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Windows 8 store hits 20,000 apps

Windows 8

By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 23 Nov 2012 at 15:23

There's now more than 20,000 Windows 8 apps available, according to an independent analysis.

Windows App Update has been methodically keeping track of apps in the Windows Store, reporting it's now topped 20,610 globally - while Apple and Google's app stores both have several hundred thousand apps each.

Of course, not all apps are available in all markets. Of those, 12,675 are available in the US version of the store, and 11,000 in the UK. 87% of the apps in the Windows Store are free.

Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet have received mixed reviews, and one sticking point has been availability of apps - our own take on the tablet noted "there’s no doubt that the Windows Store falls a long way short of its iOS and Android rivals in terms of both quantity and quality of applications".

Microsoft has yet to confirm the numbers. A Microsoft exec last month said that the company was targeting 100,000 apps by February - leaving a lot of catching up to do over the next few months.

Microsoft insists that the total number of apps isn't important. Antoine LeBlond, corporate vice president of Windows Web services, told PC Pro ahead of the launch in October: "The one thing you won’t hear us spending much time or any time about is an absolute count of apps".

He said it didn't make much sense as many apps were merely copies of others - a developer might make a fan app for Justin Bieber and Beyonce, for example. Still, he did point out that Windows 8 had the largest app store at launch.

According to Windows App Update, there were 9,029 apps in the store on the 26 October, meaning the number has more than doubled since the launch of Windows 8.

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User comments

Comparing Apples & Pears

PC Pro - Hardly fair to compare the Apple & Google Apps Stores to the Windows 8 one is it? ... the product has not even been out four weeks yet, and you're comparing it to app stores for products that have been on the market for literally years. Once again shoddy poor quality, biased and shoddy reporting - I'm glad i stopped buying your magazine.

By deetem on 23 Nov 2012

One app

in each category is all that is needed - one good app.

I have the same core apps loaded on my Windows 8 machine as I do on my iPhone, my Android phone and my Windows 7 Phone.

By big_D on 23 Nov 2012


I have to agree with parts of that.

I still get the mag, but I do feel that PCPRO are still biased towards other products. Such as their review of the Surface was ok, but their view is that it's not as good as the iPad. when they are just thinking about the office worker, but they don't think about this when reviewing the iPad.

By henry20012 on 23 Nov 2012

@deetem, @henry20012

With due respect guys, these comments are ridiculous. The story only reports facts and the only note of criticism compares the actual numbers with Microsoft's own stated objectives. How is that bias?

Having said that, while it is certainly understandable that the Microsoft store is well behind the others, we can still fault Microsoft for being so late to the party and this deficit is still a valid consideration for consumers and businesses making purchasing decisions.

This is not a school sports day - 'fairness' is irrelevant!

By JohnAHind on 24 Nov 2012


**Once again shoddy poor quality, biased and shoddy reporting - I'm glad i stopped buying your magazine**
If you really despise the journalism in the mag why the hell are you still reading a web site written by the same people. ?
You registered for the site just to moan that you don't like the stories any more, this seems like a fair story to me with no bias that I can detect.
There are lots of other technology news sites on the Web you know, no-one is forcing you to read this one.

By andyw35 on 25 Nov 2012

However, you can criticise ...

an IT magazine that stubbornly sticks with a pathetic content management system that:

a) Cannot make postings appear in real time.


b) Cannot manage even a simple, literal, character-by-character de-duplication function!

Come on PCPro, your journalism is great, but it is being let down by this technical embarrassment in an area even non-technical publications manage to get right!

By JohnAHind on 26 Nov 2012

20,000 = 12,500

It's odd that you found 20,000 apps in the store 2 weeks ago - when I looked today there were 12,500

I'm surprised to see such a sharp fall in the number of apps!

By pcaplan on 5 Dec 2012

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