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Office 2013 UK pricing revealed via Argos leak

  • Windows 8 Pro box
  • Office 365 pricing

By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 21 Jan 2013 at 12:00

Microsoft's UK pricing for Office 2013 has been revealed - via the Argos catalogue.

Full US prices for Office 2013 were revealed last week, with Microsoft charging $369 for Office Standard, $219 for Office Home and Business, and $139 for Office Home and Student - but offering subscriptions for $15, $12.50 and $8.33 a month, respectively.

Microsoft has yet to officially reveal UK prices, but the Argos catalogue and website reveal Office 2013 Home and Student will cost £110. A one-year subscription for five PCs to Office 365 Home Premium - the consumer side of Home and Student - will cost £80, or £6.66 a month.

Office 365 pricing

Office 2013 is widely expected to be made available by the end of January.

Windows 8 price jumps

The Office pricing comes as Microsoft is pushing users planning to upgrade to Windows 8 to do so in the next week, before it hikes prices by $160.

The existing $40 Windows 8 Pro upgrade price was always intended to be a discount, with Microsoft saying in October that the price would jump to $200 at the end of January.

As of February, Windows 8 will cost:

- $199.99 for Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition;

- $119.99 for Windows 8 upgrade edition;

- $99.99 for the Windows 8 Pro Pack;

- $9.99 for the Windows 8 Media Center Pack.

In the UK, the Windows 8 Pro upgrade price is currently £25, but Microsoft's UK press office couldn't say what the new prices would be.

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User comments

Home users should hold fire

Those prices indicate a waste of money for most home users. Based on Amazon's price history for Office 2007 and 2010, people should wait for the inevitable price drops shortly after release (Office 2007 went as low as £50). Otherwise time to consider whether Google Docs or Open Office is enough.

By halsteadk on 21 Jan 2013

I've been using Libra Office (The latest version is for sometime now.Most bugs seemed to have been squashed ,it's running smoothly, and loads up fast.More importantly , it does all that I need out of an office program.....
Why pay more ??

By Jaberwocky on 21 Jan 2013

Why Upgrade?

I'm still happily using Office 2007 and as a fairly basic user I do not need all of the available whistles and bells.

My experience, after upgrading previously, is that it is a real PITA to turn off all of those defaults that Microsoft decide that I want and to restore those that I do want. It generally takes a couple of days trial and error to get back to what I had before the upgrade.

Besides which, just how much more can anyone improve on a word processing/spreadsheet package?

By jontym123 on 21 Jan 2013

Outlook 2013 Pro?

Any word on the UK pricing for this yet?

By EddyOS_2K9 on 21 Jan 2013

Office 2013 Pro?

Any word on the UK pricing for this yet?

By EddyOS_2K9 on 21 Jan 2013


Why pay more? Because I need Office compatibility...

I used OO.o for a long time, when I ran my own business and was sending out PDFs and printouts, but when I started having to collaborate on documents with customers, it very quickly became embarrassing and I had to invest in a copy of MS Office.

By big_D on 22 Jan 2013

Why upgrade...?

I love the comments on here:
When Office 2007 was launched it was hated and everyone said they would stay on Office 2003; Office 2010 'not worth the upgrade from 2007' and now people suggest staying on Office 2007.

For your own use Open / Libre Office are valid options but not if you are going to share documents with other people as the formatting will not work everytime and it needs to for business use.

Office has been genuinely innovative and the innovations are shown through the upgrades over the years. You could go back to running Word 2.0 on a 386 computer - it would work but would you really want to.

We should welcome change - I would love there to be some serious competition to Microsoft Office but there is no serious competition. Remember it wasn't always this way Microsoft have got to where they are by beating the competition by giving people what they want.

Lotus 123 was THE spreadsheet but Excel beat it hands down by innovating; WordPerfect was THE word processor but the same story.

Microsoft should be praised for Office 2010's improved integration of the different applications and user experience and if Office 2013 continues to innovate in this way then I will upgrade.

I also upgraded to Windows 8 and love it - most people who criticise on here have never tried what they are criticising or promoting.

I use Open Office on a netbook for my own documents but for anything else it is not suitable and people who say it is a viable alternative could never have tried to use it in a professional environment where documents need to be shared with others; and the interface is a poor copy of the outdated Office 2003 interface.

Sometimes someone has to pay to get really good innovative software - no such thing as a free lunch.

By neil_aky on 22 Jan 2013

I second that. People who need to share documents don't want to spend their time filing bug reports. Open source works well for the creation of developer tooling, but it is almost an oxymoron in the productivity application segment.

By c6ten on 22 Jan 2013

I bought office 2010 but have gone back to open office. The new version of word has way too many menus. I could not find any of the menu items I was used to using.

By acarr3 on 24 Jan 2013

Burnt by Open and Libre

I promoted the use of Open and Libre Office suites for nearly a year from the end of 2011 through into 2012.

I felt it had become sufficiently mature to be viable for my Customers, but some glaring errors and complaints came back to me and I quickly lost enthusiasm for it for anyone but the most basic user.

Issues with dictionaries and spell checking were rife, and caused embarassement for one customer, and having looked at the farce offered to suppport such a problem I quickly switched the user to MS Office.

Throw in the fact that Open Office is still split into Open and Libre camps and you begin to lose faith in their ability to go forward.

Office 2010 is a great product, I prefer it to the Office 2013 I've forced myself to use since maybe November last year.

But both prodcuts are far ahead of the competition.

By Gindylow on 29 Jan 2013

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