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Update: Now Microsoft says Windows 8 upgrade is £25

Windows 8 RTM

By Barry Collins

Posted on 29 Aug 2012 at 08:00

Update at 4:15pm: Microsoft has told PC Pro that the Windows 8 upgrade will now cost only £24.99 in the UK, correcting an earlier statement that the price would be £39.99.

Last night, Microsoft's press agency confirmed in writing that the upgrade price would be £39.99 - a price that would have left British buyers about £10 worse off than their US counterparts, who are being offered an upgrade for $39.99.

This afternoon, the company's press agency said there had been a "miscommunication" from Microsoft's office in the US, and that the price of an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will be £24.99.

Microsoft's press agency insists that the price wasn't amended following press coverage of the price originally quoted, and that there had simply been an internal communication error.

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User comments

2 lost sales then

Hmmm I was going to pick this up, but at £40 I'm out!

By baripollard on 29 Aug 2012

So either...

...we're being ripped off by 25% price hike or we're subsidising US sales.
Either way, I can't say Microsoft are selling their lame duck OS very well.
Windows 8 is a tablet OS and NOT a desktop operating system. Microsoft have ensured Windows 7 sales stay steady for the next four-to-six years.

By cheysuli on 29 Aug 2012

Downgrade to Windows 7 with this?

Has it been clarified yet if it is possible to install Windows 7 with this licence? Say I want to upgrade from Windows XP but don't want to install Win 8 am I covered for Windows 7? I seem to remember reading somewhere that it allowed any previous version in a catch up licence tidy up....

By andycollinson1 on 29 Aug 2012

Price Comparison

Windows 7 Professional Upgrade retails at about £100, Ultimate Upgrade is about £150. £40 for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade seems like a no-brainer to me, dispite its bipolar tendancies.

By ding_jimmy on 29 Aug 2012


For details of the win8 licence including downgrade rights have a look at this ZDNet post:

By PlanetOfTheGrapes on 29 Aug 2012


No you can't, It's a Win 8 license.

I don't know why anyone is surprised, it's like this for pretty much everything from most companies. Take the $ symbol, replace with £ and conversion done.

£40 Is not a bad deal, but I seem to remember Windows 7 HP was only £37 if preordered when it came out? I'm sure thats why I bought a stack of em.

By JStairmand on 29 Aug 2012

Do they pay sales tax in the US?

I know there were issues involving sales tax in the states with e.g. Amazon because people weren't paying it.

By tech3475 on 29 Aug 2012

Why is everyone surprised?

Microsoft do this every time. It's almost exactly the same software (apart from localisation) and yet time and again we are milked shamelessly by them. Office and Windows, they say the sort of thing that it's a local pricing decision but we still buy. I think the phrase that comes to mind is "Arrgghh!"

By JohnMalcolm1961 on 29 Aug 2012


Thanks, just what I was after and confirms there is no loophole to downgrade.. dang

By andycollinson1 on 29 Aug 2012

How much?

So let me get this right if you are on XP and you skipped vista and win 7 then it will cost you £40 but if you paid to upgrade to vista and then you paid to upgrade to win 7 you now have to pay then same £40 that XP users pay, I think I'll wait until windows 9 or 10 before upgrading or maybe because my phone runs Android and my tablet runs Android maybe Linux would be a more logical step to take I don't play games on my pc anymore just email, web browsing,the odd office document and photo touch ups nothing that requires a tablet interface or touch screen to work.

By BIGSimon on 29 Aug 2012

Not with $40

The only reason I have to use windows at the moment is because of DRM. Netflix and Lovefilm stream only in Silverlight which is not available for Linux (Moonlight lacks the DRM module). Adobe Digital Edition and Overdrive only work on Windows too (ok, Adobe mostly works with WINE but Overdrive is garbage).

By JamesD29 on 29 Aug 2012

I had Vista and bought an upgrade to Win7. Everything went swimmingly until my hardrive crashed and I needed to reinstall Win7, it wouldn't let me do it with the disc I had, but couldn't track down my Vista disc which seemed to have gone missing in a move. It took an age on the phone with Microsoft to get the right code that allowed me to reinstall Win7 with the upgrade disc.

Learning from that kerfuffle, I don't want an upgrade license, I want a full license that I can reinstall at will without needing to reinstall Win7 first, or god forbid Vista.

