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Windows Phone 8 users complain of random reboots


By Stewart Mitchell

Posted on 19 Nov 2012 at 08:53

Windows Phone 8 users are reporting random reboot issues, with multiple handsets affected.

The latest version of the mobile OS launched weeks ago, but the issue is finding increasing traction as both Nokia 920 and HTC 8X owners take to forums to complain.

"I got my HTC 8X on 3 November, and didn't notice any reboots the first few days," said adesonic on the Microsoft forum, as first reported by The Verge.

"Since then, reboots have been becoming more frequent – five today so far. I seem to remember a similar problem with the original WP7 on my HD7, it was fixed by an update. This needs fixing quickly - the device cannot be relied upon in its current state."

Reboots so far during many different situations. I've heard from someone who had no problems on his 920 until he inserted the Micro SIM

Microsoft has yet to publicly acknowledge the issue, despite being informed by users and having several pages of complaints on its own forums.

The affected users have been unable to pin down the problem to any particular app, handset or function, which has led many to believe the problem is related to the OS itself.

"It's not user or app dependent as far I can say," posted one user. "Reboots so far during many different situations. I've heard from someone who had no problems on his 920 until he inserted the Micro SIM."

Over on the Windows Phone Central forum, there's also growing frustration at the lack of a response from Microsoft, although it's understood tech support teams are looking into the issue.

"I've been tweeting with Winphone support for the last 24 hours, informing them about the rebooting issue - I also informed them that hundreds of people are reporting this rebooting issue," said Strokee.

"Microsoft said that it is now looking into the matter and will respond to me via Twitter."

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User comments


Dial 99reboot...

By SwissMac on 19 Nov 2012

Well, at least MS won't come back with the diagnosis "you're holding it wrong" like our fruity friends did.

By everton2004 on 19 Nov 2012


Use iDevice to get to destinat......get lost.

By vikarmo on 19 Nov 2012


... Any chance of running this story?

As usual it seems that this might not be 'that' serious! A whole 50 posts on a thread. MASSIVE. Time will tell

By rhythm on 19 Nov 2012

£10 to children in need

Says that its something to do with "overfilling" the storage.
I have 32G in my 7pro and random reboots occur if its filled beyond 16G.
As its an unofficial upgrade, I wager that this issue has never been properly tested on WP7x at least.

By nickallison on 19 Nov 2012

No-one's any better

My Samsung Galaxy S2 randomly reboots by itself, and my iPod Touch isn't unknown to totally lock up and need a hard reset. So fanboys of every camp - give it a rest, eh?

By halsteadk on 19 Nov 2012

well said halsteadk

(but dissing IOS is just so much fun :-))

By nickallison on 19 Nov 2012

I don't have this problem

and Ive had mine since day one of release for it. No problems at all with is, no restarts, no crashes, no glitches.

It's smooth, fast and stable. Best phone Ive had, Ive had Androids and IOs phones too.

By Lawnton on 19 Nov 2012


I have this problem also but in addition my Lumia 820 turns itself on in the middle of the night as well, sometimes leaving me with a flat battery, I have another issue in that my Mercs phone system won't transfer my contacts across this must be an issue with the latest Bluetooth spec but no one can give me awnser on that one so I have the old Lumia 800 in the car and that's works fine.

By keith217 on 22 Nov 2012

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