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CES chief warns against 3D TV hype

Gary Shapiro

By Barry Collins in Las Vegas

Posted on 7 Jan 2011 at 01:35

The president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association - the organisers of the CES show in Las Vegas - has warned against the hype surrounding 3D TV.

Speaking to a select group of journalists on the first official day of CES, Gary Shapiro said there was still much consumer confusion surrounding 3D TV, which is once again prevalent on the show floor.

"3D is a wonderful experience and is clearly going to be a part of most, if not all, high-end TV sets soon," he said.

However, he warned that buyers were still bewildered by the technology. "Most consumers don't understand that a 3D set is also a wonderful 2D set," Shapiro said.

He said manufacturers must not get carried away with ambitious talk of 3D in every home. "We're still at the very beginning of 3D and that's the reason I ask people to set targets that are achievable," he added.

Shapiro's cautious comments echo those of the CEA's research director, Shawn DuBravac, who earlier this week claimed that 3D was no longer the chief selling point of new, high-end TVs.

"Last year, [built-in] internet as a feature outsold 3D," DuBravac claimed, adding that 3D had become a secondary feature in most manufacturers' marketing.

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User comments

3D Ready

I remember the confusion surrounding HD and HD Ready TVs when they first came out. I certainly will not be jumping on the 3D TV band wagon for many years to come. I will wait for the technology to settle in (and the prices to come down) first.

By BidAuto on 7 Jan 2011

I'll wait for 3D

Colourless flickering steroscopic 2D for three to four times the price of conventional TV has no appeal.

When holographic projections arrive; when you can sit on the left of the TV and see the right side of the actors face, THEN it'll be 3D and perhaps worth the stupid money they're currently asking for a TV with a slightly higher refresh rate.
For now, stick the snake oil and 3D specs where the sun doesn't shine.

By cheysuli on 7 Jan 2011

"Last year, [built-in] internet as a feature outsold 3D,"

And wouldn't it be because watching YouTube on your TV is something that people actually wanted?

By Josefov on 7 Jan 2011

I'm not bothered about 3D

Well having seen a few 3D movies on the big screen, I can't say I was that bowled over. As a result, 3D TV has zero appeal.

By rjp2000 on 7 Jan 2011

Mores Snake Oil rather than Advance

Even the internet access is a waste. It is mostly pathetic and not worth even £10 added onto the price of a normal HD TV because without keyboard - wired or wireless, you may just as well connect your laptop to the tv and access the internet from your laptop, that would avoid the very limited internet access from most TVs and the painfully slow and tedious access using the TV remote.

By Manuel on 7 Jan 2011

Actually it's rather good

Having recently purchased a samsung 50" 3D TV + Samsung 3D BluRay player + 2 sets of active glasses, all for £1000 I am completely impressed. The quality is fantastic, and the 3D experience is even better than the Cinema - active glasses, not passive. I am even more exited at the prospect of playing games in £d when my new computer arrives next week with Nvidia's 3D play system. I am an early adopter, but the price was very reasonable and the experience is well worth it. Would recommend to anyone.

By WrenGiles on 25 Mar 2011

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