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Google Glass users show off first photos

Google Glass

By Shona Ghosh

Posted on 17 Apr 2013 at 11:20

Google Glass users have posted the first pictures of the headsets in action, while Google has released a user manual.

An initial shot from Numerate CTO Brandon Allgood shows the device comes with a clear set of lenses and a carrying pouch, as well as the tinted lenses and micro USB charger and cable already confirmed by Google.

"I made a couple of calls," said user Jim McNelis. "It was tough to hear in the car with the AC blasting. Had to sweat for a few miles to hold a conversation."

The user manual revealed few surprises, though it does note that pairing the headset with the wearer’s Android device provides some additional features such as reading SMS messages and turn-by-turn directions. Although iPhone and iPad users can pair their devices with Glass, they won’t be able to access these same functions.

The manual also details which voice commands and gestures work with the device, including nodding to turn the device on or off. Users can also scroll through their "timeline" of notifications by swiping the touchpad on the side of the headset, and use vocal commands to take pictures, record video, make calls or get directions, among other functions.

However, one Reddit user has dug into the source code for Google Glass’ companion app, MyGlass, and spotted that Google could enable eye gestures in future.

Users could wink to take photos, with the code featuring the command: "Eye_gestures_wink_take_photo". However, that feature isn’t listed anywhere in the user manual. And although Google’s terms forbid Glass owners from lending their headsets to anyone else, the code also features a mysterious "guest mode", which suggests users might be able to switch between several accounts on one device.

It also appears that one user has put his device up for sale on eBay, with the bid price currently at $90,000 (£59,000). The auction is set to go on for another three days, though the resale of headsets is also prohibited by Google in its terms and conditions.

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User comments

Bring it on!

Not a Google fan, but these sound pretty good....

By wittgenfrog on 17 Apr 2013


How can you not be a Google fan, they are the new Apple don't ya know. . . .

By GlidemanUK on 17 Apr 2013

I guess thats why I'm not a google fan!!!

By Burnhard999 on 18 Apr 2013

"And although Google’s terms forbid Glass owners from lending their headsets to anyone else" - What?!?

By AlphaGeeK on 18 Apr 2013


The "No Lending" rule is for developers only. I'm sure that the real Glass when on sale won't have this restriction. Google can however deactivate then remotely. They don't sound very good since you have to pair them with a mobile phone to get full functionallity.

I am registered blind and use print not brail, but this doesn't sound good, will this work with ordinary glasses, or only for the people who don't ware glasses?

The idea of reading tiny text in a glasses lens doesn't appeal.

As for screen reader access, why not just have an android phone with bluetooth headset?

By dmoriarty2 on 19 Apr 2013

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