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Microsoft Surface Pro coming to UK, but still no price

Surface Pro

By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 28 Feb 2013 at 17:49

Microsoft has confirmed its Surface Pro tablet will be sold in the UK, but hasn't said specifically when or given any pricing details.

The x86 version of the Surface tablet went on sale earlier this month in the US, and has sold out in some stores - although some have suggested that's because of a lack of stock more than overwhelming demand.

Microsoft has kept quiet about when - or if - it would arrive in the UK. Now, Microsoft has confirmed the Surface Pro is coming to these shores "in the coming months".

"We are focused on meeting demand in current markets for Surface Pro and are working super hard to get new inventory into retail but recognise demand exists in other countries as well," Microsoft said. "We are committed to working with our retail partners to ensure we are delivering a great experience in the above mentioned countries for our customers."

Microsoft also revealed it would be extending availability of its ARM-based Surface RT to Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan at the end of March.

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User comments

No Longer Interested

If the Surface Pro had been released here at the same time as the US, I think I would have bought one.

However, now that I've been able to read about the spec's etc I'm no longer interested.

Microsoft, still, can't touch Apple when it comes to releasing new products and taking advantage of the initial excitement that goes with a new product.

By a_byrne22 on 1 Mar 2013


I was very interested in buying one too but have given up waiting so will be picking up an Ultrabook or maybe an Air instead.

It's annoying when you are more than happy to hand your money over to a company and they seem to do everything they can to annoy you and stop you purchasing.

Very odd.

I think Nokia are guilty of not following up initial excitement too. I was really keen on the Lumia 920 but the exclusivity deals have kept me from purchasing and now the S4 is coming soon I'll probably wait and see what that's like to replace my S2, scratch another Windows Phone/Nokia sale...

By Deano on 1 Mar 2013

I Wonder...

Where they get the marketing data that tells them staggered launch i s the best approach to delivering a new tech device to the consumer market. Simultaneous worldwide launch is the only way to catch initial consumer excitement. Microsoft will continue to bomb all its product launches if it keeps failing to do this...

By Droid on 2 Mar 2013

Oooops !

Hitting F5 AFTER submiting the post does this...? I only wanted to see if it had been submitted.. oops.. you might want to fix this PCPro.

By Droid on 2 Mar 2013

Come on Microsoft tell us something

I've wanted a tablet PC with a pen for about 12 years now so I was really exited about the Surface Pro when it was announced, how long ago?... I still want one but the lack of a built in GPS unit and provision for a data SIM and the time that we are having to wait has certainly tarnished my excitement considerably.
Is there something else out there I should be looking at?

By frrichardcurtis on 20 Apr 2013

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