By Phoomeister on 29 Aug 2012

Oh boohoo, woe is us....

Big deal, £10 extra isn't that much, so stop your moaning and groaning!

By formula_86 on 29 Aug 2012


The full install doesn't always work either. I tried to put XP back onto my netbook and it refuses to even attempt to install as it thinks that HDD is broken (it isn't but currently formarted in ext3 so that might be confusing it).

By JamesD29 on 29 Aug 2012


not a problem if you create a system image or a repair disk which should be the first thing you do when installing a new OS.

If your pc supports recovery then system image will restore your pc along with all your current files, settings and programs up to when the system image was last updated

By coatesy on 29 Aug 2012


Another pointless post. It must be lovely in the world you live in.

By russell_g on 29 Aug 2012

Oh dear, it seems Microsoft have borrowed Apple's $ to £ converter.

By Bowser on 29 Aug 2012

Windows 7 upgrade price

The $1 = £1 conversion rate is pretty much par for the course for all the big American software companies.

Amazon (who currently have the Win 8 upgrade at £49.99!) sold the Win 7 upgrade for 44.99 during the pre-order period. Seems that £40 for the Win 8 upgrade is a reasonable amount. Retailers will presumably be free to undercut the official price anyway?

By halsteadk on 29 Aug 2012


if it's fair or not, it's one more reason why I won't be taking "advantage" of the upgrade offer.

By rjsmith10 on 29 Aug 2012

another lost sale

I wont be bothering with it either,
they can stick it.....

By redshift50 on 29 Aug 2012


Really? Not a single person mentions Mr. Honeyball's article?

By dahawthorne on 29 Aug 2012

I saw this coming

The moment I saw the original Microsoft post where the guy said it would be the same price for the upgrade throughout the world, I commented to that post that if so it would be the first time ever that this had happened and that I didn't believe it.

Whereas this is not the kind of (%) markup that Adobe has always had for its software, it is especially annoying given that original "same price in 144 countries" original post.

But unexpected? Hardly.

By MikeW2 on 29 Aug 2012


No idea how that quadruple post happened...

By dahawthorne on 29 Aug 2012

What I posted on July 3rd in response to the Windows Blog linked in the second para

Here is the complete text of my comment to that blog on the 3rd of July.
> you will qualify to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99 in 131 markets.

I would give you good odds that this price (converted at the official exchange rate into Euros) will NOT be what is going to be charged me in Finland.

I have lost count of the number of times a US company or publisher has offered me price X in an e-mail or on a web site or for an iPad app only for the price miraculously to increase by 25-50% by the time it comes for me to pay.

Recently a good yardstick has been simply to give the same number but in Euros (at the time 1 Euro = 1.50 US dollars) but given that the exchange rate is now 1 Euro = 1.25 US dollars I suspect the charge in Euros will be a larger number. Even if it isn't there's a 25% increase right there.

Motto: Don't believe your own company's statements when it comes to international pricing.

By MikeW2 on 29 Aug 2012

Win8 Upgrade Wingers

Look, Win8 bashers, I think some of you have not actually used it much (I am using Win8 RTM on my HTPC now). At worst it is a Win7 skin - underneath it is still very slick and you just need to get over the new UI. Really not worth all the fuss, I'll tell you. Once you work out a couple of shortcuts to go straight to your apps what difference will it make if its tablet optimized or not?
Well, I admit that it is annoying that those of us who paid £££ for Win7 upgrades seem to be being undercut but this is now and we have had the use of Win7 for these last 3 years. Get over it.

By alanmort on 29 Aug 2012


Ok ... I'm really worried now ... you state (with emphasis) that Windows 8 is not a desktop OS ... only thing is, I've been using it as a desktop OS for some time now. What am I doing wrong?

I'm guessing you have some authority for saying this because, obviously, you wouldn't say such a thing just because you don't like it.

So, let us all have the benefit of your knowledge/authority/experience because I've only been working in IT since 1978 and as such a newcomer it seems that I must have got something wrong.

Funny thing is, I'm working faster and easier than ever before now that I am (mistakenly it seems) using Windows 8 as a desktop OS.



By slyme1 on 29 Aug 2012

I don't mind paying £25 to at least put in on one of my PC's. Then I'll have a Win XP netbook, a Vista laptop, Win 7 gaming pc and a Win 8 general purpose pc. Now just need to set up a hackintosh :-)

By baripollard on 29 Aug 2012


For something that I'll use for over 3 entire years £40, let alone £24.99, is an absolute steal.

