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Sky Go Extra charges £5 more to download TV to tablets

  • Sky Go Extra
  • Sky Go Extra

By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 22 Jan 2013 at 10:38

Sky has unveiled Sky Go Extra, letting customers download TV shows and films to mobile devices to watch later.

Sky Go Extra will cost existing subscribers an additional £5 a month to download content to laptops, smartphones and tablets, meaning they won't have to to depend on 3G or Wi-Fi for streaming - which remains free via the Sky Go app.

Content can be stored on a device for up to 30 days, but users only have 48 hours to finish watching a show once it's been started. Sky didn't say exactly how much space each film or show would take up on a mobile device, but claimed a 64GB iPad could store "in excess of 400 half-hour shows and more than 80 movies".

The £5 extra fee also doubles from two to four the number of devices customers can register for use with Sky Go. However, customers will only be able to stream content to two devices at once.

Sky said three million people were already using Sky Go each quarter.

The service is only available to Sky customers, meaning existing customers must pay an extra £5 for downloads, although the first two months are being offered free until March. Those who aren't customers need to sign up for a TV package, which starts from £21, or register for the online-only Sky Go, which starts from £15.

The system works on PCs, as well as iOS and Android 2.2, 2.3 and 4.

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User comments

Don't understand the extra fiver...

Does it cost Sky more when users download content rather than streaming it? Surely, if anything, their costs are reduced because there's no need to guarantee outgoing bandwidth - downloads can be as choppy as you like.

By PaulOckenden on 22 Jan 2013


They're charging the extra £5 because they know people will pay and they can do it.

For example, if Sky wanted to they could probably make HD and multiroom 'free', but they realised people are willing to pay so they charge for it.

By tech3475 on 22 Jan 2013


It's to do with licencing. A streamed show can be covered using their standard broadcast licencing agreement with the owner e.g. HBO for Game of Thrones. However the provision of the ability to store a streamed show on devices beyond Sky+ boxes will require additional fees to be paid to the owner of the show / movie and so the need for a small charge. Some users are likely to cost Sky far more than £5 per month, others will be less, it should roughly balance.

By skarlock on 22 Jan 2013

£5 EXTRA!!!

I have a sky package with BB and phone. pay around £100 in total or thereabouts. i find this £5 extra charge very distasteful. i already have the ability to stream all the movies so why should i have to pay more to download? i dont understand this point about additional licence charges as sky boxes have the ability to download and watch forever-i really feel this charge is completely unjustified-just like the £10 extra I spend to watch the channels in HD format. these charges should be part of the standard inclusions.

By domster2 on 22 Jan 2013

Works with Android???

Really... you should check the online forums about the lack of support for most Samsung phones and tables...

By rlucey on 24 Jan 2013


Sky rips us off again, another reason to move on to Freesat. I realise Freesat does not have the bells and whistles of Sky but the overall cost is so much less. Now we have catchup TV via the net why give in to Sky's muggings?

By foxc49 on 24 Jan 2013


There are still so few devices which are supported by the Sky Go app, i dont see this a a significant revenue stream.

Still no Motorola Xoom support, no Nexus S, no Nexus 7, NO Nexus 10 support (the flagship Android device!).

I have just purchased my cheap Humax BT Vision box from BT for £49 + £5 month for 12 months. Cheaper than the £299 outright price, but the offer ends Jan 31st.

I will now quit the evil Sky.

By MikhailCompo on 26 Jan 2013


I think sky are really taking advantage by charging any amount and modifying the sky go service. I pay well over £100 for my month sky subs and have been a customer for years I'm not happy with the principle and am thinking of changing providers also.

By Malcie on 26 Jan 2013

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