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Android tablets seen as "quality" alternative to iPad

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By Shona Ghosh

Posted on 18 Apr 2013 at 17:00

Apple may be set to lose its dominance at the high end of the tablet market, at least in the UK, with more consumers viewing the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab as "quality" alternatives.

A survey from YouGov found UK tablet owners awarded their Android devices a "near-equal" quality score to the iPad. Some actually awarded the Nexus 7 a higher score than its rivals, with the exception of the iPad mini.

Released in the UK in October last year, the iPad mini garnered the highest satisfaction and quality ratings of any tablet, suggesting Apple still has room to beat its growing competition at the low-end of the market.

But the survey also showed that high-end Android tablets are increasingly capturing consumer attention after several years of Apple dominance.

Unsurprisingly, the growing range of cheaper, viable alternatives meant Apple’s share of the UK tablet market fell ten percentage points to 63%. The iPad mini accounts for 4% of that total.

YouGov chart

That leaves second-placed Samsung in the dust at 10%, but both the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 have made impressive gains. Launched in July, the Nexus 7 already commands 8% of the market, ahead of the Kindle Fire.

Amazon’s device, launched in October in time for Christmas, holds 5% of the market. Collectively, the three manufacturers hold 23% of the UK's tablet market versus Apple's 63%. YouGov predicted further gains for Samsung, Google and Amazon in the coming year at Apple’s expense.

"With a growing market, greater competition and falling prices, Apple was bound to lose some share," said YouGov’s technology and telecoms consulting director, John Gilbert. "However, it is not simply a matter of inexpensive products flooding the market. It seems that Apple no longer has a monopoly on the 'premium' share as other brands emerge with near-equal satisfaction scores."

YouGov said it surveyed more than 3,500 tablet and non-tablet owners in the UK.

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User comments

Not yet

I'm typing this on a nexus 7 and I can honestly say this won't happen yet. My iPad 2 is much faster than the nexus 7 in every way. The n7 suffers with constant pauses and small lockups. I love the customisation of the android os, and the size and weight is perfect, but until they get it faster, I keep falling back to the iPad. But I guess the light weight is a trade off with performance.

By metalmonkey on 18 Apr 2013


What is the "quality" that they talk of? How many of the owners owned both?

Anyone who stands in a shop, chooses an item, and goes away, will think it is the right decision - plainly. PC Pro need to find out a lot more about such surveys before regurgitating them.

By MJ2010 on 18 Apr 2013

I've seen this

A friend who had an ipad has upgraded to a Samsung.

She's absolutely delighted with it and the the ipad is gathering dust.

I must remember to ask her what it is about the Samsung that's made such an impression.

By qpw3141 on 18 Apr 2013

I agree

I've just changed from an iPad 4 to a Nexus 10 and am very impressed with it. I changed because I like the freedom of Android over being locked down in IOS. I tried to do this last year with a Transformer Infinity, but it was jerky and sluggish compared to the iPad, and the Android apps weren't as good. Now I find the Nexus 10 performance is just as good as the iPad's and the apps have improved a lot.

Also, I have a Nexus 7 and was able to compare it with the iPad 4. The N7's performance and stability is what persuaded me to give the N10 a go.

By symington on 18 Apr 2013

Opposite way around

I made the slow journey up the quality scale trying not to go Apple on a cost exclusion basis, but in the end, just as with Phones I disliked Android and ended up loving an iphone 4s and ipad mini cellular.

It would be interesting to see the stats on how much people buy into the whole ecosystem. I love IOS devices, but despite 30-40% of my work involving Photoshop and Illustrator I cant abide Mac OS X, preffering Windows 7 for Desktop work.

Much as I dislike Windows 8 for it's lack of Start Menu et al, I also hugely dislike the Mac having no right click.

My job role and software exposure though is hugely diverse, covering Technical, Networking, Video, Audio, Stills, Reapirs and light programming duties.

I think that is what pushes me away from Mac OS and Linux.

By Gindylow on 18 Apr 2013

Mac OS DOES have right click

MacOS has had right click for many years? If you plug in a standard mouse, or any of Apple's input devices like the Track Pad, you can left and right click exactly like in Windows.

By hickeypa1 on 19 Apr 2013

Options, options everywhere.

@Gindylow just enable right-click in System Preferences. I have a 2011 iMac with magic mouse and have been using right-click since the day I unboxed it.

Back on topic - I do like that with Android tablets you can buy a low end £50 device or a £500 high end device with seemingly endless choice in between. I'd imagine there is an Android tablet to suit any budget (with varying levels of quality of course).

By pveater on 19 Apr 2013

the software is the same with android. The thing that changes is the hardware.
The first of the android tablets - the Motorola 10inch running honey comb was a complete shambles.
This was all down to the android O.S which has come a very far way since.
Honeycomb was just not worth it, but now ICS, KLP etc.. has really improved the OS, and there is the option to root and custom rom install which optimises the software to work better, and it removes the bloatware too.

By r1sh12 on 20 Apr 2013

Much as the iPhone dominated initially, then lost ground to Android phones, so the same is happening with tablets.

From memory I think the "ancient" System 8 had rick-click, as long as you had a non-Apple mouse fitted which had the necessary two buttons. As this was back in the ADB (pre-USB) days, this required something like a MacAlly mouse.

You could press a key on the keyboard of course but if using the right mouse button had already become second nature, that was something of an unintuitive faff.

By Alfresco on 21 Apr 2013

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