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Surface RT lands in John Lewis

Surface RT

By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 14 Dec 2012 at 09:28

Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT is landing in UK stores this weekend, starting with John Lewis.

Surface RT was first sold via Microsoft stores in the US and online for everyone else. Earlier this week, US retailer Staples started stocking the tablet, and John Lewis has laid claim to being the first UK store to sell it.

The department store will start selling the Surface RT in stores tomorrow and is selling them online today - although it already appears to be out of stock.

The retailer will offer two variations of the Surface RT, the 32GB and the 64GB model, both sold bundled with the black Touch Keyboard. Prices are the same as with Microsoft's own website, £479 and £579.

John Lewis' Microsoft win comes as The Register reports Dixons is negotiating with Microsoft to sell Surface in PC World stores.

Disagreement between the firms could mean a deal isn't reached until next year, although it's not clear what caused the talks to stall.

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User comments

Other RT manufacturers?

Pardon my ignorance on this, but are any other manufacturers implementng RT or are MS going solo on this?

I'm well pleased with my Surface but just wondering what future development for RT will be like if there's no widespread pickup on this OS.

By bronven on 14 Dec 2012

Dell, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo have all demoed RT devices.

Microsoft have promised 4 years support.

By Stiggy on 14 Dec 2012

@bronven and @Stiggy

There seems to be some confusion about whether MS mean 4 years for the Surface as hardware or 4 for RT as an OS.

Regardless, you definitely have 4 years support for your Surface (2 more than the original iPad got) and possibly more for the OS itself.

By Grunthos on 14 Dec 2012

Why no colours?

Why is it seemingly impossible now to get coloured keyboards?

Even on the MS site you can only get black or white.

By Grunthos on 14 Dec 2012


Probably sold out. I want the cyan cover :(

By rhythm on 15 Dec 2012

Where was it!?

Went to John Lewis this weekend to have a look and they had the signs up.

But they had none on display. Asked about it and they still hadn't received a demo unit let alone stock.

Same story with Lenovo and Asus and trying to find their Window s 8 laptops.

Do these companies not want to sell their products?

By Grunthos on 17 Dec 2012

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