What's coming up on PC Pro over Christmas?

Christmas Tree

Find out what's coming up on the PC Pro website over the Christmas break

PC Pro is now running on a reduced schedule until the New Year, but there will be plenty of new features and reviews to enjoy over the festive period.

Among the features that will appear on the website over the coming week are:

  • The 10 best techs of 2012
  • 10 things to do with a Raspberry Pi
  • The winners and losers of the year
  • The cartoon geeks
  • The techs to watch in 2013
  • How to back up all your devices
  • The best apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8
  • Top 10 news stories of 2012

And much more...

PC Pro would like to wish all its readers a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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