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Dell: Windows 8 tablet adoption "slow"


By Shona Ghosh

Posted on 5 Jul 2013 at 11:42

Dell has admitted that sales of its tablets running on Windows 8 and Windows RT are in the "hundreds of thousands" - and said sales of tablets running the OS are unlikely to pick up for "some time".

The company's vice-president for PCs, Sam Burd, told The Guardian that takeup of the Windows 8 Latitude 10 and the Windows RT XPS 10 had been slow.

Having a watch on your wrist – that's pretty interesting, pretty appealing

But the firm is hoping for a "ramp" in interest from enterprise customers and might develop wearable gadgets to boost revenue, he said.

"Businesses are slow to adopt a new operating system," he said. "But tablets really need Windows 8 to sell well. Still, it is encouraging to see some businesses deploying Windows 8 and tablets. It's going to take some time, and the jury is still out."

A world of wearable tech

As PC sales continue to slow, Burd said Dell was keeping an eye on smart watches and other wearable gadgets. Microsoft, LG and Apple are thought to be working on smart watches, while Sony and Samsung have confirmed they’re working on similar devices. Google is already flaunting its wearable spectacles, Glass, as a "product that is the future".

Burd told The Guardian Dell is "exploring ideas in that space".

"There are challenges in cost, and how to make it a really good experience," Burd told the Guardian. "But the piece that's interesting is that computers are getting smaller. Having a watch on your wrist – that's pretty interesting, pretty appealing."

He added that the firm foresaw a world with "lots of connected devices" as consumers moved away from desktop computing. "We haven't announced anything, but we are looking at the technology in that space," he added.

Dell is currently in negotiations for a buyout, with shareholders hoping to squeeze more out of founder Michael Dell following his $24.4 billion bid.

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User comments

Other than the Latitude 10...

...They don't really have anything that special. What happened to the XT3?

I honestly believe that once the quad core Atom tablets hit Win 8 tabs will leave the competition behind. It's not as if their performance can currently beat the dual core Atom in nearly all tests.

By rhythm on 5 Jul 2013

Develop wearable gadgets to boost revenue...

I think we're a long way away for any company creating a wearable gadget that runs into the millions of sales. That company won't be Dell either.
@rhythm I don't agree that for a tablet to take off it needs quad core processors. If it works without a glitch then a single processor is enough. What really counts is the platform, the apps and the media consumption on a device.

By TimoGunt on 5 Jul 2013

Just Waiting...

Adoption has been slow because companies like Dell aren't releasing the tablet PC designs people want. Personally I will buy when a Haswell version of Lenovo Helix design becomes available (laptop PC with a proper keyboard with a dockable tablet screen).

By nrmsmith on 6 Jul 2013

You don't need Windows 8

If you want at tablet and Android or iOS tablet will do the job at half the price or less. Windows 8 tablets are a niche business application.

By tirons1 on 6 Jul 2013


I should really say most tablet buyers don't need Windows 8. Clearly some will have applications that dictate using the OS, but I suspect most of those users will prefer an laptop with a proper keyboard.

By tirons1 on 8 Jul 2013

I like both of Dell's tablets... but we are in the midst of a deep and long-lasting recession... the days of frequently buying a new gadget are behind us... wages are frozen, cost of living rising, the ugly tower PC we bought six years ago is still good enough... is technoland oblivious to the realities afflicting the rest of us?

By 0thello on 8 Jul 2013

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