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Toshiba joins HP in dropping Windows RT tablets


By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 15 Aug 2012 at 09:35

Toshiba has pulled out of making Windows RT tablets, saying it will focus on x86 models instead.

The manufacturer had shown off a Windows RT prototype running ARM at Computex earlier this year. HP last month said it won't initially make Windows RT tablets because it believes its customers didn't want them, but Toshiba is instead blaming supply issues.

"Toshiba has decided not to introduce Windows RT models due to delayed components that would make a timely launch impossible," Toshiba told Bloomberg. "For the time being, Toshiba will focus on bringing Windows 8 products to market. We will continue to look into the possibility of Windows RT products in the future while monitoring market conditions."

Toshiba has decided not to introduce Windows RT models due to delayed components that would make a timely launch impossible

The company hasn't said which components had been delayed.

Microsoft said earlier this week that Dell, Samsung and Lenovo will create RT devices as well as tablets running Intel chips, while Asus has already revealed an ARM design.

Acer has shown off a Windows 8 tablet running Intel's Ivy Bridge, and said it expects to launch an ARM version next year, but the company has been an outspoken critic of Microsoft's move into hardware with its Surface tablet - saying it would be "negative" for the PC market.

Like Toshiba, HP will also initially only create an x86 tablet. "The robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future," HP said last month.

While HP was burned by its only ARM tablet, the Palm-based TouchPad, Toshiba has released several ARM Android devices - although none have made a major sales splash.

All manufacturers have a tough challenge to rival the iPad, regardless of which Windows 8 platform they opt for. Three years after launch - and after the arrival of many Android, Palm and BlackBerry rivals - Apple's tablet continues to hold 70% of the market.

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User comments

Nice neutral reporting there (not)

Why use the headline 'snubs'? This isn't snubbing, this is a supply problem.

By jgwilliams on 15 Aug 2012



By wittgenfrog on 15 Aug 2012


I agree with the last two posters.

It makes sense to concentrate on one job at a time rather than risk coming up with half baked attempts at both platforms.

It also makes sense to concentrate first of the variation with the proven market.

This is not a snub, it's simple common sense.

Had they said that they were never going to produce for ARM, THAT would be a snub.

By qpw3141 on 15 Aug 2012


As Toshiba was the only oem partnered with Texas Instrumants to use their OMAP chip. Could this have anything to do with delayed components?

As for neutral reporting. Do you really expect that when it relates to Microsoft?

By chapelgarth on 15 Aug 2012

What about Windows 8 Tablets

It's not beyond reason that Microsoft might be briefing for the long-term emergence of genuine Windows 8 tablets with full PC compatibility running on Atom. Microsoft has the capacity to slug it out against Android and Apple at the lower end with Windows 8on Intel competing with the higher end Apple products.

By milliganp on 15 Aug 2012


This is typical "Apple Pro" negative reporting of Apple's competitors - are they on Apple's payroll I wonder??

By everton2004 on 15 Aug 2012


terrible heading

PC Pro = The Daily Star of computer reporting. Get the FACTS and leave out the the sensationalism.

By rhythm on 15 Aug 2012

PC Pro Reporting

Actually PC Pro has some of the best writers in the business but the combination of Barry Collins as Editor and Nicole Kobie writing 'news' stories is a disaster. We can only hope that Mr Tim Danton in his 'Super Editor' role notices and does something to stop the rot.

By neil_aky on 16 Aug 2012

Name change

Have you considered dropping the 'Pro' from 'PC Pro'?

By vikarmo on 16 Aug 2012

Headline change

On reflection, the headline was misjudged and has been corrected.

Perhaps a few of the people commenting here should also reflect on whether personal abuse is really justified for a poorly worded headline.

Nicole Kobie is an excellent news editor who is widely respected by her colleagues and peers, and she has my full support.

Barry Collins

By Barry_Collins on 16 Aug 2012


Barry, you are clearly big enough to admit when a mistake has been made so I would ask you and Nicole to accept my apologies. It's easy to write a comment and forget about the people at the other end - I should not have been so personal.

What I should have said, is that the headlines and stories in recent times have become more tabloid in nature and the magazine, in places, reads more like a general technology magazine. I tend to associate yourself and Nicole more with these types of stories; it was this approach which made me stop my subscription. However, my previous comment was out of proportion to the real level of dissatisfaction. I would be lost without PC Pro in the market.

However, I have bought the last three issues off the shelf as I still enjoy reading many of your excellent writers.

Genuine apologies for being personal and I will ensure I keep all of my comments constructive in the future.

By neil_aky on 16 Aug 2012


Apology accepted. Thanks for your gracious reply.

There has been no conscious decision to make our news coverage more "tabloid". Quite the opposite, in fact. We're attempting to provide more long-form analysis within our news sections, both online and off.

I hope you'll find the news more to your taste as we develop this strategy over the coming weeks and months.


Barry Collins

By Barry_Collins on 17 Aug 2012

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