As for the 'not for desktops' thing... Huh? You now have tiles (Win8) instead of square icons (Win7) and a giant search/start menu right there in the interface.

What 'is' the issue? Really... Just add shortcut icons to the task bar if you're upset.

P.s. Once standard users are away using Windows 8 like they've been using it for years a lot of 'tech' guys will hopefully feel embarrassed at their lack of embracing change. :)

(Typed using Windows 8 on... a desktop)

By rhythm on 29 Aug 2012


I don't want to mention it as I simply do not agree that it's a car crash. Time will tell

By rhythm on 29 Aug 2012


Maybe not everybody agrees with Honeyball on everything? I know I (increasingly) don't.

By The_Scrote on 29 Aug 2012

@rhythm & The_Scrote...

Point taken... :-)
But he knows a whole lot more than I do.
Mind you, he raves about how wonderful Apple are as well, now I think of it...

By dahawthorne on 29 Aug 2012


"he raves about how wonderful Apple are as well, now I think of it..."

...and that is a point that we should all consider. I'm sure that MS has dropped the ball over the years but with Windows 8 they're REALLY trying to bring things together. Respect for that.

Quote: "A car crash" - Windows 8 will sell and sell VERY WELL. My crystal ball told me

By rhythm on 29 Aug 2012


In some ways I understand what you're saying, but at the same time you have to understand that not everyone is tech savvy to be able to adjust easily and to me it feels like change for the sake of change which adds nothing if only annoyance.

Still, at £25 for those who want to upgrade this is a steal.

By tech3475 on 29 Aug 2012

How much?

Just to clarify the final answer.

How much is Microsoft willing to pay me to upgrade to Windows 8?

By BrownieBoy6 on 29 Aug 2012


That's much better! Looks like they will have my money after all.

By aa111 on 29 Aug 2012

Win 8 UP ... Win 7 DOWN ... via OEM

There is one route to take an XP or Vista PC and convert to Windows 7 via Windows 8 ... but you have to be very careful. The only version of W8 which conveys downgrade rights to W7 for consumers is OEM. There is a warning clause in the EULA which says that neither your OEM, nor system builder nor MSFT is obliged to provide the downgrade media! So the only way I'd attempt the process is to make sure I had a system builder on my side first.

Of course you might not want to do this if the cost of W8 OEM (plus whatever the system builder wants for the W7 downgrade help) is greater than the cost of a straight W7 upgrade. However the option may be viable ... since all W8 license costs seem to be coming down.

I can understand why businesses might want to do this ... but at £25 an upgrade to W8 PRO including the media addons for free ... is a bargain. As it stands W8 might be a something of a klutz but since it's also MSFT's future any improvements necessary are likely to be provided in short order.

The Personal User License, allowing reparenting among your own PC's (and one resale), is also liable to be a steal.

By Jacko55 on 29 Aug 2012

£25 and correction to my earlier post

I forgot, the Windows 7 price I paid was for a full licence not an upgrade - not sure if it makes a big difference though (seeing as I was replacing Vista which I had no intention to go back to!).

I think for £25 it will be worth buying an upgrade licence in the expectation I may want to use it at some point. As with Win 7 the prices will likely rise after release.

By halsteadk on 30 Aug 2012

Come on in, the water's lovely

I have been using Windows 8 for months now. It does everything Windows 7 does, and more. And it does it faster. What on earth is there to lose? And it will only be £25. Unbeatable.

I have never read such a load of rubbish as some of the negative comments above. My guess is that most of them are from people who have never used Windows 8. They all deserve Darwin Awards.

By fogtax on 30 Aug 2012

W8 Bargin on Amazon

Windows 8 Pro, Upgrade Edition [Upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7] (PC)

Only £50 to you sir....

I think not...

By steve4586 on 31 Aug 2012

Amazon price

The download price is £25. The extortionate Amazon price of £50 is for the DVD. If the download is of an ISO image that I can burn to a DVD myself, that is what I will do.

By fogtax on 31 Aug 2012

I'll be upgrading, but only on my Motion C5 tablet PC. No multitouch, but works very well with the pen input and doesn't bog down the processor much in Metro mode.

By Shuflie on 31 Aug 2012

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