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Mesh Computers in administration


By Stewart Mitchell

Posted on 1 Jun 2011 at 08:48

Independent computer manufacturer Mesh has gone into administration and ceased trading, according to administrator MacIntyre Hudson.

Although the Mesh website remains up and running, MacIntyre Hudson issued a statement saying “following a thorough review of the financial position of Mesh Computers, the decision was made by the Board of Directors to place the company into administration".

Following a thorough review of the financial position of Mesh Computers, the decision was made by the Board of Directors to place the company into administration

According to MacIntyre Hudson, the company was put into administration and sold to PC Peripherals yesterday, leaving customers with outstanding orders to approach their card companies for a refund.

“If you have made a payment via credit card for goods and/or services due to be delivered by Mesh Computers and these goods have not yet been received then you should contact your credit card provider immediately to discuss the possibility of a refund,” the accounting firm said.

“Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, you may be entitled to claim a refund for purchases between £100 and £30,000,” it added.

Anyone who paid by cheque or debit card needs to contact the administrator and request a Proof of Debt form to make a claim from the accountancy firm. MacIntyre Hudson warned a response could take seven days.

New owner

PC Peripherals bought the Mesh brand and other assets, and has also agreed to provide hardware support to existing customers who are within the original warranty period.

The administrator said the closure was forced by the changing shape of the market.

“It is not just the recession that has hit IT firms hard," said Paul Davis, principal at MacIntyre Hudson. "The rise in demand for iPads and other tablet devices over laptops and PCs means we are seeing lots of changes in the sector across the entire supply chain, from manufacturing through to distribution and retail.”

It's not certain what PC Peripherals plans to do with the Mesh name or inventory, but according to company owner and director Reza Jafari, the acquisition is “an excellent platform from which to develop our business".

"Mesh Computers’ 25 year history of manufacturing in the UK is a solid foundation to build from and we are looking forward to investing and moving into our next phase of growth,” he added.

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User comments


Aaah, that's sad! All the desktops i've ever owned or recommended were mesh.

By creechitup on 1 Jun 2011

Very sad

Another (relatively) old British computer name bites the dust.

By qpw3141 on 1 Jun 2011

I've never heard of them

Which, if I'm not alone, was perhaps why they were struggling.
Too many companies go under because they cut back on advertising and sales when times are hard.

By cheysuli on 1 Jun 2011

Not before time

Mesh provided the worst after sales service I've ever encountered on every occasion I had to try to use it. I was lucky in that my first computer from them was fine but the one I got after that was a complete mess, delivered with a faulty motherboard, disc drive and graphics card.

Eventually an 'engineer' came to repair it and couldn't work out how to replace the motherboard (got the old one out, couldn't connect up the new one). Sent back to the factory and returned with only the disc drive repaired and the wrong OS on it....... I could go on but won't.

I for one will not miss them in the slightest.

By 23522 on 1 Jun 2011

Bit sudden.

"According to MacIntyre Hudson, the company was put into administration and sold to PC Peripherals yesterday"

How did the administrators work out invetory value, creditors debt etc in 1 day? Why is the site still accepting orders? If I had gone and bought a PC using my debit card ttoday woithout reading this article I would be high and dry right now.

By JStairmand on 1 Jun 2011

By Anonymouse on 1 Jun 2011

At Last

Having read endless people gob-smacked that despite Watch-Dog, user forums, Trading Standards and any contact you ever had with a victim/customer of this shambles they were still "trading" (possibly more accurate terms such as mugging people, taking hard cash for vapourware as suppliers wised up etc put in the alledgedly column) this is probably long overdue. PC shopping just got a bit safer.

Or a bit harsh, discuss.

By gcanton on 1 Jun 2011

There own fault

There build qualitiy and support went to hell around 2005 so its no suprise before that they where excellent.

By peteadsett on 1 Jun 2011

Won't be missed by me

Can't say I'll miss them.

Bought two identical PCs from them a few years back and both motherboards were faulty.

Getting them changed over was a frustratingly slow experience.

