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CES 2013: All electric gadgets "should have net connection"

Netgear products CES 2013

By Tim Danton in Las Vegas

Posted on 8 Jan 2013 at 09:11

In a bold statement of intent at CES 2013, Netgear’s chairman and founder Patrick Lo declared his "company mission" for the next decade: "Everything in the house that is powered by electricity should be connected to the internet."

Lo cited an analyst report that predicted the smart home market would triple in size between 2012 and 2015, but said this wasn’t enough. "Even then we’re just talking about expanding the smart home capability from the 1% to the 3%. Our mission is by ten, 15 years from now to extend the smart home capability to 30%, 40% and eventually 100%."

For Lo, the idea of a smart home is distinct from the proliferation of internet-connected devices such as TVs, games consoles and music centres, instead explaining that monitoring systems are the true "start of the smart home concept".

"Our commitment is to make [monitoring systems] available and make them installable by people themselves," said Lo. "So, at least for the next three or four years, for those people who will come with us, we’re committed to make their homes the smartest in the neighbourhood."

Unsurprisingly, Netgear announced a new product that fits neatly into the smart home category, with an addition to its existing VueZone Home Monitoring product line: the VueZone Add-On Night Vision Camera.

The weatherproof camera itself is powered by camera batteries that mean it can last for six months without interruption, but the infrared lamp requires a power connection. It's on-sale as of today in the US for $130.

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User comments


Sorry, but no! My toaster doesn't need to be connected to the net, why? I have to physically put bread into it, and if I put bread into it, before I go to work, it will be stale before I can tell the toaster to toast it, on my way home... And then it will be cold by the time I get there! Stupid.

The same goes for vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc. There are arguments for some things to be connected, but "everything"? No

By big_D on 8 Jan 2013

Stupid idea!

Sounds great (like PC games with on-line multi-player only)...

..until the supplier gets bored, sold or goes broke! Then you are screwed.

Not only should they block "net-dependant" appliances, but I would like to see a "software escrow" for PC software that, after a fixed period or upon the companies demise, sees features like the DRM is removed and on-line MP becomes LAN MP. While this might sound arbitrary, you have to think ahead; or are we prepared to have all historical software lost forever?

By cheysuli on 8 Jan 2013

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