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By PC Pro

Posted on 6 Mar 2013 at 09:55

Want to read your favourite PC magazine on your iPad? Download a free sample issue of PC Pro Enhanced to get a flavour of our interactive magazine.

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Our sample edition contains a selection of the features, reviews and news you'll find in PC Pro Enhanced every month.

The free sample includes:

  • What if Apple had gone bankrupt? Darien Graham-Smith imagines what might have been if Apple had gone bust in the 1990s, if the internet was still controlled by the military, and if viruses had never been invented.
  • Reviews of Intel's Next Unit of Computing and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11, both enhanced with video to give you a greater insight into these two extraordinary innovations.
  • The PC Pro A-List An interactive version of our guide to 102 best buys, providing an instant reference guide on your iPad.

PC Pro Enhanced

If you like what you see, you can buy the latest issue of PC Pro Enhanced for only £3.99 from within the app, or click here to sign up for our 3 issues for £1 subscription offer.

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User comments

Windows version

Are there any plans for a Windows version or a "Metro" version?

By big_D on 27 Feb 2013

Other versions

Actually I would like any other version, nothing against apple but I have a Nexus Tablet; a Windows 8 PC and an Ubuntu Netbook. I have an iPod Touch but I guess it would be too small.

Please consider other versions - or how about a Kindle version...?

By neil_aky on 27 Feb 2013

Android version of PC Pro Enhanced

Are there any plans for an Android version of PC Pro Enhanced, please? I have never, and will never, buy an Apple product.

By metaflesh on 28 Feb 2013


Stop ignoring android please

By NR5674 on 28 Feb 2013

No Android, No Subscription

As long as PC Pro ignores Android I'll ignore all subscription renewal requests.

By RobertJeffries on 28 Feb 2013

No Android, No Subscription +1

I have an Android phone and an Android tablet.

If you produced an Android version I would subscribe.

By Fred678 on 28 Feb 2013


I agree with the other comments here. You are PCPro, not MacPro - at a minimum you should be offering a used-to-be-called-Metro app... Support of non-iPhone smartphones would be a great bonus too.

By TinTin6 on 28 Feb 2013

Windows version - seconded

I am just on the point of purchasing 2 off Windows Phone 8 handsets and Windows 8 Pro tablets so another vote (or 3 votes) here!

By derek_scotland on 28 Feb 2013

Windows version - seconded

I am just on the point of purchasing 2 off Windows Phone 8 handsets and Windows 8 Pro tablets so another vote (or 3 votes) here!

By derek_scotland on 28 Feb 2013

Shurely you should be called Ipad Pro?

You cannot be so platformist with a name like PC Pro...

By rogdeb on 28 Feb 2013

Interesting that, if the majority of commenters' wishes were granted, PC Pro might have to consider renaming itself to 'Android Pro'. Oh, the irony.
Anyway. PC Pro's been out on Zinio for aaaaages, so you can get read it on whichever platform you choose (assuming there's a Zinio Surface RT app as well).

By Throbinevans on 28 Feb 2013


@Throbinevans You quite rightly say that the normal version of PC Pro is available on Zinio, but as far as I am aware the all-singing and all-dancing enhanced version is only available for iPad - why? Like many others, I am a PC Pro subscriber, but all my mobile devices are Android or Windows based.

By Yogimax on 28 Feb 2013


I thought the comments here may have decended into the usual polarised and emotive Apple / non-Apple camps so I was pleased that most people have simply stated that they would like to see more support for other (very popular) platforms.

Given the sensible, non-emotive comments, it is a shame that PC Pro have not replied (although when Barry does comment it is usually when he 'bites' at a comment he objects to - just goading for a response!)

I suspect the real reason for releasing on iPad rather than other platforms is that Apple owners are more likely to pay for content. e.g. The Guardian is a free app on Android but is a paid for app on Apple devices. Maybe it is, therefore, our own fault that PC Pro have made the decision to only release the 'enhanced' version on iPad.

By neil_aky on 1 Mar 2013

RE: Response

To be fair to Barry, he did put together quite an extensive response in a previous comments section related to the PC Pro Enhanced app, explaining the technical difficulties faced. As I recall, the response was met with a fair amount of derision, if not abuse, so (and I'm not speaking for him here any any stretch) I can understand any reluctance to go through all that again...
The primary sticking point appears to be supporting all the different aspect ratios prevalent in the Android tablet world, which makes sense to me as a layman.
Before anybody starts jumping up and down, wielding the "F" word, I possess not only iOS tablets, but also a Nexus 7, so hope this discussion can be continued in the non-confrontational tone it's so far managed!

By Throbinevans on 1 Mar 2013

Also Windows preferred

I too would like this, but for a magazine largely focused on Windows machines with Linux to a lesser extent, surely these should be the devices where the electronic version can be read?

By skarlock on 6 Mar 2013

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