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Breakfast Briefing: Hard times for ebook readers, Silicon Roundabout's origin story, free Nexus 7 for FT readers

Breakfast Briefing: Hard times for ebook readers, Silicon Roundabout's origin story, free Nexus 7 for FT readers

Posted on 12 Dec 2012 at 09:25

Today in tech, ebook readers failing, Tech City's beginnings, Nexus 7 bundles, web talks compromise, and more

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User comments

ebook readers

Is it also the case that eBook readers are less prone to obsolescence? Once everyone has bought an ebook reader, are they likely to buy another/upgrade? So sales are bound to tail off....

By JimmyN on 12 Dec 2012

I have an eReader and a tablet

And only use the eReader to read with.
If eReader sales are falling, it is more likely the cost and poor availability of ebooks are to blame, not the sale of tablets.
That's like saying an increase in bike sales spells the death knell for cars, without looking at the price of petrol.

By cheysuli on 12 Dec 2012

What they said....

@JimmyN & @cheysuli I was about to make the same point!

Additionally, you fail to notice that e-book readers are the ultimate content-consumption devices.
Amazon (which has probably sold most e-book readers) probably made a decent profit from them, but their long-term goal is to sell you e-books, & lots of 'em.

I do use my tablet for e-book reading, but you have to be careful!
All that fancy gorilla glass and polished metal doesn't come off too well when you nod-off and it falls a few feet from your limp fingers onto a hard floor!
You can take and read your 'Kindle' (other e-book readers etc...) to lots of places where you wouldn't want the bulk (or power requirements) of a Tablet, and so-on.

Like a DSLR the EBR is perfectly evolved to do a specialised job, and it works.

By wittgenfrog on 12 Dec 2012

Economics of complementary products...

...cuts both ways.

I guess the business plan was that cheap eReaders would drive sales of profitable ebooks. But of course expensive ebooks could equally stymie sales of eReaders.

By martindaler on 14 Dec 2012

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