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iOS 6.1 update arrives, Apple claims 300m users

iOS 6.1 update arrives, Apple claims 300m users

Posted on 29 Jan 2013 at 10:07

Author: Nicole Kobie

Apple updates iOS 6, says it's most popular new OS version in history

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User comments

Big Whoop

Is it my imagination, or are Apple using their own maps to view the world?

Apparently the UK is missing from the map.

I looked at my wife's iPod touch, running iOS 4.3 and there's very little different from my iOS6 iPhone - apart from bloat.

By cheysuli on 29 Jan 2013

iOS 6 is popular???

All iOS 6 did for me on my iPad was to knacker maps. "Popular" is not the word that springs to mind.

By revsorg on 29 Jan 2013

It would be nice to think that iOS 6.1 would restore some of the performance of previous versions.

By halsteadk on 29 Jan 2013

Re: Cheysuli

Agreed that the update is very minor, but have to diagree with cheysuli - the differences are massive - it's just that Apple introduces changes which are so easily adoptable, that you forget you didn't use to have them. Taking shots with the volume button, iMessage, iCloud, facebook integration to sync with calendars, offline viewing in Safaari, reader mode for full screen reading, changes to Game Center are just a few of the changes!

By Jonny_Bingham on 29 Jan 2013


And of course as an owner of original iPad, I can't have iOS6 - how does that affect fragmentation figures?

By KevPartner on 29 Jan 2013

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