Wouldn't have bought from them again after that.

By cerebros on 1 Jun 2011

Be interesting to see if things improve

Having checked PC Peripherals' website, I think they'll struggle to do anything with the Mesh brand. Based on their business address, I think they'll struggle to do much with the inventory too.

By alynsparkes on 1 Jun 2011

Having checked Meshcomputers web-site, there's no mention they've gone into administration - in fact you can still configure a PC if you want to. Live chat still pops up on the main page - I doubt there's anyone to speak to though.

@peteadsett - 6 years of substandard service - no wonder they're in trouble.

By pbryanw on 1 Jun 2011

Worst company I ever knew

I found them to be an utterly hateful, useless and incompetent company - with 'quality' of goods and services so bad as to be bordering on the fraudulent.

While I don't like seeing anyone lose their jobs, frankly, I'm glad they've gone out of business - to save other people the misery of having to deal with them.

Scan, Quiet PC, Yoyo-tech: Just some of the other companies I've dealt with that understand what the word 'service' actually means.

How hard can it be to send out custom built equipment that isn't broken from the start?

The fact they haven't even bothered to update their website and stop taking orders is indicative of the utter contempt they have for the people who gave them money.

By Mr_John_T on 1 Jun 2011

Trading off another's history

If PC Peripherals is planning to trade off the basis of 25 years of Mesh history (as per quote in last paragraph), then surely they owe some loyalty to the Mesh customers who have placed orders and will not receive any goods.

By halsteadk on 1 Jun 2011

Dissapointed and embarassing

I recently (about 3 months ago) recommended to my friend to buy a desktop machine from them, they gave a good price for a good machine. My recommendation was based on the fact that Mesh had been going for so long and therefore must have had a sound business model as alot of companies had been and gone in the same period Mesh had been around.
My friend waited 2 1/2 months for nothing to arrive and kept getting fobbed off by scripted rubbish about Intels faults and machine waiting but waiting for parts. He cancelled a few weeks ago and I'm embarrassed and ashamed that they let me down and now am even afraid I might end up costing my friend £1000. I pray he gets his money. He has been updating me with how rubbish and appalling their service has been and I don't have a answer for him. I hope they pay up and then burn and the police step in. Evesham screwed me over before and I thought I learnt.(that was on PCPRO recommendation of the "excellent service").

By JustUmmar on 1 Jun 2011

Is it any wonder people leave PCs behind?

Once upon a time MESH computers had a good reputation.

Sadly they seem not to have invested enough back into the company, but instead given fat salaries to Directors (just look at the Directors' car parks of businesses like this to see how they like spending money on themselves).

When there are so many small PC makers who are under capitalised when hard times come their business model cannot compete, so they cut prices and quality in an attempt to keep market share at the expense of profitability. With no profits their capitalisation falls, their quality and service levels fall, so their customers leave them even more quickly. After this has happened to computer users a couple of times it's no wonder people move to alternatives such as Apple.

By SwissMac on 1 Jun 2011

Different Experiences...

Funny really. I know laods of cyber-folk have had manifold issues over the years, but I've personally never had any great problems.

Purchased around a dozen Mesh PCs for work use with no problems and three for personal use since 2003 and had one issue - a cable had become loose in transit and was bouncing on the CPU fan, causing a lovely grinding noise. Luckily, Mesh had an open case policy so 'twas a simple matter to sort it myself.

I'd always recommended Mesh for more technical users just in case and hadn't had any comebacks - which as an IT tech in a school was quite unusual!

Still, not surprised they couldn't compete and to be honest, once they'd started to sell through QVC I thought things might go downhill....!

By bioreit on 1 Jun 2011

Great - a few years ago.

Mesh had an excellent reputation 6 or 7 years ago but it dramatically plummeted as margins got tighter. This company should have re-aligned ages ago.

