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Gosu brings fresh language skills to Java Virtual Platform

programming language

By Stewart Mitchell

Posted on 9 Nov 2010 at 08:58

Programmers in the Java environment have another tool in their box, following the launch of a new programming language called Gosu.

Publicly released by Guidewire Software, Gosu is a general purpose programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine.

According to the developers, Gosu is an object-oriented language that is 100% compatible with Java and has a promising set of attributes compared to other JVM languages. For example, Gosu boasts solid IDE tooling and static typing (meaning variables don't have to be defined before they're used), which remain rare in the world of JVMs.

Guideware said the system was more efficient than other Java environments, because input is kept to a minimum. "You might notice another difference between Gosu and Java: no semicolons or other line ending characters," the launguage guide said. "Semicolons are unnecessary in nearly every case, and the standard style is to omit them."

The company claims the language is also "easy to learn, especially for programmers familiar with Java".

Version 0.7.0 of the software is available for download from the Guidewire site and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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User comments

static typing

Variables DO have to be defined before they're used.

By peterm2k on 9 Nov 2010

Static typing

Peterm2k is do have to declare variables. But if the declaration includes an initial value other than null, the type can be inferred.

By Roofpig on 9 Nov 2010

"input is kept to a minimum"

Is an odd description, because most programmers are taught to think of "input" as data, rather than the program itself. The author probably was commenting on Gosu's conciseness relative to many cases it takes much less code to accomplish the same task.

By Roofpig on 9 Nov 2010

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