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HP's PC chief calls Surface

HP's PC chief calls Surface "kludgey"

Posted on 15 Nov 2012 at 15:42

Author: Stewart Mitchell

Microsoft's tablet is no competition, HP claims

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User comments

HP an authority on tablets?

Not likely!

Cannot expect any of the hardware vendors to like it when Microsoft have said that the only reason they have is because no one has done anything that lets it compete with Apple. You failed HP along with others who have just not tried hard enough.

By Jamie_C67 on 15 Nov 2012


why are HP so rubbish? I'll tell you why:

"...there's quite a grid. We'll be judicious about how we deploy against application availability in the enterprise, consumerisation, and price points."

what a pile of bollocks

By gavmeister on 15 Nov 2012


Dear HP,

Where were you when the iPad hit? Oh yeah, nowhere. Instead of giving us an update HP TC1100 you sent us the Slate 500. A single core Atom CPU that was really, REALLY slow. Then you gave us the Slate 2. An even SLOWER tablet.

Now what do you have? You canceled the excellent 2700 tablet range and are set to release, after EVERYONE ELSE, your new device that sits at a resolution of 1280x800. No SD card slot on the machine. Sure, the jacket thing works well, but that's about it.

Please... stop.

Give us GOOD kit before even mentioning another company

By rhythm on 15 Nov 2012


I just don't understand why companies need to bad mouth each other.

The Surface looks awesome but so does the HP Envy X2!

Let your products do the talking, it's the only part the consumers pay attention to.

By Grunthos on 16 Nov 2012

I agree with all of the above comments

They need to look at their own rubbish devices before critisising others. With heads like Todd Bradley in charge, the Apple board will be having a good laugh.

By qwerty on 16 Nov 2012

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