By CraigieDD on 1 Jun 2011

No loss to British business

I agree with the other comments here about the paucity of after sales commitment this company showed me when my computer arrived incorrectly configured. For those who feel bereft at the 'loss' of another British company, look at it this way: 1) they were terrible to the point of national embarrassment, 2) they were barely British if the quality of English of the 'engineers' and managers I spoke to were anything to go by.

By nanlonan on 1 Jun 2011


I have just checked and there is somebody still taking the help chat.
(tis a human aswell and not a bot)

I asked about the takeover, they told me they are trading as PC periperals and it is game on as usual.

Quite odd for a company that has just gone into admin.

By Anonymouse on 1 Jun 2011

Never heard of them?

@cheysuli I can only presume then that you've never read the mag or visited this site (which I know you have as I recognise your name). Mesh have been one of the biggest PC makers for years.

By The_Scrote on 1 Jun 2011

I'm glad to see the back of them, I spent loads of money with them & got crap service in return.

In the end to avoid all of the problems with PC manufacturers, I learnt how to build my own machines, since then I've never had a single problem with my PCs. :-)

By SKINHEAD1967 on 1 Jun 2011

Do your research

For a computer 'professionals' forum, there seems to be a lot of ill-informed comment; see

By incognitii on 1 Jun 2011


I find it quite odd that people 'in the know' don't build there own PC.

Once I have the parts, I could build a tower in about 20-mins (assuming a fairly standard setup, i.e. no water cooling)

There would be more work involved in getting the parts, and I could get all the parts from one shop a couple of miles away.

By Anonymouse on 1 Jun 2011

Amended link

Link above doesn't seem to work - see Forums/Vendors/Mesh - did you get you re fund?

By incognitii on 1 Jun 2011


The first link works fine for me taking me direct to the article!?!

The second one just takes me to the forum the thread is in!?!

By Anonymouse on 1 Jun 2011


Get your facts right.

Mesh was levelled at top of the range full $$ type of users ~ just like Apple

They went bust because of poor after sales and build quality.

Not everyone wants or would like a Mac

If you do not know not all software will run on a Mac that why I have not switched…..but D3 on a 27” Mac might look good


By mprltd on 1 Jun 2011

I tried using Mesh twice. Worse customer service I have ever encountered. Great machines if delivery etc went right, but a horrifically incompetent company if anything did go wrong. I'm amazed they lasted this long.

By Aspicus on 1 Jun 2011

About Time.

Bought two machines from them some years ago. One (about £1600) had to go back for repair immediately and all I got from them were lies about repairs and returns. Refused to accept delivery of the "repaired" machine, when they eventually decided to return it,and claimed a full refund.

By SimplyGrey on 1 Jun 2011


Don't forget your beloved Apple nearly went bust in the 90's and were saved by MICROSOFT!!! ;-))

By rjp2000 on 1 Jun 2011

I would like to add

my own name to the list of people applauding this demise. I can only hope that the parasites who ran this once top-tier company into the ground have not creamed off the profit and sailed off into the sunset.
In 2001, they were in a class of their own. Five short years later, they were an abomination.
Good bloody riddance.

By PaleRider on 1 Jun 2011

Economical with the truth?

On the Mesh web site terms and conditions page PC Peripherals do quote their company registered number(4070792) as required by law, although its prominence is questionable.

However the T&Cs immediately go on to say "We are licensed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (Consumer Credit Licence Number: 154771) and registered with the Financial Services Authority (reference number 204572)." They also claim to have a Data Protection registration entry under number Z5750586. In reality all of those registrations refer to Santander Cards UK Limited. For them to say "We are licensed..." is extremely dishonest IMHO.

Also PC Peripherals [Limited] do not have any Data Protection registration entry of their own and, if they have "bought the database" from the Administrator of Mesh Computers Limited then they are already breaking the law. The Information Commissioner and OFT should take note, I think.

By nickramsden on 2 Jun 2011

Good Catch, Nick!

@nickramsden. Well spotted!
I note also that tho' Xpert Reviews quoted Jafarai as saying he would not take cash until dispatch, he has not altered the T&Cs to reflect this. (But then Xpert Reviess/CShopper did award Mesh as 'Computer Manufacturer of the Year 2010' - still prominently displayed on the Mesh website!

