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BPI wants to block more music download sites


By Stewart Mitchell

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 at 12:23

The BPI is seeking to block three more BitTorrent sites, with the music industry group seeking a court order to make ISPs stop would-be downloaders accessing the sites.

The three sites - Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents – would face the same sanctions previously imposed on Newzbin2 and The Pirate Bay, with the BPI asking ISPs to block access to those sites over piracy concerns.

ISPs have said they will block sites, but only with a court order. The case against the three domains is expected to be heard at the Chancery Division of the High Court today.

The move has attracted criticism from rights groups, who believe the legal procedure involved in the cases lacks transparency, especially as it allows the blacklist to be widened without further legal process.

Once a site is blocked, its alleged clone sites can also be blocked, but in this case, BPI will be able to practice this without a court order

Although the sites that are set to be blocked would have a direct court order forcing ISPs to prevent access, copycat sites with similar names can be blocked without judicial scrutiny.

"Once a site is blocked, its alleged clone sites can also be blocked, but in this case, BPI will be able to practice this without a court order. The decisions would be made between BPI and ISPs and will not be published," the Open Rights Group said.

The criticism follows the BPI blocking a site called The Promo Bay last year after it was added to the list of sites that were wrapped up with The Pirate Bay.

Although the site was set up by The Pirate Bay staffers, it was a legal site promoting new musicians.

The BPI has confirmed to PC Pro that it's taking legal action over three sites. "We are seeking court orders requiring ISPs to block access to three infringing websites," the BPI said. "The matter is currently being considered by the court and it isn’t appropriate to comment further at this point."

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User comments

If anything would make me LESS inclined to buy music

..I can't think of it.
The BPI are full of it.
When will the legal profession stop caving in to bogus claims for internet censorship?
Any pirate will simply use a proxy or VPN, meanwhile more internet "book burning" by the BPI.

Visit the KAT random image thread while you still can! Better than DamnLOL!
Because by tomorrow it may be gone, banned in the name of corporate monopoly preservation.

By cheysuli on 19 Feb 2013

Because blocking the Pirate Bay has been such a roaring success... initially they took a hit but mirrors were up with in hours and I don't doubt the same will happen with the sites above.

Good to see the BPI doing it's bit for free torrent site advertising, hadn't heard of a couple of them, lol.

Would be nice if the BPI put its energy into trying to modernise copyright law and helping content owners to provide better alternatives for reasonable prices.

Look at Steam as an example, lot of companies wouldn't release games in Russia because the piracy was so bad but it turned out that no one had offered the consumers a safe, secure, legal, easy to use system until Valve and they made a killing.

By Deano on 19 Feb 2013

Because of the BPI in 2012 I stopped buying any recorded music

well done BPI you saved me hundreds of pounds.

By revsorg on 19 Feb 2013

As you can record the Music streams off YouTube, presumably the BPI will try and ban Google as well......
Good luck trying to do that !!!! :-)

By Jaberwocky on 19 Feb 2013

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