 6.
It records 1080P video and 720P high frame rate video.
This is your job?!

By r0bert0 on 10 Sep 2013

iPhone 6?

Wait Pc Pro got an exclusive look at the iPhone 6?
Can you give us a comparison between an iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 5S?

By firstsin on 11 Sep 2013


I think PC Pro meant to say iPhone 5Same but was in a rush and called it 6. Perhaps Apple will have a phone as good as a Samsung when the iPhone 12 is revealed - by then Samsung will be another 5 years ahead of Apple. It was very funny to hear that "bigger pixels" create better pictures" a total lie - but all the isheep believed that 100% and are now spreading that new gospel all over the internet.
I was really amazed by the new colors - had never seen a colored phone with a colored rubber case in my life - truly magical, amazing and incredible, as described by the apple bunch. And the gold color?? I'm speechless...

By arthur_cabot on 11 Sep 2013


Bigger screens etc is all nice but the iPhone is still pocketable the Samsung etc is not.
I'm not a Apple fan but either have a smaller phone with crap camera etc from the competition or an iPhone...
Manbag is that what journalist uses?

By fixxx on 11 Sep 2013


Feature for feature, the new iPhone looks inferior to both the HTC One and Galaxy S4 - both of which are available free on contract. I'm particularly surprised that they didn't rack up the pixel density as that's been traditionally their territory.
Having said all that, the 5S looks a lovely phone (given the minimal price difference I'm not sure who would buy the 5C) and the acid test will be when the processor speed is tested against the others. It's a great phone if you can afford it but there's nothing to compel me to move away from my nexus 4 - which cost a third the price of a 5S

By KevPartner on 11 Sep 2013


You must have ridiculously small pockets! I have an S3 (slightly bigger chassis than the S4) and it comfortably fits in the pockets of all my jeans, plus my various pairs of work trousers too. You're not confusing it with the Note are you?

By Trippynet on 11 Sep 2013


Point made

By rhythm on 11 Sep 2013


This lack of attention to detail is sadly becoming standard behaviour.

According to the specs of the Nexus 7 that has 2MB of RAM and runs at 2Mhz still.

By Fraz_pro on 11 Sep 2013

Oh dear.

iPhone 5s/c. Oh dear. Face palm.
Not a true update and not at the cutting edge. Steve Jobs will be turning in his grave.
Fails on all counts.
Typical Apple phone though.
Produce a second rate piece of rubbish and hype it until the morons buy one.
Thing is it'll sell but it's a shame it's so last year.

By finn1974 on 11 Sep 2013

I'm sure that when PC Pro come to review the 5s they'll give it 5 stars and A-List it. To me the 5c is a pointless phone but will probably still sell in its thousands as the subliminal messaging goes out from Apple to its existing customers you need a 5S and 5C. My N4 will do me for the next couple of years and as someone said cost far less, unlocked and off contract.

By Jonchill on 11 Sep 2013

Right on boss

Couldn't agree more. Slight bias by PC Pro towards all Apple products but a lot of mags and sites are like that. Even Hollywood portrays Apple as the good guy against the evils of PC.
Who is stupid enough to buy any Apple product. Oh yes the brain washed masses who believe GCHQ and the NSA aren't reading their emails, texts or studying their surfing habits.
I have a Nexus 4, and I've turned every possible tracking source off and even have a custom firmware (Cyanogenmod 10.2) and it's the best phone I've ever owned. Lowering the price by £80 was a genius move by Google before the Nexus 5 comes out.
Thing is the Nexus 4 makes the new iPhone 5c/s look like a Nokia 3310.
LOL !!

By finn1974 on 11 Sep 2013

Things could be worse...

Wired's homepage had eight iphone articles on it today... At least PCPro kept it toned down a little. However, I thought they could at least be accurate. And no mention of a Nokia phone is just lazy and misleading.

By TigerUnleashed on 11 Sep 2013

Its a shame the iphone 5C wasnt made with a lower resolution camera and screen 320 x 568 and priced £399 for the 16GB version.

Frankly, I havent noticed that much difference in ultimate useability over retina and non retina screens. Sure the retina is nicer, but I havent found anything that I can do on the retina screen, that I couldnt on a non retina.

Apple missed a beat here.

By wyson on 11 Sep 2013

S4 vs 5c

The s4 has so many abilities that you can't find in any other phone and it has beautiful pictures that are all full HD,but the new iPhone 5c has new features and a whole new software and it has so many wonderful colours and covers
I prefer the s4 and his abilities and that should be your opinion too papy

By Aboda on 11 Sep 2013



By Aboda on 11 Sep 2013

... a further note

Just re-checked the specs. Comparing this to the S4. The Apple has a smaller screen, lower pixel density, non-expandable storage, no NFC, nor ac wifi, a worse front and worse rear facing camera, lower talk time and lower stand by time..... Doesn't add up for me. Question,why release this phone? It's lacking against the best in nearly all areas.

By TigerUnleashed on 12 Sep 2013

Google Exerience

The htc One and the Samsung GS4 are both available in "Google Experience" versions, which run 4.3 and don't have the manufacturer skinning.

By big_D on 12 Sep 2013

Amazed that...

... no-one said the newest BlackBerry should also be in the comparison. Completely agree that it's just lazy for PCPro to not include e.g. the Lumia 925, but also amazes me how far RIM have fallen to not even have had a single mention that their latest phone should also be in the spreadsheet!

By skarlock on 12 Sep 2013

Who really cares

Ive had and used every iPhone since it was originally released - before you start complaining of isheep -I've also had 2 Note 2's and currently writing this on a HTC One after sending back my S4 because it was absolute garbage. In terms of whose following who -interesting that the HTC One is made from aluminium and it shows - but aren't there rumours that Samsung may be using aluminium in the future? Oh and not to mention all those patent cases that Samsung and to be fair Apple lost.

As far as who is best - does it really matter - Errata you obviously fail to understand why in terms of usability Apple are streets ahead of Samsung. In my opinion IOS still beats Android in terms of usability hands down regardless of the hardware its wrapped up in. On the S4 (fantastic screen) for example, if you wear glasses the eyes up and down function (state of the art?) is too patchy to be really useful - likewise on the iPhone 5 -Maps was a disgrace and siri? - well that could take a whole new column!.

Overall I found the S4 buggy - it was slow and unresponsive - even trying to make a phone call there was a discernible lag between hitting a key and the number displaying on the screen - bear in mind PC Pro's speed tests showed it was the fastest thing since Usain Bolt! not.

I like the HTC One -it's the best android phone so far and the HTC Sense is just great. However, the iPhone 5s with its 64 bit architecture is going to be very interesting - as for colours and cases who cares - similarly with the plastic backs on the S4 an Note 2. The phone really to watch will be the iPhone 6 (Sony Z1 currently not available) and not forgetting the whole ecosystem that Apple has built around the iPhone - oh yes Samung has Kies doesn't it - what a joke! and it hurts to say that as I have Samsung TV's and other products.

Agree with the other comments though - you need to compare these phones to the blackberry and the Nokias - else the comparison is patently flawed.

By bigalig69 on 13 Sep 2013

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