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40GB of data that costs the same as a house

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By Barry Collins

Posted on 30 Jun 2011 at 15:37

How much would it cost to download the same amount of data as you get bundled with your home broadband on a mobile roaming tariff? About the same price as a three-bedroom house in Surrey.

The cost of mobile data is coming under investigation from the EU, which is set to impose new caps on mobile roaming rates this week. As our infographic below shows, regulatory action is long overdue.

We compared the cost of downloading 40GB of data - the standard quantity bundled with BT's Total Broadband packages - on various mobile tariffs.

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User comments


...I didn't personally have to pay the cost of checking my email on my Orange iPhone when we went for a long weekend in Berlin - well over a hundred quid.

In their defence they kept sending texts saying that the cost was going to make me puke.

By revsorg on 30 Jun 2011

So? Apart from a nice bit of marketing spin for BT, what is the point of this? It's hardly apples to apples, is it? Yes roaming internet is crushingly expensive, but most users don't travel enough to make it worth the networks' while competing on cost.

By flyingbadger on 30 Jun 2011

@revsorg - ever consider using wifi in your hotel or pretty much any cafe in any city in the developed world? Lots of them are free so you can download to your heart's content for the price of a cup of coffee. That's what I do when abroad for all personal email, browsing and maps, though admittedly I have my Blackberry for work e-mails which is set to roam and can in a pinch be used for emergency on the go browsing.

By flyingbadger on 30 Jun 2011


Wasn't this in the magazine months ago?

I can't find the issue right now, but i'm almost positive it was in PCPro (it could have been another publication though, but I definietly read an artice like this a good while back)

By Anonymouse on 30 Jun 2011


So if you went into a bar in France and got charged £2,000 for a pint of Bitter you would consider it OK?

By milliganp on 30 Jun 2011


Or, conversely, it highlights the completely LUDICROUS prices charged by some companies for roaming. Frankly you could compare it with Stilton cheese - it smells a whole lot worse. You seem very casual and dismissive about the whole thing. There are lots of people who come home from holiday (perhaps not as "smart" as techno-nerds) and are stung with unreasonably large bills.

By halian on 30 Jun 2011

Managed to spend £50 overnight in Europe by leaving my roaming on accidentally. This was the price of my iPhone retrieving about 4 items of junkmail between the hours of about 3-8am. Absolute disgrace, but I paid, and switched my contract the following month. Bitter taste.

By deejerox on 4 Jul 2011

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