By incognitii on 2 Jun 2011

My experience with Mesh Computers - Appalling customer service!!!

Sent: 25 March 2010 13:08
To: Service
Subject: Attention of Karim Abdulla
Hi Mesh Computers (Karim Abdulla) and PC Pro (Mike Jennings -

Update on my Mesh PC system purchased in 11/Nov/2009 and fully paid for on that date!!!

So far my brand new MESH PC has been returned twice to base.
The first time my PC arrived it did not work at all, it was totally dead and the tower unit was returned to MESH, who repaired it and returned it to me within three weeks!!!

When returned to me the repaired PC had the faults listed below:
1) Combo Blu-ray/DVD will not play dual layer or Blu-ray disks. Will read CD's and single layer DVD's okay. Your technical department was supposed to send me the correct software to correct the fault, but nothing has arrived yet.
2) PC constantly fails to boot up into Windows 7, system just freezes and you have to continue resetting until it eventually boots up.
3) When you do get the PC to load Windows 7, after about 2-5 minutes the mouse freezes. This also happens in safe mode.
4) I was asked by your technical department to run the Windows Diagnostic Tool, this I did twice. The first time it froze at 1 of 2 33%, overall 16% and the second time it froze at Running Test 2 of 2 05%, overall 52%. After this test I was asked by your technical department to return the PC to MESH.
5) Card reader only works occasionally and does not show the slots on the "Computer" page, like it does on Windows XP and Vista.
6) When the PC is shut down, it takes around 5 minutes to do this.

The tower unit was again returned to Mesh, who kept it for 5 weeks this time. This time Mesh had changed the graphics card, a faulty SATA cable and resolved the corrupted software on the Blu-ray unit. It was eventually returned to me and seemed to work okay for just over a month. Then I noticed that the Blue-ray unit didn’t read any type of disk, not even a CD this time. Overall apart from the Blu-ray unit my PC was working okay, although occasionally I do get a window saying that one of my USB ports isn’t working and I seem to lose the card reader, but I can live with this annoying fault.

A week last Monday, 15 March, I had planned to write to Mesh enquiring if they would change the Blu-ray unit or give me a refund on the item. The last thing I didn’t want to do was to send the tower unit back again to Mesh and lose my PC for several more weeks and probably lose all my loaded programs again on a Mesh reset to default settings. However that morning my PC froze three times and the only way of getting it back again was to reboot it, Ctrl/Alt/Del had no effect, the PC was truly frozen.

The rest of the day it seemed okayish, but I was always afraid the same thing was going to reoccur, so not a happy experience. The following day the mouse froze, but I seem to cure this by replacing the batteries!!!
I still lose the card reader occasionally and the PC still takes 5 minutes to shut down. The last week the PC has behaved its self apart from the last stated problems.

While all this hassle with my new Mesh system has been going on, I have had to purchase a laptop as a backup for when my PC is been repaired or broken down. I have had two close deaths in the family since Christmas, so I needed a reliable PC to keep in touch and update the rest of my family in the UK, Canada & Australia, please note I brought a Samsung R730 and not a Mesh laptop!!!

I am left with a Mesh PC system that I don’t really trust and have no faith in what-so-ever. I do not want it repaired again, as I feel it will only breakdown again in the near future. Ideally I would like a brand new replacement or a full refund for the tower unit. However speaking to Karim Abdulla of Mesh last time I realize that there is no way this is going to happen!!! I do want a replacement Blu-ray unit and one that will work this time, so Karim please send me details of how to return this faulty unit to you.

Sorry that this email is so long, (especially to Mike Jennings of PC Pro, as I know that it is no real concern of yours, but you have been involved in the loop from the start, so I wanted to keep you updated as you asked to be), so please Karim Abdulla and Mesh can you arrange for me to return the faulty Blu-ray unit.

