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PC World pulls Toshiba Folio tablet

Toshiba Folio 100

By Barry Collins

Posted on 15 Nov 2010 at 10:58

PC World has pulled the Toshiba Folio 100 tablet from its shelves because of high return rates.

The Android-based tablet is Toshiba's answer to the Apple iPad, but it doesn't appear to have gone down well with the electronics retailer's customers.

"We can confirm that we have taken the Toshiba Folio off sale temporarily as we have had a high level of returns and we do not want to give our customers a bad experience of what is actually a very good product," said PC World's head of consumer PR, Anina Castle. "We are working with Toshiba to identify what the issue is and hope to have a resolution very soon."

In a statement issued to PC Pro, Toshiba added that it was "aware of reports regarding customer returns of the Folio 100, and is currently working with Dixons Retail to provide a solution."

Opinion - Editor, Tim Danton

Remember when Linux-based netbooks first went on sale? Soon afterwards, reports appeared saying customers were returning them because they didn’t work as expected – that is, they didn’t run Windows software.

I suspect we’re seeing exactly the same pattern here: people are buying the Folio expecting the same smooth user experience as with an iPad, with the same link to a richly populated software store. It's months away from offering that experience, and when you mix in the bugs and niggles we reported in our Folio review it’s no surprise that people are disappointed.

PC Pro's testers noticed no major problems with our Folio 100 review unit, although the media player did struggle to connect to DNLA servers and apps had an occasional tendency to crash.

Perhaps the biggest flaw, however, is that users are barred from accessing the Android app store, with users directed to Toshiba's cut-down store instead.

The decision will raise further doubts over the use of current Android builds on tablet devices. Last week, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang dismissed Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Tab as "large phone" and said several manufacturers were holding back releases of Android tablets to make sure they had a product that could compete with the iPad.

Version 3 of the Android software - which is expected to be released later this year - has been designed with tablet PCs in mind, unlike current versions, which were intended exclusively for smartphones.

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User comments


"...a bad experience of what is actually a very good product"

If it's a good product, how are they having a bad experience?

Or am I being too logical here?

By greemble on 15 Nov 2010

Could this be a PC World staff IQ issue? Having heard some of the drivel advice they give to customers it would not surprise me if they couldn't properly show customers how the device works.
However if every tablet manufacturer has its own App store, Android is going to look very poor compared to the iPad experience.

By milliganp on 15 Nov 2010

The price wasn't right.

PC World, bless 'em, have been selling the Folio for £999. Not just a pricing error in one store - this was across the chain. And when it was queried with a sales droid he confirmed the one grand price.

I wonder whether this contributed to the return rate. People got home, could out they could buy it for a 1/3 of the price elsewhere, and so returned the unit to DSG.

I know I would!

By PaulOckenden on 15 Nov 2010

Ah - just read in another place that the £999 price was an attempt by DSG to stop people buying the thing. Wonder why the didn't just yank it from the shelves?

By PaulOckenden on 15 Nov 2010

Its done so it guarantees that they wont be sold...

By TomC89 on 15 Nov 2010

No guarantee

The inflated price may well be to guarantee it does not get sold, but it doesn't.
I have sold those items (not the Folio) while working for PCW as a student. Simply to amuse myself.

Also an item has to be on sale at a higher price before it can legally go on 'sale'.
They will probably have a 'sale' on when they return at a saving of %65

By synaptic_fire on 15 Nov 2010


What does synaptic_fire do for a recreation - drown kittens, rant at strangers on the tube?

DSG use 999.99 as a placeholder for products not available for sale.

By Jack_Mills on 18 Nov 2010

Unmanaged Expectations?

Could it be that people were expecting Ferrari performance for Skoda prices?

By stephenbooth_uk on 18 Nov 2010


I was in Currys (I believe they're the same shop as PC World) the other day browsing their slightly out of date stock that can be bought newer and cheaper on the Internet.

Nearby, a gullible fool looking at iPad type devices with his wife was foolish enough to ask a staff member whether they should buy an Android or an iPad.

Obviously they got what they deserved - unsound advice, based on poorly formed personal opinions.

By revsorg on 18 Nov 2010

The screen wasn't right!

On the one I tried the screen response was awful - hard to believe it was capacitive and not resistive. It also convinced me that the 10" form factor was not for me. With the Samsung Tab too expensive, and as a Skoda driver, I have taken the value for money route and bought a Commtiva N700.

By Carolyn_L on 18 Nov 2010


So Toshiba denies access to Android App-store.
Wow, how shortsighted can you get.
The iTunes/App-store is what has knitted together all the Apple products so far.

By Wilbert3 on 18 Nov 2010


Perhaps it is me but there always seems to be some sort of magical correlation between commenting about PC World and having sudenly visited one recently.

By Embattled on 18 Nov 2010



That Commtiva N700 is an even worse value than the Tab and Tosh. 600 MHz processor is not gonna get you past December my dear. That Skoda will.

By ameriswede on 21 Nov 2010

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