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Breakfast Briefing: Nexus 4 sells out, IE10 Preview lands for Windows 7 and web access a basic right

Breakfast Briefing: Nexus 4 sells out, IE10 Preview lands for Windows 7 and web access a basic right

Posted on 14 Nov 2012 at 08:55

Today in the world of tech, Google's latest smartphone sells out, IE10 for Windows 7 arrives, and more

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User comments

Web access is human right...

Surely trying to stop anyone using the internet these days, or even to monitor their use of it, is pretty much impossible. Even people with basic IT knowledge could get a cheap laptop and a 3G dongle and keep it somewhere hidden - how can any law enforcement agencies do anything about this? Surely they should stop bothering and instead put the effort into tracking down those responsible for websites hosting illegal content (extreme porn, etc).

By valeofyork on 14 Nov 2012

Easy solution.

"unreasonable nowadays to ban anyone from accessing the internet in their home"

Removing his right to be at liberty in his own home doesn't infringe his human right's though.

It's just a shame that he'd have a 'human' right to a spot of protection under Prison Rule 45 (formerly 43).

By synaptic_fire on 14 Nov 2012

Not for idiots

"It’s not quite the same as people queuing along Regent Street, is it though?"

It's true that when Microsoft released Windows 95 there were quite a few overexcited idiots who queued up for hours just so that they could be the first with the new OS.

But surely, that is not an intelligent way to judge the success of an OS or phone.

The ability to stir up a few fools who can't wait a day is neither a guide to a product's worth or long term popularity.

By qpw3141 on 14 Nov 2012

Web access human right

This article from Techdirt on 8-Nov-2012 is relevant "Judge Quickly (But Temporarily) Blocks New CA Law That Takes Away Anonymous Speech Rights":

The idea being that if you're a registered sex offender in California you can't have anonymous speech. You can get on the list by urinating in public, and in all sorts of ways such as consensual under-age sex, and you're on the list for an excessively long time.

These are examples of well-intentioned law-makers implementing poorly thought-through measures on a highly emotional subject.

By revsorg on 14 Nov 2012

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