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6 Mar 2013
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Find out how to get a free sample copy of PC Pro Enhanced on your iPad

Want to read your favourite PC magazine on your iPad? Download a free sample issue of PC Pro Enhanced to get a flavour of our interactive magazine.

Click here to install PC Pro Enhanced on your iPad

Our sample edition contains a selection of the features, reviews and news you'll find in PC Pro Enhanced every month.

The free sample includes:

  • What if Apple had gone bankrupt? Darien Graham-Smith imagines what might have been if Apple had gone bust in the 1990s, if the internet was still controlled by the military, and if viruses had never been invented.
  • Reviews of Intel's Next Unit of Computing and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11, both enhanced with video to give you a greater insight into these two extraordinary innovations.
  • The PC Pro A-List An interactive version of our guide to 102 best buys, providing an instant reference guide on your iPad.
PC Pro Enhanced

If you like what you see, you can buy the latest issue of PC Pro Enhanced for only £3.99 from within the app, or click here to sign up for our 3 issues for £1 subscription offer.

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