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Hit game makes £52 in first week on Windows RT

Hit game makes £52 in first week on Windows RT

Posted on 7 Dec 2012 at 14:30

Author: David Bayon

Developer Rubicon said it will take two years to recoup cost of porting Great Big War Game

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User comments

That was quick

Apparently, MS have been in touch with Rubicon...

Windows RT – Might work out at some point.

If anyone already read this post, it has had a very positive effect and Microsoft have graciously decided work with us to iron out the problems and get us past this incident.

With a sense of fair play, I’m putting my grumpiness on hiatus and deleting the juicy bits. Which was all of it, sorry.

By MattLevy on 7 Dec 2012

...and they picked their ball up and went home....

I think MS need to be promoting the key missing apps when they arrive on the Windows - games are a secondary issue. Besides, many people own devices on multiple platforms - if you own the game on Android or iOS, why would you pay for it again on another platform?

By everton2004 on 7 Dec 2012


"Apple regularly promote our apps. Android regularly promote our apps. Even RIM (Blackberry) regularly promote our apps... Microsoft on the other hand clearly do not value us at all."

Do they promote EVERY app or do they single out specific titles? You have to be FAIR at the end of the day! Do you have to pay for specific titles to be pushed forward on the other platforms? No idea.

P.s. As I have a 64Gb Surface I'll go home and buy this app. Done.

By rhythm on 7 Dec 2012


Thanks for the update there on this topic. Shame PC Pro hasn't, 'yet', updated.

By rhythm on 7 Dec 2012


That was very quick! Thanks for pointing that out, have updated to reflect the new post.


By DavidBayon on 7 Dec 2012

Offering a trial version might help sales if the game is as good as the reviews make out.

I like a bit of turn based strategy, so I have just bought it.

By AlphaGeeK on 7 Dec 2012

It is very unlikely I would pay for a game on Windows 8/RT or Windows Phone that is not xBox Live enabled. I won't be buying this for other reasons though...

It has been released on RT only - tiny install base so far. There is no trial!?!?! I'm not paying for anything unless there's a trial version. Realistically, how many people are there with a Surface RT and a willingness to buy an app with no trial version. 3 good reviews (I've just checked them, they're good too) don't mitigate the other factors in this app not selling.

This is non-story. I'm sure there are plenty of failed apps on iOS or Android.

By onegin101 on 7 Dec 2012

Other nice games:

Radiant Defense (call it £4 after buying weapons)
iLomilo plus

Still having a look (It's difficult picking games when there's so many to choose from)

Maybe PC Pro could re-visit the Surface now that there's been a few nice performance updates?

Tip for Win8: Some may have noticed an app called 'Pin steam' for 99p. Ignore it. Install your application/app. When at the new UI type explorer and then Right click, Open file location. Drag your desktop shortcuts in there and then you can type/search and add to the new ui. No need to buy.

By rhythm on 7 Dec 2012

25 sales....

£52! That means *every* owner of a Windows RT device paid for the game, so what can they possibly complain about :)

By gbjbaanb on 8 Dec 2012

Own worst enemy

If they only developed for the ARM based RT tablets, they only really have themselves to blame. There are very few RT devices so far, 3, including the Surface? So the market is very limited.

In such a situation, I'm not really surprised that Microsoft don't push such "crippled" apps as hard as ones that run on all platforms that use WinRT (i.e. Windows 8 and Windows RT). The buyer gets much more value for their money.

Likewise, on my Windows Phone and Windows 8 laptop, I haven't bought any games, where I haven't been able to download and use a restricted demo version (something which is a huge plus point over iOS and Android, you download the demo version and if you like it, you buy it and it is opened up to the full version, nothing new to download and no double entries in the Store and your list of installed / purchased apps.

By big_D on 9 Dec 2012


Does W8 not have an app refund facility? You could try the app and return it if it's not suitable.

By TheHonestTruth on 10 Dec 2012

Publicity Stunt

This is either a shallow publicity stunt or an instance of extreme naivety. Windows RT has only just been released and most people have not even heard of it so it's completely obvious that sales will be feeble and this time. If this was being said a year from now it would be a reasonable complaint but I think a reality check is needed right now.

By Mark_Lawrence on 10 Dec 2012


Why bother with all of the hassle of trying to get a refund, when the store is designed to give users a free, restricted demo of the app.

Just because other app stores aren't so friendly, doesn't mean that developers coming from other platforms have to bring those unfriendly practices with them...

It is one of the features that is actually better implemented on Windows than iOS, OS X or Android.

By big_D on 10 Dec 2012

A bit of a non-event....

As has been widely pointed-out, the 'developer' needs to reconsider his marketing strategy.

I never buy any apps without first trying a test drive. No Trial version, no sale.

By wittgenfrog on 11 Dec 2012


This is a sad attention-grabbing toys out of pram spat from this developer. Every Microsoft registered developer has a number of contacts at Microsoft who will gladly engage with developers in topics such as promotion etc.

By drslothy on 13 Dec 2012

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