Apple Retina MacBook Pro now £200 cheaper

13 Feb 2013
MacBook Pro Retina

Apple price cuts make entry-level MacBook Pro with Retina display more affordable

Apple's cheapest Retina-display MacBook Pro now costs £200 less, bringing the cost of the entry-level model to £1,249.

The more expensive version of the 13in MacBook Pro now costs £1,449 and comes with a 2.6GHz processor and 256GB of flash storage.

There are slight speed bumps across the range, with the top-end 15in Retina MacBook gaining a 2.7GHz processor, replacing the 2.6GHz model that went before. The cheaper Retina 15in MacBook will now come with a 2.4GHz processor in place of the slightly slower 2.3GHz CPU.

Apple has also shuffled the pricing for its non-Retina products: the 13in MacBook Air with 256GB of flash storage will now cost £1,199.

The price cuts come the day after Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple was uninterested in building a cheaper iPhone, but admitted the company was "making moves to make things more affordable".

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