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Apple working on the iWatch?


By Barry Collins

Posted on 11 Feb 2013 at 09:36

Apple is developing a wristwatch device made of curved glass, according to reports.

The New York Times was tipped off about the plans from an anonymous source close to the company, while the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has held discussions with manufacturing partner Foxconn over such a device.

Details of the device are in the range of sketchy to non-existent, and Apple traditionally refuses to talk about upcoming devices until they are unveiled at its own keynote speech.

However, the New York Times notes that Corning, the manufacturer of the Gorilla Glass used in iPhone and iPad devices, last year announced that it had created a bendable glass called Willow Glass. Video demonstrations show the glass - which is only a tenth of a millimetre thick - being flexed back and forth like a sheet of paper.

The iWatch would run on a customised version of iOS and could be capable of making mobile payments using Apple's Passbook system. Apple's Siri voice assistant would also be a natural fit for such a device.

It's not the first time Apple has tinkered with the watch concept. The seventh generation iPod nano could be used a watch, with several third-party manufacturers developing straps for the device.

Apple's share price has taken a huge tumble over the past six months, falling from a September high of $700 to $475 today, as the market waits for the next major move from the world's biggest tech company. The company has long been rumoured to be working on a television set, although Steve Jobs reportedly told a New York Times reporter that he wanted to develop a car.

However, if we were to believe everything Steve Jobs allegedly told reporters just before he died, Apple would have a more varied stock cupboard than Harrods.

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User comments

Another glitzy toy?

I can't really se what an iWatch would do, except as an adjunct to the iPhone, and even then I'm trying hard to justify it... I await further enlightenment from those with more imagination.

My immediate doubts centre on the suggested voice interaction via Siri, or 'phone.
Either of these would require wearing either wired 'phones\mic - very retro and not really practicable, or a 'Cabbie' Bluetooth earpiece - VERY uncool....

I suppose a 'secret squirrel' mode, of holding one's wrist to mouth\ear is also available.
That risks being either targeted by passing AlQuieda operatives, or inducing uncontrollable laughter in passers-by.

As is hinted, other tech publications are unkindly suggesting its a desperate reaction to the tumbling share price.....

By wittgenfrog on 11 Feb 2013


Perfectly reasonable points you make. Therefore, there's no doubting that it would sell by the shed load.

By nickallison on 11 Feb 2013


-Good point :-)

By wittgenfrog on 11 Feb 2013

Dick Tracy will be pleased


By Alfresco on 11 Feb 2013


Oh god, watch manufacturers beware, its only a matter of time until Apple sues you claiming that they invented the clock...

By NR5674 on 11 Feb 2013

Lawsuit shape

"its only a matter of time until Apple sues you claiming that they invented the clock."

No - only the round clock. Or was it the square clock? Or the black clock?

By AdrianB on 11 Feb 2013


Very Douglas Adams, but probably true all the same!

By BornOnTheCusp on 11 Feb 2013

Bluetooth 4.0

Surely the point that is being missed here is that an 'iWatch' would be a Bluetooth 4.0 device showing selected detail from an iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

So far Apple are one of the few to have implemented Bluetooth 4.0 so they must have been planning a use for it and Wahoo have already announced a cycle computer linked to the iPhone / iPod via Bluetooth 4.0 (the Wahoo RFLKT -

By neil_aky on 12 Feb 2013


Yes, but what's it FOR???

By wittgenfrog on 13 Feb 2013

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