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Posted on 8 Nov 2012 at 14:03

The new issue of PC Pro Enhanced for the iPad is available for download right now from Apple's Newsstand, along with a variety of subscription options.


The app is available on a three-month, six-month or 12-month subscription, and the first three issues can be yours for just £1. Click here for full details.

PC Pro Enhanced is a designed from the ground-up, interactive version of the magazine that's beautifully formatted for the iPad screen.

It offers stunning 360-degree photography, video reviews, small bites of audio opinion from the PC Pro podcast team, and animated infographics, to accompany all the great magazine content you're used to.

PC Pro Enhanced 219

Download it today to read about:

*The 100 best apps of the year for smartphones and tablets.

*Which budget laptop is best for a Windows 8 upgrade.

*Ten amazing Raspberry Pi projects.

*The evolution of geek cartoons.

*Our Christmas gift guide, including an ebook reader shootout.

*Choosing the right broadband for your business.

If you already have the PC Pro Enhanced app installed, the new issue should be available for purchase.

If not, download the app from iTunes now.

Subscribe to PC Pro magazine. We'll give you 3 issues for £1 plus a free gift - click here
User comments

Plus the option of upgrading from print subscription

The PC Pro Enhanced Editions are superb and the best print to digital migration (cue Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the worrrld. I'm a convert.

However this page shows that I'm not the only person getting confused by the Enhanced and non-Enhanced iPad editions. The link takes you to a page with three options but the first option is for the print mag plus the 'non-enhanced' iPad edition. This is little more than a PDF version of the print edition with all the usual zooming, scrolling and navigation frustrations.

As an existing print subscriber I followed the Enhanced Edition upgrade path advertised at
a-subscriber/. I clicked the link, signed in and hit the digital upgrade button; the only option presented. I have ended up with the non-enhanced iPad edition. Not happy! This is sitting with the subscription helpline to resolve.

PC Pro Enhanced Edition is the only way to go but the distinction between the vanilla and Enhanced digital editions needs to be clearer.


By roy_tait on 8 Nov 2012

Wheres the option to get it on Android? Considering more Android devices are bought than Apple devices, why do companies only cater for Apple?

By KlingonBatleth on 8 Nov 2012


The same gets asked every month (I've asked it too) - where's the Android version? Either Android development requires a doctorate in rocket science or it's just plain lazy/favouritism. You be the judge.

By everton2004 on 8 Nov 2012

Windows 8 app...

Yeah I know you're not supposed to call it Metro but what the heck - I think a "Metro version of PC Pro has the potential to be really fantastic. Any chance? For those of us who have no interest whatsoever in iThings? Pretty please???

By huw_j on 8 Nov 2012

The Android question

We'd love to be able to produce an Android version of PC Pro Enhanced, but note that it would be for a tablet rather than a phone. The argument about volume isn't quite so compelling here.

But the biggest problem we have isn't laziness (thanks everton2004!) but resource: to create the Android version, we'd have to redesign for the different aspect ratio. Right now, we're stretched to produce the iPad version as well as the magazine.

We do have plans to create an Android version, and Windows 8 for that matter, but I can't promise you a timescale.

Tim Danton
Editorial Director, PC Pro

By TimDanton on 8 Nov 2012


...produce an Android version instead of the Apple one? A (unscientific) quick poll round our office shows 3 out of 4 PC owners have an Android one.
I suspect it isn't much different for your readership demographic, which doesn't necessarily match the respective market share of Android vs iOS.

By Gz_mattgscoxae0c on 8 Nov 2012


...PC Pro appears for subscription in the Windows 8 market place I WILL subscribe.

That's a promise.

It'll also be a sign that maybe Jon H should eat humble pie! :)

By rhythm on 8 Nov 2012

stretched to produce ipad version?

Well perhaps your technology approach is just wrong!

Surely you have to get used to the idea that devices will all have different aspect ratios, sizes, resolutions, blah blah, blah.

Think outside the box.

Why not release more PDF versions (or HTML/CSS) versions, even if a few months later.

And there we have the real reason - how do you protect your content.

As the author of a maths book, I have that problem too.

Oh, well then, why not an epub version or equivalent.

Guess I'm not going to be buying pcpro again anytime soon

By gfmoore on 8 Nov 2012

Kind of weird

Isn't it a bit like MacUser enhanced only being available on Android tablets?

By Alfresco on 8 Nov 2012

@Alfresco: Surely the correct comparison is Windows 8 tablets? ;-)


By DavidBayon on 9 Nov 2012

Better use of time?

Maybe, instead of spending all this time and magazine space bragging about your iPad version of the magazine, you'd be better off spending the resourses on getting an Android version out. All this Apple worship simply alienates your Android subscribers!

By stormsinger on 9 Nov 2012

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