By wmmgl00 on 2 Jun 2011


Funny how these sort of comnpanies always sell to their own kind. Friends and relations only. Just one long-term con-game.
Hopefully Max Sherafati and his mob will be in jail soon.

By Tom1948 on 2 Jun 2011

7 day cooling off

Anyone who has purchased in the last 7 days should look at distance selling regulations which allow a 7 day cooling off period for internet purchases. See:


By jknight on 3 Jun 2011

dancing on the grave

Well I for one am off to get my dancing pumps will be jigging on their grave. Quite possibly the worst company it has ever been my misfortune to deal with. Two examples:

On the basis of magazine reviews I bought a Mesh PC. Within the guarantee period the power supply died. It took Mesh just over three months to resolve the problem including wiping my hard drive. I could have fixed the fault myself within an afternoon including schlepping out to buy a new unit at my own expense.The rank dishonesty of their so-called service department still rankles.

Second. A car club to which I belong bought a Mesh. It did not work as advertised. It took threats of recourse to the small claims court before they laboriously dragged ( and dragged and dragged) a solution out of the hat.

I would guess my experiences were not unique.

I do not understand why magazines such as Pcpro gave rave reviews for year upon year when for ordinary customers the Mesh experience was far from rosy. Just looking at the spec and the price is not enough.As magazine journos you run the risk of degrading your own product and livelihoods by turning a seemingly blind eye to such companies.

Hey-ho - it was ever thus. But need not be so.

regards as always

By davidxbourne on 3 Jun 2011


My only regret at the demise of Mesh is that I was in the process of suing them, so my claim will now be dropped. Otherwise delighted to see this bunch of scheisters who treated customers with contempt go down.

PCPro's role is questionable, at best, too.

By badboybint on 5 Jun 2011

More good news

With Bin Laden dead, Ratko Mladic in prison and Mesh out of business, is there any end to the good news?

By badboybint on 5 Jun 2011

More good news

With Bin Laden dead, Ratko Mladic in prison and Mesh out of business, is there any end to the good news?

By badboybint on 5 Jun 2011

PC Peripherals is Mesh Computers

I agree with several here that it is quite surprising how quickly a buyer was found for Mesh in the circumstances. I know that employees were made redundant the day before it went into administration and then sold to PC Peripherals clearing all debts and responsibilities for the owner Mr Sherafiti.
Now Mr Jafari (a Mesh employee!) runs PC Peripherals and thinks he can carry on selling Mesh systems under a new guise! Don't think anything will change - same old owners screwing its customers and staff.

By Jack11 on 6 Jun 2011

PC Peripherals is Mesh Computers

I agree with several here that it is quite surprising how quickly a buyer was found for Mesh in the circumstances. I know that employees were made redundant the day before it went into administration and then sold to PC Peripherals clearing all debts and responsibilities for the owner Mr Sherafiti.
Now Mr Jafari (a Mesh employee!) runs PC Peripherals and thinks he can carry on selling Mesh systems under a new guise! Don't think anything will change - same old owners screwing its customers and staff.

By Jack11 on 6 Jun 2011


Somethings smells wrong with this whole saga and it should be investigated by OFT.
In March 2011 my dissabled grandson ordered a £2600 computer from MESH and paid for it with his Debit Card.
He was told it would take 10 to 14 days for delivery. Weeks went by and after multiple phone calls to MESH customer services,I told my grandson to cancel his order,this he did on the 20th April 2011 and recieved a confirmation Email from Mesh saying that his payment would be refunded within 15 to 30 days. Now the bubble has birst and my grandson has no computer and no refund. Crooks the lot of them and OFT lets them get away with it. I warn all who think that MESH will change, to avoid it like the plauge,once bitten twice shy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By grandad44 on 21 Aug 2011

Warrant that was under Mesh is now what?

I have an Inspire 6600 and was bought in February this year (2011) .
it has worked well up to now but now I can't load windows,it states :-
Unable to load windows because the operating system version is not compatible with start up repair.
Will the new owners support our warranties with Mesh or are we buggered?

By bigbee698 on 29 Dec 2011

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